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What happened to Tommy Lee the "Turd"?

                                           To be read after "This room had a 150 inch television in it"!

 I grab her hand and proceed to the elevator, i'm not really in a stairs mood right now and either is she. We go all of ten feet vertically and get out, i lead her to the "master" bathroom which i saw earlier on, never used it as my room has an en-suite which is where i showered before my afternoon nap, about a half the size of the "master" bathroom.

 Now this bathroom was fitted out with an epic Japanese bath tub which could of fit six comfortably and was about four feet deep as we soon found out, this was just at the best temperature to cool down, and it had jacuzzi features which for me was unconventional but certainly good "clean" fun, which in a word is what Meredith and myself were up to, that is after the bath,.................good and clean, she said she felt "cleansed" after that, which to me is a good start to the night ,............maybe i wasn't as tired as i thought i had been, doesn't matter, we had really clicked and it was soon apparent that as now the  Yakuza weren't going to be going with us these two were going to be with me, yep i had the trio all to myself as "companions" for the night and wasn't i totally fu*k'in stoked and off my nut

 We get out after about half an hour, (one half an hour i'll not soon forget i might add) and i head to my room quickly to find some clothes to put on as i have nothing on at this point except the "Bubble" around my neck.

 Oh the "Bubble",....What was the "Bubble"?, well this "Bubble" was one of the first things that i was given when i arrived and was very important to always wear on me anywhere even in the shower or bath as it was waterproof and floated aswell. 

 Essencially it was a small egg shaped computer monitoring and filtering application which allows people wearing it to effectively turn off the "in-house" computers visual recording and sound interface. If i have this ON the computer can't see anything other than a seven foot in diameter black circle, this is intended for privacy, and as mine is set currently set ON,......... i don't need to have any concerns for anything indescreet later being seen on the Internet or where ever, although if it did i could care less, look at what it did for that drummer loser drug addict from Motley Crue "Tommy Lee". What happened to Tommy Lee that Turd ?.........and whatever happened to his reality television program anyway?, that was really some vomit inducing awful sh*t!

 Meredith didn't have a "Bubble" though, the only time she was not seen was when she was close to me which she wasn't now, she had a room to go to that was like a fashion house showroom, there were all kinds of designer dresses by Chanel, Cavalli, Elie Saab, Dior, Givenchy, tons of shoes, jewellry you name it.

 I was back with Meredith in a flash, i'm not about to miss out on ANY action tonight, this would be fun in my mind and through these drug effected eyes.

 Oh, and how could i possibly forget,.... watching her using the computer with the robotic arm on it, this applied ALL of her make-up from the base to lip-liner to blusher,..... everything you name it...... just fu*k'in out of this world, I'd NEVER seen these modified computers that do makeup before very "FUTURE TRENDY"!

  It, from my assessment of it, image mapped the face three dimensionally then circled her head in a 360 degree arc taking millions of images that reproduced her face digitally right in front of you on the monitor, it was making an image "it" could read to do its job, from this info which the computer gleened she could then look at the little monitor directly in front of her and begin to watch this small robotic arm which could move seven directions and didn't miss a thing i might add, skillfully and most adeptly applied "her face" finally applying a slightly darker color lip liner with a pencil around her full lips, was just unreal, this was precise, there was no walking away from this computer without looking anything other than stupendous, and for Meredith, this was what she was when it was finished, taking less than ten minutes and she looks even better than when she arrived, as the computer changed the make-up tonal colors which she had on originally to what the computer "thought" was a "better" option for her particular tone on it's knowledge base of various complexions, (it, the computer could "see" millions of more colors than a human being), including African Americans......... and the computer won on it's make-over let me tell ya,...... just over the top attractive is young Meredith!

 I had tried to roll a spliff when i was watching the robot apply her make-up and what a disaster of a doobie that was, my concentration was not exactly on the spliff at the time and you could tell by this wacky J, it was probably looking back at it now the fact she was naked and just had the most incredible athletic figure and "Jesus Juggs",......that's right "Jesus Juggs",....... the fella's know what i'm talking about here, big breasticles, when  you see them and all you can say to yourself is "JESUS"!, those kind,........ and they're real..... 100%....I would've had too of been a complete homo not too of done what i did, she was totally hot and cool with her figure and how she felt about her body in general, UNLIKE alot of young Australian women i've come across in the past, Meredith wasn't like this at all which was what i really dug,...........  she was so laid back about her sexuality, a quality not often seen but when it is, is totally appreciated by someone like myself no doubt!

 I have to restart the joint again but that's cool we're in no big hurry and for now i have NO PROBLEM being with Meredith, let's just say i'm glad one of the Japanese guys liked black chicks as this was why Meredith had been chosen to be here in the first place i guess although i don't know this for being fact,......... just my hypothesis or should i say "educated guess"!

 Her fashion sense was playful, young and expensive, a very high maintenance young woman in the real world i could only imagine, but if ya got it like she had you may aswell flaunt it i say, and she did.............. i'll be the first to tell you that!

I totally enjoyed the little fashion show i had put on for me, Meredith tried on about seven dresses before she hit a total homerun in this little Stella McCartney number, a floral dress which when worn by Meredith could of just as easily have been seen on the runway in the Stella McCartney Fashion show...................... with Meredith wearing it!

I'm oh so glad i brought my GoPro camera with me as this video will be real interesting in the future i'm sure!


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/15/12 | tags: Art australian generation x artist James DeWeaver what happened to tommy lee that turd

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