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Charlie Sheen did "Wonders" for me!

                           To be read after "Gross cat's piss smelling marijuana" for continuity.

""Charlie Sheen,..............who the hell would name their own strain of dope Charlie Sheen?

 This is gonna be good i'm reckoning from just the really resinous trichomes on the nice size buds if i do say so myself, never smelled anything quite like it i figure i'll just roll one of these "Babies" into a nice sized spliff and start it off!

 I did a really nice one this time, doobie that is, probably helps if your NOT distracted with one of the most visually appealling woman i've ever laid my eyes on!

 The red haired sensimilla i started the night off with just wasn't as good a blend with the Tripstacy, sometimes this happens it's not like it wasn't epic weed because it was, if you weren't on E, this "Charlie Sheen" should be if the description runs true just what i need right about now, i'm inexorably drawn to finish this spliff as fast as i fu*k'in can now, i know......... i can just feel it that this is gonna be a real lifesaver!

 Ahh........... ready to go and i don't hesitate in setting this spliff alight...............!

 Before i even exhaled i felt in my brain and incredible euphoric feeling which really began about ten seconds after the exhale, wow!

 I was still there present in the moment but it felt as if mouthwash was circulating in my brain, a cool  sensation whirling around inside my head, a feeling i've personally have never quite experience which was there one moment and then slowly evaporated away in it's own metaphysical way, strange but felt AWESOME, it wasn't until the second toke that i knew why this is called "green crack", although i've never had crack and never would the fact is that if you listen to addicts who've been on this sh*t for years they talk about "the first hit" and once they had it they became hooked, penniless, homeless, prostitutes and dealers not to forget all the permanent long term damage it does to them, just shocking! 

 I get up as i wouldn't want the "ladies" walking in and seeing me there so i headed out of my room with the doobie in hand, never know if this is "creeper gear" that sh*t really will put you down.........totally "green you out", ya get to much of something to strong, well it's too strong for YOU atleast, there are probably heaps of "cone heads" around the place that smoke it regularly, not me though! 

 There just down in the lobby area and it looks like we're going an hour early, atleast their getting organized, the "Charlie Sheen" has done wonders i must say, "i went from sh*t to Champage" in no time! This is nice much more focused, alert, and yeah i'm starting to feel like i really want to be social, no lag or feeling like i'm in third gear i'm right fu*k'in on to it now and by the time i meet up with them i'm itch'in to boogie!

 We all decide to leave early, this was no longer where i or they wanted to be no way i wanted to be at the freak'in party and so did they, the spliff does acouple of laps around us and then we jet!

 As we leave, the driver side door opened and a hulking African American bloke got out and came and opened the door for the ladies as they entered into this Limo which was SO fu*k'in long one by one he said "my name is Otis and i'll be your driver bodyguard this evening you need not worry about a thing"


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/17/12 | tags: australian generation x artist James DeWeaver #charliesheen Charlie sheen did wonders for me charlie sheen

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