Changing Same is the third installment of VideoStu dio\, the Museum’s ongoing video and time-based art series. Video Studio: Changing Same features four women artists who reflect on re al and imagined understandings of the past and future\, the i mportance of place and memory\, consumer culture and social criticism\, and the relationship between artist and viewer. The exhibition b egins with a month-long program of work by Akosua Adoma Owusu\, on v iew November 11—December 11\, 2010\; followed by Dineo Ses hee Bopape (December 12\, 2010—January 13\, 2011)\; LaToy a Ruby Frazier (January 14—February 12\, 2011)\; and Cauleen Smith ( February 13—March 13\, 2011).

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