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Saute raccoon anus on a stick!

                                       To be read after "Never mess with the Yakuza" for continuity.

 I was beginning to chillout, if i was going to find out about the Yakuza it was an advantage to know now, and they never found out that i knew, better safe than sorry any day of the week!

 Sonya wanted to know when i was in L.A. last, probably trying to get my mind off of things, i tell her it was before the "Wars".


 "Everything is Kingsize, Extra Large and Super-Jumbo holysh*t", and the size of some of these semi-conscious obese people you might see waddling around the streets or these shopping malls is only to be seen too be believed!

I remember seeing one woman with a fat little mini me in tow that looked like she'd been sucking on an air compressor for atleast two hours before i had the most unfortunate for me atleast, sighting of this hideous monster, let me tell ya "I've seen less bloated corpes's being pulled out of the surf on Manly Beach than this most disproportionate creature"!

 Huge piles of redundant protoplasm sub-consciously driven to venture around public malls in short pants, with big belly's and fat thighs dragging around dumb fat kids wearing those "i'm with stupid -->" shirts, and don't forget........ with their backpacks on, gotta have the backpacks on, ya know why don't you,....... they've gotta keep both hands available to be able to stuff copious amounts of overly artificially sweetened and saturated fat riddled fast foods their all so addicted too! Even if you were selling "saute Raccoon anus on a stick", Americans would buy and eat them by the truckloads........ i've got NO doubt about that at all, especially if dipped in butter and  a little bit of salsa!

 I look at these morbidly obese couples and think, "How do they actually fu*k"? They probably have a combined weight of over seven hundred pounds, and guts that are indescribable..................... How?

 These Major Malls are used by these people socially as if they're giant trough's for the fattest and most grotesque type of human being your ever likely to set your eyes on............ ever!

 Mile after mile mall after mall, many many malls, Major Malls and Mini-malls, they put the mini-malls in between the Major Malls, and in between the Mini-malls they put the mini-marts, and in between the mini-marts you've got car lots and gas stations, muffler shops, laundromats, cheap hotels, fast food joints, strip clubs, dirty book stores, liquor shops and gun stores!

America the beautiful what a bunch of BULLSH*T

  ONE GIANT COMMERCIAL CESS POOL and Americans LOVE IT, because they can SHOP AND EAT- "YOU MAKE, YOU BUY, YOU DIE" !........that should be the motto for America i tell Sonya as she's listened to me, as i was the only thing she could do, gazing very attentively in the recollection of my story reflecting back.

 I guess i wasn't as chilled as i should be by now so Sonya decides to quickly change the topic or atleast where it was heading in a rather dramatic but really not un-expected way by now as i knew how this chick rolled,*t, i hadn't just fallen off the back of the last pumpkin cart that rolled through town,........... "What kind of sex do you like?" she whispers........ yep, just what i had expected, i've been around this block in a past life and i knew exactly what i had told myself earlier and that was not to fall for any sex tricks, if this was the game there are always rules, ones that never should be broken and this was a judgement call i knew would either make or break me!

 I never got the chance to answer her because the house's computer system alerted us to the car coming along the driveway, it was Sonya's girlfriends from San Francisco, The girls from San Francisco, the ones who were probably by now feeling the effects of their E. As they get closer i can see it's actually a very long limousine their in, very long and silver, it reminds me of the limo in the Aphex Twin video for Windowlicker, it must of been for EVERYONE including the "NOH/Yakuza dudes, but they sure as hell were going no-where in that condition!







Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/10/12 | tags: aphex twin america is bigtime pigtime James DeWeaver saute raccoon anus on a stick australian generation x artist

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