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Strangled to death by his own invention!

Thomas Midgley, born May 18,1889 on College Hill, Beaverfalls Pennsylvania.

"Who the hell is he you might ask"?, and "How he has affected every person on the planet alive now and in the indefinite future for generations to come",................I'll explain.

Midgley, a man who never knew the damage he was directly linked to, as in his mind he was "helping" mankind by creating a fuel additive known then as Tetraethyl lead and Bromine in 1921, for the reasons of stopping the knock in the early combustion motors of cars and trucks, and was so toxic it not only poisoned him, but is responsible for atleast eleven horrible deaths of the unfortunate workers who were poisoned making this deathly chemical cocktail for the General Motors Corporation it goes on.

After his first known mass killings work at Delco, a Corporate criminal organization in 1928, Midgley was too smart to lose, so was then transferred to Frigidaire, a subsidiary of General Motors Conglomerate, where Midgley's EVIL genius mind devised ANOTHER, even greater contaminent to mankind, I speak of Dichlorodifloromethane, which is basically a mixture of Chlorine,Fluorine and Carbon, or as we all know it now as CFC's, which the diabolical General Motors trademarked as Freon, and is a common component of air conditioners, insect repellants, and it's primary use in the first place, refrigerators!

Freon displaces oxygen in the atmoshere, and will asphyxiate you in your sleep and you'd never know about it,............but G.M. had this knowledge and did NOTHING, and would of done nothing, WHY?,...because it made sh*tloads of money for them and their shareholders, greedy bastards!

It wasn't until a semi-ban in America and other first world countries mandated it no longer be used in their populations, in the third world, this is STILL in common use today!

Freon, and General Motors are directly to blame, no one else has destroyed everyone's quality of life, and continually destroy's our PLANET's Ozone layer beyond repair permanently reducing mankinds protection from the sun, thus reducing mankinds protection from skin cancers, ultra -violet radiation to our eyes, causing mutations in human genes(DNA), it weakens our immune systems, and plays havoc on reproduction systems in human being's and animals on the WHOLE PLANET!

This homicidal reprobate wrote a very uninformed and heavily censored paper for General Motors, where he cavalierly claimed the ozone layer could be manipulated to control the entire planets climate and atmoshere!What an INSANE joke, Did he think he was God? absoleutly NOT, he was a MANIAC masquerading as a Scientist and his employers G.M.were, and still are as culpable for the irreverseable damage to humankind and OUR Planet Earth as anyone, G.M.'s shareholders especially then, and to this very day, and maybe soon will need to pay back all their ill gotten gains or face jail, not that it will do any good now!

Fortunately for ALL of us Karma caught up with this Evil genius on Nov 2 1944, when he was strangled to death ha ha by one of his own inventions! Thomas had contracted polio in 1940, so he had designed a pulley mechanism which he used to get around his home,............ it did to him what i wished had happened years earlier because if it had, our planet and all its inhabitants would all be better off, of course G.M. wouldn't have been but who really gives a shit about a Corporation which never gave two shits about humankind, they just wanted Money and more money, rapacious greed without foresight or thought of the future inhabitants of the planet!

Midgley, a truly horrible man, lower than any filthy animals turd, a person indirectly responsible for killing and maming through DNA damage MORE people than Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church, the Ottoman Empire ,the British Empire from 1066 to present day, Hernan Cortez and all the known Conquistadors, Every despotic Roman Caesar, every Belgian leader from the 15th. century to present day, Henry Ford, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Chairman Mao, David and Charles Koch, and every American President from John Adams to present day put together!

The laudation of this ass-wipe is criminal, and these organizations which hail this madman should be ashamed of their ill-guided praise for him!

National Inventors Hall of Fame.(Shame)Dow chemical,where Midgley was V.P., Ethyl-Dow chemical Co.1933-40, DuPont,V.P. of Kinetic Chemicals 1930-33, Electrolux, V.P.Frigidaire 1928-30, & the American Association for The Advancement of Science, amongst many others.


                                                         SHAME on them all!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 1/7/13 | tags: #GM General Motors Thomas Midgley australian generation x artist James DeWeaver strangled to death by his own invention

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