GAIL SKUDERA’s mixed-media collages combine elements of drawing\, painting\, weaving\, printing and construction with photographic portraits from the past. Drawn from a combination of old famil y albums and anonymous collections of found imagery\, Skudera’s portraits a re woven together on top of old wallpaper samples. The picture plane become s a virtual filmstrip\, as memories are uniquely embedded and/or woven over\, under and back again. Occupying space that is at once ethereal and familiar\, spectral figures confront us from a position halfwa y between memory and materiality. Drawn to the depth of field in vintage bl ack and white photography as well as an increasingly varied arsenal of work ing methods\, Skudera writes\, This work comes from a desire to find a moment from the past\, or near past\, that may have been passed over for ho lding any particular significance\, and finding a deeper meaning in that mo ment through the expression of the materials.

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