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New York
Group Exhibition
251 East Houston Street, New York, NY 10002
November 29, 2013 - December 29, 2013

Recent Research of Norway's Sculpture, Photography, Video and Site specific Installation

February 29th was the opening night for the show A COOL WIND BLOWS at NOoSPHERE Arts. Another time this nonprofit art space is an important place where put on show and create connection between the american and the norwegian art scene. A COOL WIND BLOWS was born from the collaboration between the National Association of Norwegian Sculptures (NBF) and the art space. 14 norwegian artists are showing their works creating literally a cool wind blowing through the gallery’s spaces flooding in a winter day. They draw dialogues in the room compounding a relation to the objects. 

The exhibition’s title also remind a children’s game plays with music and chairs, as the director remind. The (one) player initially designated as It stands in the middle of the circle of chairs with all the others seated. It then calls out any sentence that refers to one or more players, such as "a cool wind blows for anyone wearing blue". All those for whom the cool wind blows must then vacate their chairs and find another, and It joins the struggle to grab a seat. The person who failed to get a chair becomes It for the next round. This competitive scramble for a seat can be viewed as a metaphor for the art world, where a trend is fashionable for a moment until it is replaced by the next hot thing.

The dialogue plays an essential role in this project, the artists are aimed at creating a bond between the audience and their works. They are independent works that are even set up against each other maintaining conversation. The stories can change radically in a new space with new assemblies. They use it as a tool when they put together exhibitions. The pieces chosen for this exhibition are an overview of the different Norwegians sculptural addresses in recent years and allow us to understand that artists are interested in using the more techniques as possible. Occupy the space inside and outside with a strong and delicate effect at the same time.

In order to give us a glimpse of her work Vigdis Storsveen did an installation on the tree outside the gallery, remembering upon us the Christmas season, even she was doing a critique at the modern society of consumption. To support the concept of fast changing of the art world and the trend in our society the artist Helen Eriksen did the performance RE-LOVED, an auction where she was selling little things, helped by Michael Ingbar as auctioneer. The audience actively participated feeling the unreliability that endorses our life and all our conviction.  

The works are the result of careful research and study, carried out personally and trough collaborations so that each artist could find his/her own way of expression. With the latter, the point of the exhibition is to reveal tangent points and common interests of the artists. The artists reflect many of the issues that affect the modern world and have always been interesting for the history of art. 

The overall vision we have of this work sheds light on how a progressive path references to the great themes of past and present history of art, without imposing an apocalyptic vision of the modern world. Archetypal symbols from the work of Mari Røysamb brings us back to the past signs of a primordial world, the french fries eagle installation and the food eruption’s picture of Matte Pierre Lionel underlines how much the art is taking into the extreme and the global society, and the Barbara Czapran’s piece projects the viewer over our dimension remanding a futuristic and minimal design object. The artists play with the materials to reproduce real objects, human bodies and natural forms that belong to the history of humans. As in the pillow and the cup sculptures made by Lucie Noel Thune, the sleeper of Anton Faregas, the shelf with the hunting tower of Stale Sørensen. This practice is used to remove the contents from the container and reframe into something new, an icon, an ornament, a decorative object, a form that queries and tease the audience’s attention to show how fickle and unstable is the concept and the art world of nowadays. 

The exhibition’s road is like a cool wind blowing to capture audience’s emotions, without heaviness, merely superficial and quotations, and with great attention to forms. Language is understood through the material for its strength and its expressive power, and the viewer is engaged in an auction. The perception of the viewer, what he feels, what he sees and what he thinks are among the first points of attention which every artist is concerned, without pointing out the vanishing present from which all of us are affected. 

Norwegian artists are often associated with cold, sparsely populated to the "depression" but in this show, on the contrary, the space is flooded with particularly fascinating works that take the viewer, and delicately convey feeling of warmth and intimacy - each artist allows us to enter his/her own microcosm and feel his/her feelings, but having the chance to experience a silent and personal dialogue with the work.


Posted by Costanza Ciabatti on 12/18/13 | tags: Norway sculpture mixed-media installation video-art performance conceptual modern traditional photography digital

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