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Who's James Joyce she asked!

                      To be read after "I listen to Henry Rollins advice" for continuity.

Sonya was totally cool about it.............i had only momentarily lost my mind, i put it down to the long day with only a few hours sleep, aswell as the MDMA and the spliff, yes, i was ultimately responsible for my actions but she didn't give two shits, as a matter of fact i probably could of taken her up to the sack at that very moment  in time by the way she reacted to this kiss, but due to the circumstances i knew that this would have to wait atleast a few hours more.

I ask her "when do you think we'll leave for the party",......"they don't really get going until about 1 a.m, that's when all the drunk people either have had to much and leave or they stay but can't handle the pace and end up getting bombed out". I remember that scenario all to well, granted i was younger but this is exactly what use to happen in Byron Bay back in the day i tell her, at about 1 a.m. until about 3 a.m, everyone and anyone pill'in off their scone would go to this one nightclub, can't remember the name of it right now, wouldn't matter anyway, but a mate of mine and i would regularly go and do this, and would never fail to pick up at the end, just a fu*k'in awesome time!

Ten years or so down the line who the hell would of thought, i sure as hell wouldn't of, that i'd be doing it all again but this time was in L.A. and NOT Byron Bay, Australia with a total "Worldy"(Geordie Shore on MTV), in a truly MIND BLOWING house, and on my way soon to a party at the Playboy Mansion, this alone by itself would be amazing, but to have it all paid for, First class plane trips, picked up at LAX by an alien in a Bugatti Veyron(See my blog"The Babe and the Bugatti Veyron"), meeting John Densmore(Doors), Jerry Beckley(America), Woody Harrelson, Iggy Pop, and the "Noh crew" from Japan all in less than twenty four hours!

"So we've got some time on our hands have we Sonya"?

I'm think'in right about then that the music wasn't do'in it for me, one of Kraftwerk's songs so instead of just leaving Sonya like the last time, i motion my head in a way to say follow me as i begin to head back up the stairs to change the music,........she's right onto me. I head over to change the music and see the James Joyce was just on the corner of the bed were i had left it when i made my monster spliff earlier, i ask "Do you like James Joyce"? and to my sheer amazement she replies "James who?", James Who i'm think'in, though don't say anything, as i forget she's been able to get to where she has not for her brains, though she's is really bright, but it's her rather exceptional beauty, and don't in any way hold this lack of knowledge on Joyce spoil my night with her,..... but i did read some of what i wrote in my earlier blog on when i first discovered this book in the house.

Sonya was highly intelligent and well educated, anyone who can get into Stanford has got to be, and she liked many esoteric things, but Joyce had somehow never gained traction in her mind, but after reading some verse's to her, and when your on E it's not the easiest thing to do, she soon was rather of the same opinion as myself when it came to Mr. Joyce and smelling his wife's quiff's, and how he could "pick her farts out in a roomful of farting women!" Sonya thought it was rather anal, and I had to agree!

I start to roll another spliff, Sonya suddenly deciding she was getting abit warm, i'm thinking the Joyce was doing something to her subconscious mind, as i wasn't warm at all, but the next thing i see is a half naked Sonya standing next to me asking "if i mind if  she cools off"....."mind , are you fu*k'in kidding...... go for it, if your hot your hot, and YOU are totally fu*k'in hot" i had to say it, tell her atleast,...... she was sting'in for a compliment and when there's a half naked drop dead stunner standing in front of you that you've known for less than two hours ....who gives a sh*t, she's probably not gonna remember and if she does won't give a shit, and i sure as hell wasn't gonna complain.....what straight guy in his right mind would, let alone when your on Ecstasy!


Posted by James DeWeaver on 11/3/12 | tags: Stanford Generation X Artist James DeWeaver who's james joyce she asked Playboy Mansion

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