The artworks in this exhibition may seem to be casual snapsh ots\, but they are more playful\, more ambiguous\, and more complicated tha n they initially appear. These staged scenes use conventional forms of phot ography—including traditional portraiture\, photojournalism\, and online pr ofile pictures—to focus on the highly mediated politics of sex and desire. As a group\, they build an emotional portrait of the overlapping national\, ethnic\, and sexual identities that make up our public and private lives. The artists capture these complex identities in moments that range from lov ing and devastating to transformative and awkward.

DTEND:20120630 DTSTAMP:20160930T074112 DTSTART:20111223 GEO:40.7853715;-73.9575818 LOCATION:The Jewish Museum\,1109 Fifth Avenue (at 92nd Street) \nNew York\, NY 10128 SEQUENCE:0 SUMMARY:Composed: Identity\, Politics\, Sex\, Marc Adelman\, Gloria Bornste in\, AA Bronson\, Debbie Grossman\, Adi Nes\, Collier Schorr\, Rona Yefman UID:194749 END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR