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Snoop Dogg was going to be at the Party!

                                 To be read after "Saute raccoon anus on a stick" for continuity.

 I let Sonya get up and meet them at the door, quite frankly i'm so fu*k'in wasted at this point i'm wondering to myself if i'm going to see 1 o'clock let alone GO OUT to a party at 1 a.m!

 I watch the whole time anyway as the computer monitors everything which happens on the ENTIRE property, and what was even twice as cool as that was what was getting out of the Limo,................UN-BEFU*KINGLIEVABLE!

 These two were on another level completely, Sonya was by no means fugly, but these two were incredible, i WAS able to get up to the screen and get a better look at these two stunners and i was no longer thinking,consciously atleast, i had dropped that an hour or so back when i convinced myself that none of this was happening, this was more like getting dropped into a modern day version of "Westworld", except there were no people here sent to kill me, the only people i was really having anykind of interaction with was  just jaw-droppingly beautiful women, and these two i hadn't even had the pleasure of meeting yet.

I hear them.......laughing like harpies, really high pitched fortunately it last but a few moments, they begin to make their way back to me and the expectation on laying my eyes upon them, well for me atleast who is not so shallow to be a man of beauty alone but i can tell you, it's NOT everyday you get to be glad your a red-blooded bloke!(I was wasted at this time, my dictaphone notes and memories were drug effected)..........let's just say i was fu*king stoked two see these two close-up!

The Limo hasn't gone as i expected, there was NO WAY anyone in that entire house could of driven anywhere, and if i was ever gonna get to this party in a couple of hours time, this was the ONLY way i was gonna go, not in any ground torpedo, no fu*k'in way, i would've been spewing my guts out probably, .......the Limo was the only option!

Their HERE,................ WOW, i say to myself just play it cool, this is not real, this is some kind of wild fantasy, maybe a sub-conscious act of delusion of the mind, maybe it could've been the drug cocktail i was flying high on either way relax, then my phone begins to shake, on silent mode, i grab it out of the lapel pocket and see it's none other than my ole pal Snoop Dog himself, looking for a benizzle to geschnizzle i think,"Hey Snoop, how the dizzle is my nizzle" i kid you not were the first things that came to my head and out of my mouth, he was cool about it, he's sharp as a tack in reality people and DON'T believe any different, he's roll'in in it.

"I heard you was in town man why you don't give us a call man"? "i just got here about fifteen hours ago man i've only had about three hours sleep G so c'mon man"'Hey you gonna be there tonight?" "I was planning on it but i'm almost toed-down now man can you feel me,  i'll see you there tonight Snoop, hey hey, wait til you see the three ho's i'll be turning up with tonight man these girls are total freaks man!""alright J, see you and those ho's later, peace!" "Later Snoop"!

Before i hang up i look towards the ladies at the bar and they are i guess just what my mind ordered as one of them was an African American goddess, with if i were to describe it, a light coffee complexion, clearly one of her parents was caucasian standing there in a sexy red mini dress, Roberto Cavalli, she was very understated in her make-up, a more natural look rather than the contrasting blown out of the Hollywood cannon over made-up face like Britney Spears, god she looks like the Original "Uncle Fester" from the  Addams Family, when she shaved her head and had NO make-up on and attacked some di*k paparrazzi with an umbrella, her face was hideous, THAT'S when you see really how ALOT of women pass as half descent in this youth and beauty based culture.

The other,............hhmm, well she was too contrast with the other light night and day!



Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/12/12 | tags: australian generation x artist James DeWeaver #SnoopDogg Snoop Dogg was going to be at the Party

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