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To See, Or Not To See.... What Is Before You

This post is a comment made on this article:

This was a well written post, an intellectually frothy bit of 'amuse bouche', that uses linguistic artistry to dance around what is THERE, and therein lies the problem.  

The Japanese Samurai spoke of two ways of seeing things.  There is 'gen', with illusion, and 'zantotsu', as things are.  What this writer presents is gen. We can answer the question posed without her help.  If anything, she has kowtowed and submitted herself to this artist's neck twisting move on her, and all women who encounter his 'art'.

I am provoked and piqued, but not the way he might comfortably expect.  I am inspired.  Perhaps I should do a painting of penises in a blender, or an installation where at a set time, and with ritual ceremony, I hit 'Frappe' on a collection of lifelike dildos.  Don't forget, I am a genius.  ;)  You have major pucker factor boys and girls?  I am detached and immune, ironic and provoking your bourgeois minds.  That in itself is the real art here, the pose and effect.

Betraying her stifled squirms, the writer hazards a thought of who the ardent collectors of this artist's works are.  Perhaps it is someone like this person, who frequents sites where other men congeal their simmering misogyny and rage at the advances in women's empowerment; their improved access to education, income, and property; the return of sovereignty to their bodies and reproduction to their hands, and who devoutly wish to deceive and betray their wish for male companionship to maim, rape, kill, and even eat them.  I think this artist taps into a dark trend, which requires an answer, not submissive pandering.

For a woman writer of obvious talent to affect the stilted intellectual pretense of asking if this man and those who show and buy his art are misogynist is sad.  Intellectualism is to bring us closer to the truth, not to obscure it with elegant wordplay and dialectic.  She is defacto agreeing with the artist and his presenters in their definition of her; who are using and abusing her by extracting her collusion and promotion.  Instead of cutting off her arms and legs and making her look like a dog, they are cutting off her common sense and making her look like a monkey.

As for the archetype of the young girl, who in their mind has not the means to defend herself from their morbid predations, I must wonder; if the alternate diode is the used up salary man, what is to be made of women who are not 'the young girl'?  Do they simply not exist?  

I believe this may explain why Japanese women do not want to appear as 'women', but rather as infantilized fetishes, a pose that must grow stale and tiresome.  Perhaps this is also why increasingly, Japanese women do not want to marry Japanese men?  

And can you blame them?  Who would want to cater to a 'little emperor' turned salary man who would consign you to domestic dross while he masturbates and goes in search of a 'young girl' to 'torture' and fuck?

Perhaps answering images of women torturing and eating men are in order... broaden out the dialogue here, and throw them from their smug position into the void of women's wrath at their nerve to glorify and promote the most dehumanizing abuse of women, representing their total destruction, even maiming and consummation.  

Perhaps when these men are metaphorically forced with their heads into the oven, they will feel primal fear and terror and find their humanity again.  For too many I fear there is no hope.  

Men need to deal with the fact that 2,000 years of total suppression of women is over.  The Jinn is out of the bottle, and is not going back in the box.  Men who seethe and fantasize and form communities of like minds fed by mind food as this artist provides WILL act this out on REAL women.  THAT is to see things 'as they are', Zantotsu.  Like the man from New York now on trial for using police computers to track women to 'torture, rape, kill, and eat', he would have fed upon these images; along with the NHS male nurse hiding in plain sight as a community carer and family man; and the butcher the policeman promised could slit his wife's throat and let her 'bleed out like a goat'.  There is a real Japanese underground where part of the fetishes include THE ACTUAL amputation of women's limbs.  

Women, of all people, assuming you declare that you are 'people'; that not just males are 'people' should not, cannot afford to make intellectual pas de deux with material like this. The casualties will be real women.  And then, there will be real world consequences.  

We need a return to chivalry, of men looking to be tempered in the Lady's discipline, by which they become real men, not these sniveling sneezing little male masturbators who are only worthy of being a crocodile's lunch.

Copyright Ashtoreth Valecourt. All Rights Reserved.

Posted by Ashtoreth on 3/7/13

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