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THE WALLED IN ONES, last scene



BASTIAN. No! No! That’s impossible! Come here! Let’s check here! The body must be here. NO! Someone has played a trick on me! There was blood everywhere. On the floor, the walls, everywhere…

THEOBOLD. Mr. Bertello, you’ve clearly had a very realistic nightmare.

BASTIAN. It wasn’t a dream! I’m not crazy! It was here. Ivy is dead! Just a little while ago, everything here was covered in blood!

THEOBOLD. I’m not saying you’re crazy. Don’t put words in my mouth. Sometimes, however, dreams can be more real than reality. It’s happened to me, too.

BASTIAN. NO! The house lies!

THEOBOLD. Especially in these places, where the veil between the worlds is somehow...

BASTIAN. I beg you, you have to believe me!

THEOBOLD. But I believe you, Mr. Bertello. You know what happened to me some time ago? I heard cries for help coming from the woods and discovered a pregnant woman who claimed that she had conceived immaculately, and that evil forces were pursuing her to destroy the baby in her womb. I took her in and she gave birth. A baby that looked more like a snake than a human. Then she disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared. To this day I’m not sure whether it was real or some dream.

BASTIAN. Stay here with me! It’s only a matter of time. When darkness falls, we’ll hear them. The whispering. The footsteps. The walled in ones.

THEOBOLD. And when the owners of the house disappeared and I came to look for them the very next day, the house looked just like it does now – everything covered in dust, as if it had been years since anybody lived here.

BASTIAN. I can’t stay in this house alone!

THEOBOLD. Well then leave!

BASTIAN. I constantly have the feeling that I’m being watched. By someone who knows everything about me!

THEOBOLD. That’s normal. After everything that’s happened here. I didn’t think anyone would dare live in this house again.

BASTIAN. Do you know the story about the walled in ones?

THEOBOLD. No. I know that the whole family who lived here years ago hurled themselves off the lighthouse.

BASTIAN. Ivy told me that there had been a witch hunt and that they’d walled up thirteen women and…

THEOBOLD. Nothing like that ever happened. Take it from me. No such story exists. The daughter of the previous owners went crazy, imaging that the workmen building the church had walled her shadow into the foundations…

BASTIAN. But Ivy told me a different story…

THEOBOLD. If there is a different story, surely only Isadora Graf knows it. She is the oldest inhabitant of our village, but she never gets any older, as if she’s ageless, and time runs right past her, everyone remembers her from back when they were kids. She knows all the stories.

BASTIAN. It was her. There’s no one else it could be. She did it.

ISADORA. What happened?

BASTIAN. The body disappeared. She hid it. It was her, right?

ISADORA. Mr. Bertello, what’s the matter with you? I’m not following. 

THEOBOLD. Mr. Bertello had a very realistic nightmare.

BASTIAN. It wasn’t a dream! I woke up and everything was covered in blood. Then she showed up.

ISADORA. You’re delirious.

THEOBOLD. Is that true, Mrs. Graf?

ISADORA. It’s true that I came looking for him this morning.

BASTIAN. She lying! She was constantly circling the house, stalking! I saw her peeking in the windows on my first night here!

ISADORA. He again wasn’t in his right mind, he started going on about how he hadn’t done it. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

BASTIAN. I didn’t do it! Don’t listen to her!

THEOBOLD. Mr. Bertello believes that a murder was committed here last night.

BASTIAN. These two houses are the only ones in this area. There’s no one else it could’ve been.

ISADORA. Are you accusing me? Accusing me of murder!

BASTIAN. Tell him! Tell him the story about the walled in ones!

THEOBOLD. What’s this story he’s got stuck in his head? Did you tell it to him?

ISADORA. I don’t know any story like that! I haven’t told him anything! He told me that he was living with some girl.

BASTIAN. They killed her. The walled in ones! Didn’t you say she knew all the stories? Why is she keeping quiet, then?

ISADORA. I told him that the house had been empty for years.

BASTIAN. How do you know?

ISADORA. I live here!

BASTIAN. Ivy never left the house!

ISADORA. I would’ve known if there was someone inside! But there was no one inside!

BASTIAN. There isn’t anymore!

THEOBOLD. Everyone in the village knows that this house is empty, Mr. Bertello.

BASTIAN. Ivy told me to go to you. She trusted you!

THEOBOLD. But I don’t know this Ivy of yours.

ISADORA. Don’t listen to him! He’s making things up!

BASTIAN. Are you on her side? Can’t you see she’s lying! She’s a witch! She’s trying to confuse you!

THEOBOLD. Calm down!

ISADORA. I’m not going to listen to anymore of this!

BASTIAN. Do you believe her or me?

THEOBOLD. Calm down!

BASTIAN. No! She did it, I’m sure of it. She’s a witch!

ISADORA. You shouldn’t have come to this house, Mr. Bertello!

BASTIAN. Why? What happened in it? What?

ISADORA. I’m not going to tell you anything more!

THEOBOLD. Didn’t I tell you about the previous owners...

BASTIAN. Did you do something to them?

THEOBOLD. They all went crazy. The mother, the father and the daughter.

BASTIAN. Ivy told me everything about you! I won’t just let this drop!

ISADORA. Are you threatening me? I’m not afraid of you, Mr. Bertello.

THEOBOLD. You need to calm down, Mr. Bertello.

ISADORA. Please, calm him down!!

BASTIAN. You go on your way now! I’m staying until she admits to everything!

ISADORA. Lots of people like you have passed by me, Mr. Bertello. They are no longer here, but I still am.

BASTIAN. Why did you do all this to me? Why?

ISADORA. I’m not the cause, Mr. Bertello, the house is. Everyone who goes into this house stays in it forever.

Posted by Yassen Vassilev on 3/19/13

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