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The Love Boat is dated now!

                      To be read after "Vince Neil made Elvis look anorexic" for continuity in - L.A. and back! -

 I have to admit i was at a slight advantage here at the party as most of these people were already known to me, well atleast their faces and their names were, and maybe a movie or television program they had been on, while i on the other hand was someone rather "anonymous" and unknown to all, aswell as having travelled all the way from Australia for the "gig" - which was a bonus for me as i would soon come to find out.

 I was having fun in a way just doing what we were doing though, going from place to place seeing things and new people that i would've never had the chance to do back home. The laugh Stiller and i had at Neil's expense was priceless and will be remembered fondly. As we were about to go our separate ways Ben asked "Well what are you doing now?", i turned to Sonya and was just about to tell Ben we were going to find Hef as we hadn't seen him yet as we had to make a quick entrance into the house as Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian were ahead of us............ and Jenner makes me want to throw up everytime i lay my eyes on him.

 Stiller laughed and then proceeded to ask if we'd like to come over to his table where his wife and a few others were, "Sure" i reply, looking at my watch it's almost quarter past two, haven't seen Hef YET, but what happy to go with Stiller and his group for awhile, he had a table off of the main area and we had many good laughs from Politicians to Pop stars, i tell Ben that i remember watching episodes of "The Love Boat" when i lived in America, and his father Jerry played roles on it which were ........... well at the time were very contemporary in regards to the humor and story themes, but watching them today makes them look EXTREMELY dated and SO fu*king uncool!

 Stiller was doing well, totally sober as was his wife, but Ben had lived in L.A. long enough to know that i was pretty fu*k'in out of it, but he also knew that i'd flown from OZ, halfway around the world that is, and had slept about five hours since my arrival, the fact that i was an Artist would all add up to Stiller not giving two sh*ts about my intoxication, hell i told him about the bada*s "Charlie Sheen" we'd been smoking before we even arrived, on top of the "tripstasy/ MDMA we'd had at the house.

 We only briefly talk, time was not a luxury, Hef doesn't stay up all night anymore, sh*t he's eighty who'd expect him too, i'll be lucky to see the night through, fu*k ....... i haven't stayed up all night for atleast a decade myself and i'm less than half his age! I get his phone number as he'd like to talk to me again before i head back home, AND "when i've got a clear head" is how he referred to it as, totally PC, i was fully fu*ked!

 After saying our goodbye's and getting his number entered into my phone we depart into the whirlpool of people again, this was becoming a really active night, we kept bouncing from place to place in search of............. but Hef was nowhere yet to be seen, now all i see is people, then i see the butt,.......... not just any butt, it's the one that follows around Kim Kardashian, and who's with Kim apart from Bruce Jenner? HEF!! 

 Sh*t, i'm gonna wait on this one i think, Sonya tells me that Hef's been trying to get Kim to pose nude in Playboy and up until now she's refused. Most of the girls who've posed in Playboy aren't pulling in sixty million a year i'm think'in were as Kim is, Playboy use to be the starting point for young models, broke young models, now Kim was neither so getting this "virginal" and "pure" Kardashian to maybe show her breasts or derriere was going to be Hef's Everest!















and was left wih the impression that Ben Stiller is genuinely a "good bloke".  

Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/10/12 | tags: the love boat is dated now James DeWeaver australian generation x artist

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