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How Radical feminist have destroyed Australian culture!

This blog does not have any relation to my story, "96 hours to L.A. and back !" which i have serialized and have been adding to Artslant.

 No, this blog is purely based on my personal opinions on how "Radical Feminism" has destroyed Australia, and the Australian culture as a whole slowly but surely over the last forty years or so, and especially the last ten in particular.

This kind of really cultural damaging "Radical Feminism" was started here by an Australian women by the name of Germaine Greer, an extremist in her own right, a very psychologically bent and unstable women who should've been "institutionalized" instead of published!germaine greer

She personally didn't agree apparently with the way Australian culture had evolved over the previous two hundred years or so, and so decided to really in her own way permeated her radical ideas of "Radical Feminism" into the culture by publishing a book which was a masterpiece in how destroy female and male interaction in a set culture, an "Australian" culture that all but a very few like Greer had any problem with. Australian Men  and the standing they once had was shattered into tiny pieces,never ever to be re-assembled, they needed this book being published about as much as they needed holes in their head!

"The Female Eunuch" was Greer's most well known book of crazy and contorted idea's which became popularized worldwide by other radically minded men hating women, especially a group based out of San Francisco, the name of their group i refuse to mention, although i'll tell you this, these women were the ones who came up with the terminology that was belittling and was very condescending to men by calling them S.N.A.G.S.(sensitive new age guys) .......................what a bunch of dike bullsh*t!

First off, this group were lesbians in San Francisco who all hated men in the first place, as men can be mysoginist, women also have this capacity to hate men to such a degree that they'll kill over this anger!

Remember Andy Warhol was shot and killed by one these radicalized women, and it's the group she belonged to which came up with this degrading terminology(snags) for the men who were weak men, the gut-less ones who'd roll to something a woman wanted to do, what bullsh*t!

These were the times of "Political Correctness", a term and idea i refuse to acknowledge or bow too in ANY WAY WHAT SO EVER!

Their Political Correctness is MY loss of Freedom of Speech!

The Current Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the the Minister of Finance Penny Wong are two women which have been able to fully capitalized on this Cultural distortion started by Greer, though i would've hardly thought that when Greer had been writing her "disasterpiece", this would of been her intended result, a Female P.M.

Our Minister for Finance would've fit right in to this group of killer feminist in San Francisco, Ms. Wong and her same sex partner are always seen cavorting around on the television, like last night, makes me want to throw up on her!

It would appear that now that these radicalized women have finally achieved such positions of power in all our lives here, the main task they have now set about is to well and truly emasculate all the male population living in this country, not just temporarily while their running the show, but permanently be setting into play unstoppable machines which churn out never ending sets of men hating women!

 And as these male hating women now and over the last few years have been using this omnipotent power to create organization and Boards of everykind, which had never and should never have been allowed, as they discriminate and directly target against a full fifty percent of the population, that's right, men are barred, Not allow to join or be apart in any way to these "in house" Government Organizations, what bullsh*t!

These are nothing but stooge positions, totally fabricated made up by different Government "in house" Departments, on the direct order of these Radical Women in Charge.

They are the Government, they can create anything they want now, they suddenly can do to men what they, through their deranged thinking  percieved what men have been doing to them for decades prior, this is revenge on men, NOT a Progressive movement towards equality for deserving intelligent "real" women!

So once "these women, cronies" have been selected to these stiched-up stooge Board positions in these newly fabricated Government Boards, they then can be sorted and refined by other powerful and prominent women outside the Government sector!

For example, the radicalized CEO and Sth.African Gail Kennedy, who heads up Westpac Bank here in Australia.

She is someone i know very little about other than she is continually screwing the Australian public who bank at Westpac out of their own hard earned money, this bank are the biggest bunch of crooks going, every fu*king financial quarter, the business she runs effectively steals from their own depositors anywhere from three to four billion dollars,....................... legally, the rules NEED TO BE CHANGED HERE, THIS SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL IN ANYWAY!

Why, for Westpac shareholders of course, people who themselves don't deserve this sort of recompense, as they are effectively leaving their fellow Australian worse off year in year out.

Is this right? Hell no! Am i afraid of them, hell no, these "bad sort" of women are hazed out of my life most definitely!

As a matter of fact, these "Pseudo-Women, Julia Gillard, Penny Wong" in my personal opinion have no role in a Progressive society at all, they only act and re-act like men anyway, that's how they've been able to weasel their ways into these positions of importance and power!

Pseudo women are ones which maybe physically female, but are completely VOID of any trait which we associate with women, i.e compassion, nurturing, or empathy and so on. 

Pseudo women damage everyone because they pit one gender against another,and don't care, as they lack empathy in general,similar to Psycopaths, except when it directly effects their self.

We, the public have not had anything like this anti-male movement perpetrated on us ever, the Culture here in Australia has become very very biased against men and is run only for the benefit of women and correcting their ill percieved inequality!

Just look at how our foreign born Prime Minister Julia Guillard's Government is treating refugee's who come to Australia, her Government policies are literally killing these people who are already desperate and escaping wars and dire economic circumstances, and in many many ways allowed or were complient to happen in the first place, like our involvement in the American War in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Australian populos turned out in hundred's of thousands in ANTI-WAR protest's before the kick off of that misadventure, but were ignored and dismissed by the then Dictator/Prime Minister John Howard.

This guy was and still is lower than some filthy animals sh*t, and even though he was voted out of office, and even lost his own district in the Election of 2007, his xenophobic policies continue to this day!

The Labour Party and Julia Gillard continued this "misadventure in Foreign Policy" on, by the financial support, i.e. sending OUR money to people who'd NOT of done the same for us, and sending our own troops to die helping the invading American Armies to conquer, destroy and displace millions of fellow human beings who've had nothing to do with Sept 11th.

To be continued, check back,



Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/7/12 | tags: the female eunuch penny wong julia guillard germaine greer Generation X Artist James DeWeaver How radical feminist have destroyed Australian culture

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