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This handgun was a "BEAST"!

                                   To be read after "Snoop Dogg was going to be at the Party" for continuity.

For this one was a very fair skin strawberry blonde babe, fully natural as the tell-tale freckles were there though suited her and  her  porcelin like skin.

I get near to them when in unison they both say "hello James, ready for some fun tonight" then laughing these two were already well and truly off their nuts, Sonya and i looked down right sober compared to these two fire flies.

 The one in the Cavalli mini was Meredith, the other, a very flirtacious bird i must say, she couldn't keep her hands from wandering the whole time was "Sunshine", she reminded me of an American version of someone from around the parts i live in now actually, The Rainbow Region of New South Wales, Australia.

 Alot of hippies moved up this way in the early nineteen seventies, had kids, and alot of them gave them some pretty "far out" names and Sunshine would most certainly be one along with Moon, Jarrah, LiLu, Star etc etc.

 Alot of these kids must of been conceived when their parents were taking alot of LSD or Magic Mushrooms as many are not totally functioning people unfortunately, but there are lots that do and this Sunshine would of not been far out of place here that's for sure.

 There NOT drinking any alcohol, their just having water which makes me think these "ladies" are well versed in the school of drug taking, i very briefly have just a "good manners"chat before i leave them to get caught up on whatever the fu*k it was and am starting to get bored, look at my watch got two hours to kill so i thought i'll just go to the cinema room and fu*k around with some sounds or music or whatever catches my fancy, there's more than enough "fun sh*t" in this house to keep someone occupied for many many hours on end, there's even a built in shooting range with all kinds of hand guns, i went down there, thinking about it now was not probably the sanest things i could of done but what the hell, ...........i did and am still here.

 There was this "BEAST" of a handgun on one of the mounts, took it down to have a closer examination of it, my knowledge of handguns is not quite expert but i know handguns, and looking at the length of this, the twelve inched barrell alone limits make model and manufacturer. This was a .454 Casull Magnum with mini optic scope, this gun would put "Dirty Harry's" to shame, it can deliver a 250 grain or sixteen gram bullet with a muzzle velocity of nineteen hundred feet a SECOND!

The bullets for this are about the size of a double(AA) battery, ......fu*k'in huge, i shot off about twenty of these, each time it sent such a force or vibration that it was to this day undescribable, it was just the torque from the gun that was amazing, a handgun that just blew me away.......i wonder if i need to be licenced here to shoot?,............i don't know probably not anyway why am i thinking about that,....... i'm in an indoor shooting range, i think i'll put Casull down and go look around the video/Entertainment room, i was told there's a giant plasma TV with every game out on the market, i'm not a big games player, though i did like going to a place in Westport,CT. when i was younger called "ARNIE'S PLACE", they were the first in Westport to bring in the latest video machines like Tron, Pacman, Dig a Dug, Frogger, Defender and Asteroid, that generation is the ones i grew up on. 


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/13/12 | tags: this handgun was a beast australian generation x artist james deweaver

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