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The Mind of an Artist

The Mind of an Artist

An artist is born with a particular kind of mind, a mind that thinks outside the box...not just some of the time - most of the time. They are not given to the occasional "ah-ha" that many people experience when their defensive armor accidentally falls off for a moment and they are able to experience something outside the "norm". They are given to constant "ah-ha's" and yet somehow try to focus on the here and now and think inside the box so that they can make enough money to survive in this physical reality.

Many artists barely survive and are true to their calling, giving in to their real identities and living on ideas solely. I felt a neurosis to "fit in" the herd and be "normal" and so pretended much of my younger life to be a "normal" person. I never felt normal and anything that I thought about or talked about was seen as "she has such an imagination, that one", as though that was a bad thing. So I tried to keep quiet and do all the stupid pet tricks and go along with what the herd was discussing. I felt more and more "different" as time went on and eventually could deny who I was no longer. I "came out of the closet as an artist", so to speak.

I may still appear normal (I don't know - do I?) these days but I am admitting to my true identity as an artist and embracing it now. Though you may not see me standing outside in the war protest groups or spending time with activists groups (they can be herd-like too), you will see my own signature on expressing my futuristic, spiritual, mind-bending ideas in my artwork, which I exhibit only in the most creative and holistic venues - venues without pretension - that are not making breaking news by mimicking some idol or fleeting idea of the "herd".


Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09

Me_for_website Dear Diane
I'm sorry I didn't see your comments earlier. Thanks so much for your sharing...I think it takes a lot to teach and still do your own art. I am no longer an art therapist - for various reasons but mostly because I couldn't stomach the staff at the State psychiatric evaluation centers because they acted a lot worse than the patients just off the streets who were hallucinating and on drugs. I'm not really cut out for maintaining my cool while people are being mean and unprofessional. Anyway - are you on ArtSlant or is there somewhere I can view your work? I just had an art opening in the Miami Design Art District so maybe all those decades of carting around that heavy artwork and staying true to myself will have other benefits as well. Thanks again. Virginia
20141106054710-diane_on_terrace_15_st The Mind of an Artist
Dear Virginia, I read your statement on The Mind of the Artist and looked at your profile. I love your work because it is definitely not part of the herd. Your art is unique. Glad you now have the strength to call yourself and artist and live according to your own dreams, goals and feelings. I think being an artist and living true to yourself makes you whole. It is the driving force in my life and thank God I have never considered myself a part of the herd in a way that it made me feel restricted or not myself. Life is too short and the one thing I have learned all my life is to be true to myself, surround myself with people who understand and nurture what I do and always make the time for my work. I have seen so many students create and a few years after they graduate no longer do their art with the passion they originally had. Those are the people who have joined the herd. Creating is not about being the next 'art star' or making a ton of money. It must be something you need to do or else you don't feel complete. Virginia, are you still working in art therapy? I have been teaching at NYU since 1995 and hold a full time job at NYU as an administrator. I do what has to be done at the day job, but my office looks like a gallery and I still paint 4 nights a week and all weekend. I refuse to have outside forces ruin what is so important to me. Stick to what you love and your own holistic ideas. It's your life and you are responsible for the happiness you can attain. Go for it. diane

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