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The drugs began to take effect!

                                 To be read after "Charlie Sheen did "Wonders" for me" for continuity.

 Now Otis was one "BIG DUDE",  now i'm six foot five and i felt rather tiny next to this megalith, he was built, like he was REALLY solid, i'm sure he could bench press an eye popping weight, i'm sure as fu*k glad he's not only our driver but personal protection aswell, someone would have to be out of their fu*k'in mind to attempt anything to any of us tonight that's for sure!

 I had noticed when he opened the door, as he really had to bendover ,...and in doing so inadvertantly revealed his holster with his handgun inside. Though it was only a momentary glimpse i was able to deduce that he had in fact a Hogue Ruger GP/100 Super RedHawk with it's Coco Bolo Big Butt checkered handgrip being the main giveaway for me, Otis's hands would be massive and a larger grip would always be more advantageous for a person with large hands like his no doubt!

 Before i get in i quick say to him "Ya pack'in tonight Otis" only joking of course, i already knew he was i just wanted to see the big guys reaction more than anything else, "HELL YEAH, this town can get pretty crazy sometimes ya know what i'm say'in"!

 Ah.........indeed i do, L.A. is known throughout the universe for what crazy sh*t happens and starts out on the mean streets of a town you better know where your going cause one wrong turn could most certainly be your last.

 "Ever need to use the "Superhawk" i ask being abit of a smartarse? he looks at me in a surprised but calm manner as he's probably alittle taken back by my knowledge that one, he's got a handgun, and two, that i knew what it was exactly........... "Only once" quietly turning and heading back to his door, i get in asking no more inane question to a guy who's just trying to earn a honest buck, he doesn't need to hear me, that's not what he's getting paid for, and frankly i'm glad he gave me the bum's rush, i was so talkative i could of kept going and fully forgot where the hell i was or more importantly where i was suppose to be in the first place and not to forget who i was going there with!

 I get in to see the ladies have arranged themselves so i get to sit next to my number one, and even though there's four of us, there still is SO MUCH room in this limo it was laughable.

 As we circle out the driveway we all just started to uncontrollably laugh our guts out for no real apparent reason, the "Charlie Sheen" has well and truly kicked in and we're laugh'in, talking nonsense and laughing some more over really nothing THAT funny!

 This is going to be hilarious, i've had this happen once before we i lived in Byron Bay, Australia, a good mate of mine nicknamed Eboy and i took some similar type of drug as this cocktail of Charlie Sheen and the Tripstacy i was now under the influence of. We walked through a PACKED restaurant that was on the property at the time of The Arts Factory Lodge, it's name escapes me at the moment, but we laughed the entire length of this restaurant in a completely unstoppable and uncontrollable way, very embarrassing as i was working there at the time aswell, .....everyone knew me, i didn't go in intending to do this it was the drugs fully coming on and all i can say now is that it was just a riot when it happened!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/18/12 | tags: the drugs began to take effect James DeWeaver australian generation x artist

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