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The Girls from San Francisco!

                           To be read after "Who's James Joyce she asked" for continuity.

 I suddenly remembered that this house i was in was totally wired up, computers, surveillance camera's, internal camera's and hidden camera's and it only then dawned on me that this had all of a sudden become too easy, things in "REAL" life don't work like this, never this easy. I was still completely aware and in control of all of my faculties, my  kissing Sonya wasn't what concerned me, and it wasn't paranoia, this, paranoia has never been a factor in any experience i had ever had previously either.

I was beginning to feel as if we were both being watched and that this was in some bizarre way a test, for me, one that i instinctively knew was to see if i would "fall for the bait,......... Sonya".

Was she in on this or not,i didn't know, i know one thing though, that Sonya was merely a prelude to the "Real" test,"The Party", maybe if i hadn't been as disciplined and self aware i may not even get to the party.

So i ask Sonya if we're going to hangout here until we go or are we going to go somewhere. "I've got two girlfriends coming from San Francisco, they should be here anytime now" "just two" i ask, so this is going to be a trio of babes to be going out with now, and not just Sonya, sounds good to me!

Sonya's cooled off by now as have i as far as it goes with her, i'm cool to chill here listening to some music smoke some killer weed, recharge my batteries, hell if it weren't for the E and the weed i'd of been asleep along time ago, my body clock was in no way adjusted to time in L.A., flying East to West is always worse than flying West to East, and when you live in Australia, fifteen to sixteen hour plane flights are common place, it's just that i hadn't been back to America in a long time, and i'm not really as i've already mentioned a jet-setter!

We just talk for about twenty minutes which seem to of just gone like that, E can sometimes make time a complete irrelevance, it just doesn't seem to be there in situations like the one i find myself in and that's great......... i really don't like the constrictions which time by itself can place on my life.

Sonya's phone rang, it's her friends and they'll be here in about twenty minutes or so, and from what i can gather eavesdropping on her call, they've both dropped their E ten minutes ago, so that by the time their here they'll be just like us, pilled up and ready to go, i sure as hell hope that these two "friends" of Sonya haven't one,TAKEN THE RED PILLS, or two, are "test's" for yours truly, either way i'm prepared, i'm in control, if things go pear shaped well i can handle it.


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/5/12 | tags: australian generation x artist James DeWeaver the girls from San francisco

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