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"Gross Cat Piss" smelling marijuana!

                                      To be read after "What happened to Tommy Lee the Turd" for continuity.

 The show continues after her make-up was done, on went the lingerie, that was after she was happy with what she chose, i was, happy that is, and the "cherry" on top was the "Stella",.......... she works it in a most mouth-dropping way, i gotta get use to this atleast for now!

 We go down the elevator to where Sunshine and Sonya are, they've been friends for years, and as they would, they've been catching up on each others gossip i can only imagine, we're both greeted with a kiss on the cheek and with their intuition seemed to be aware that Meredith and i had done "the funky chicken", and they clearly couldn't care less, these chick's were Pro's lets face it, Top of the line and i knew it, i didn't care, protection is always a given with me though so i was totally prepared for any frivolities which may happen, i was expecting it more so at the Party not at the house but i went with the flow and regret nothing in hindsight!

 Sunshine and Sonya are still keen as, they'll have to wait though, i'll have zero energy if i have to do them before i leave, and  i pretty much let them know this, their slightly bummed as they giggle and powt, almost begging me for some action, this is what i thought the "red pills" would do to atleast one of them but be aware. The red pills as far as i've been told have Ketamine in them, Ketamine is a Equine tranquilizer, and when ingested by someone has this bizarre effect especially if it's cut with MDMA.

 I swear to God, women literally want to fu*k all night long! Not all but many of my own personal observations would hold this to be true, i'm not here to tell you anything other than i would be useless, spent if i were to fall into the trap of do'in it with Sunshine right now!

Music changed,......... ah.. Miles Davis- "Bitches Brew", classic album and one that i didn't put on, apparently the computer thought it would engage in alittle humour as it was aware four people were listening and speaking, and was colloquially aware that women are sometimes referred to as "Bitches",...... i had used it earlier on when i was talking to Snoop, the computer obviously re-adapted it's meaning into what in it's memory bank "Bitches" are, and it's only reference was Miles Davis album "Bitches Brew", was actually trying to inject humour into the situation even though it was unable to vocalize the thought,  a very cool house computer, i can only imagine what this "Computers" next generation's will be like................ but i would highly recommend one i'm sure! 

I'm in more of an internal contempletive mood now, i'm not all ampted up like the ladies are that's for sure, i let them gabble as i leave to get something from my room which one should NEVER EVER forget when going to an all-nighter,.........and what's that,...........well it's "SUNGLASSES", the worst thing is when you been up all night pill'in and have to go out in the sunlight, it's like your Dracula or something, your pupil's are so dilated and unable to adapt to this light due to the side-effects of the MDMA, that you totally need "Sunnies" on BIGTIME!

There are all different kinds here i'm easy though, they've just gotta be big and black that's it, none of these Aviator glasses no not me "i'm fu*k'in hardcore".

As i'm looking at myself in the mirror, i see in the lower right hand corner near the bedhead four gold top screw on lids, just like the one my red haired Sinsemilla was in it think "COULD IT BE" i turn around and walk over and to my most happiest surprise i reached down and pull one out, on the side it had in silver writing a description and a name, the one i pulled out READ "Super Lemon Haze" A+, i gleefully unscrewed the cap and was suddenly overwelmed by it's pungent lemony-citrus arromatics. I put his back into it's spot and pulled up another, "OG Kush" A++, and it's descrition was straight to the point,"Couch Lock" is what it read, this was one dope i'd be steering clear of tonight that's for sure. I put that back and next to it i pull up something i couldn't believe, it said "Alaskan Thunderfu*k" A+ i kid you not, i have a close look and see really resinous bright orange hairs on these buds, mmmmm.....that looks interesting i'm think'in, the only description was "MUNCHIES" and "Banana taste" that can't be bad i thought, i twist the lid and stick my nose in to catch a whiff and almost pass-out at it's bizarre aromatic, it's a combination of cat's piss and Diesel,........... gross, i don't care if it taste like banana, if it STINKS of Diesel and cat's piss i ain't puff'in on it, NO WAY! This gets lidded instantly and put in another room later.The next one was labelled "Banana Kush"A+, Top-Shelf  "Euphoria and good for anxiety" was almost a lime green in color, i was hoping this didn't smell like the last and thankfully it didn't....... very different, this had a tropical fruit sort of aromatic, maybe a green banana or honeydew melon odor, quite nice smelling i thought and ranked it to be my number one or two for getting toasted on, but i wanted to see what was in the last two jars so i placed the Banana Kush back where it had been and pulled out a jar labelled "Charlie Sheen"A++++, i could of expected this but i still don't believe it, "GOOD FOR SOCIALIZING" it read on the description aswell as "green crack" which tweeked my attention and the "could make you paranoid", "very potent" and  "energy rush euphoria"..........ah............ finally i thought this is right up my alley, i slowly twist the lid and the sweet smell of cotton-candy, that was not what i expected but this is exactly what the Doctor ordered, i don't want to or need to smell any more weed that reaks of cat's piss and Diesel that's for fu*k'in sure!




Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/16/12 | tags: James DeWeaver cat piss smelling marijuana australian generation x artist

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