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Never mess with the Yakuza!

                          To be read after "The Girls from San Francisco" for continuity.

 After she'd finished her conversation and hung up she asked me "ya know who's in the other room don't you", "ah.........yeah, i was introduced to them earlier in the day while they were still conscious, their a troupe of Noh Theatre entertainers from Japan" i tell her, she looks at me rather pitifully and replies "you haven't been to L.A. before have you" "no, i haven't been to L.A. recently, and what would that have to do with who's passed out nextdoor" i ask her, she quickly grabs my "doobie free" hand and says follow me, i'm think'in......... this bitch is already wanting to be porked, i was hardly ready for this, fast as these chicks are, i knew the pill would have this effect but thought "what the fu*k", she's grown up and consenting.

 She doesn't take me to any room though, she takes me to the room where all the Japanese guys were, about eight of them were pass out and say's,"look at that guy there, the one with his shirt open and vomit on his crotch, what do you see across his chest"?, i look closely at him in the dimly lit room and remember meeting him earlier on, although he had his shirt buttoned up, and wasn't comatose like he was now,...........wooowa, that was a sight i was NOT expecting to see, i instantly recognizes it from my time in Japan, it was a tattoo, a very large tattoo,......... i damn well know the ONLY Japanese people who'll have these markings are the "boryokodan", better known in the West as "Yakuza", Japanese Organized Crime basically! Sonya say's "look at his little finger on his left hand" as i do i notice THE tell tale sign of a hard-core gangster, as his little finger clearly has a digit missing, UNMISTAKABLE!

 That could possibly explain the "Green Fairy" they were drinking earlier on, as this stuff has been banned in America for about ninety five years now, HIGHLY ILLEGAL, get caught with ANY quantity of this, certain jail time, in the Federal System!

 I instantly thought  "OH FU*K,................ i'm in a house somewhere in the L.A hills, unable to remember where the hell i was, with eight or nine fu*k'in Yakuza, a call girl with two more on the way, higher than a fu*k'in kite and pill'in,...........great,just great, i couldn't of asked for anything more off the planet than this could i,.............. sh*t!

 She asks me "they didn't give you any money did they" in a rather urgent way, her vibe had changed, "well yes, that guy, i  point at "K", that guy did, he handed me this wad of cash" as i pull it out of my pants pocket, as i do so my recollection of that interaction with "K" flashes back, "K" was speaking to me in English, it wasn't Japanese at all, and i was so oblivious to it's meaning then but it had suddenly become apparent to me "K" was saying "SO-nya, SO-nya" while he was handing me the cash,  as i hadn't met Sonya at that point i had no fu*k'in idea what he was talking about, NOW IT WAS CLEAR, crystal clear!

 I handed it to her immediately, i have no want, need, or even desire to know what that was for and i am very relieved NOT to have that fu*k'in money from the Yakuza in my pocket anymore, as i well know that, and if you don't know about these people check'em out, these fu*kers are badass, never ever mess with these guys unless you want to end up dead!

 "I gotta go sit down" i quietly whisper to Sonya, i don't want to wake up any of these bastards, that's all i need now, my head is spinning slightly as i'm in mild shock at what's going on around me, i know these dudes won't fu*k with me unless i do or say something really stupid, and that ain't gonna happen with me,........... ever, i've seen enough of the wild side of life to know better, "loose lips sink ships"!

 She joins me and say's laughingly almost giggling actually "i thought you already knew",  "ah No, i had NO IDEA who the fu*k they were, if they tell me their a Noh Theatre troupe what am i suppose to say, your not, your fu*king Yakuza", as clouds began to roll through my head!

 I gotta spark up a doobie after that little bit of info i really didn't want to hear, as anytime their are gangsters around there's usually trouble not far behind, and this I was all too aware of!


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/8/12 | tags: never mess with the yakuza James DeWeaver australian generation x artist

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