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This room had a "150 inch Television" in it!

                                           To be read after "This handgun was a "Beast" for continuity!

I head up to the Entertainment room and i can hear the babes having fun, ........don't know what their doing but i'm having some fun,........... it's not everyday i get to spend time in a place like this, the collections of all types of variety, different and unique all at the same time with background stories to all that i'm sure would be fascinating in their own right, EVERYTHING has a story.

So i get to this door which i would of thought was similar to all the others and it wouldn't let me down.

I'm at first taken back by this SUPER HUGE Panasonic High Definition Plasma televison........... i'm amazed to see it at the other side of what turns out to be a rather large room indeed! This television must of been when i stood up near it twelve feet wide, about one hundred and fifty inches or so,  twice my body length i approximated when i lay down next to it, just fuck'in amazing!

The more outrageous feature to this television in my book was that it was voice activated through the house's computer mainframe, while i had been in the house it (the house computer)was taking reading's, voice analysis to be exact, it was recording my words and incorporating them into a pre-existing "Guest" program file which it had on me already, this is what allows me to enter all but one room as i was told, if i was an intruder it would be highly unlikely i would ever get into the house in the first place, and if i had the computer could lock me into any room i was going into, private security would of been there in about two minutes, this was a very elaborate system in a very thorough kind of way, so anytime i go back it will have this file already there just waiting to be activated upon my return, pretty cool!

 "ON TELEVISION" is the command and without fail the giant wakes from its slumber and i have to move back about forty feet or so before i really see her in all her glory and what a sight she is, it's a Busta Rhymes video "WHOA".... this is a sight to be seen, the definition of the screen quality was beyond phenomenal, this is a trip, and so is this E, it's turning into a "Tripstacy" Not an Ecstacy, i've had these in the past................. their like a half trip half E experience, not bad but NOT the FULL ON E, which is something entirely different to what i'm feeling now, and the video is really bringing this on BIGTIME, so i light up the last spliff i had on me,...................though i still had PLENTY more left in my "mystery jar"!

 I head to the mini bar pull out a Schweppe's Lemonade and head for a seat to completely blend into the television, the video's are anything the internet has on it basically, i'm not gonna watch any movies now as time is getting on, so i watch and "buzz out" to all kinds of video's for the next forty five minutes until i get visitors, the trio downstairs had come to look for me to make sure i was alright and to see if i needed them to do anything for me, ............i thought about it and replied,............."nah i'm cool,..............but i'm gonna hop into the shower and cool off" i'd see if the hook i just threw out as bait will get any takers, "mind if i join you" Meredith cooly looking at me and i wasn't about to say no, HELL, i'd just put myself into that situation, i knew there was a possiblility that could've happened.... that's cool, i really do need to cool off as these pills can often screw around with your bodies natural thermostat, i had PLENTY of Ralph Lauren Polo to change into, let's put it this way, i was glad to save water for the people of California to share my shower with a beautiful, slender, intelligent and very hot babe!

Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/14/12 | tags: This room had a 150 inch television in it James DeWeaver australian generation x artist

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