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There's NOTHING to like about Paul Ryan!

"Why is there Nothing to like about Paul Ryan"? you might ask, well there may be personal reasons not to like the man, but this blog is Not a personal attack in anyway on him as a person or what he believes, this is more of an expose on what Paul Ryan the man represents to the public, and potentially as Vice President of America, and how he got to be where he is today!paul ryan and truth

Paul Ryan is a "final product" if you will, the epitome of what was started back in 1964, when Barry Goldwater, a socially Conservative Senator from Arizona lost in his attempt to become President.

After this loss, no one wanted to be called a "Conservative"Republican, Vietnam was still going on, and the public were sick of seeing the deaths of their children (blood and treasure) in this misadventure in south-east asia started by a Republican President under the guise of stopping Communism and it's "Domino Effect" through the rest of the region, leaving fifty five thousand American dead, several hundred MIA's, not to mention the millions of adversly affect returning service men and women and a chemically deforested and genetically altered Vietnamese population and environment.

Seven years later in 1971, the head of the National Chamber of Commerce, a Mr. Louis Powell, who soon would be elected to the Supreme Court, devised "THE" plan which would take the Conservative agenda to where we find it today playing on our television screens daily to ad nauseam.

Louis Powell's First key move would be to pool all the wealthy Republican Conservative Businessmen together, like my favourite Republican bad guy billionaires and "Climate Science denial Kingpins" brothers Charles and David Koch from Texas for one example.

 Not an easy thing to do, as this had begun in the 1950-60's, and when you talk about a "Conservative" you've got to understand that Not all "Conservatives" are the same, there are Fundamentalist, Libertarians together these two are called the "Fusion Movement", then there are Fiscal Conservatives like Jay Rockefeller, Social Conservatives, Religious, Neo, and thourough going Conservatives.

Second, endow Chairs at Universities, like the Owen Professorships.

Third, Build Institutions to teach the principles of Conservative thinking, like the Hoover Institute at Stanford.

Four, Set up Research Institutions, Think Tanks, Scholars to teach at them. Why Research Institutions, primarily to set a facade of legitimacy and become respectable by then creating Journals like the Weekly Standard, setting up book publishers then buy up the media, i.e. Rupert Murdoch, the #1 in this aspect.

 Once you have all this in play, you then need a funnel to deliver it to the public, step in FOX NEWS, Fair and Balanced NOT, two small p Progressives, two Big C Conservatives and one ultra Conservative commentator to "Frame" the question however they should choose.

More than one Conservative Republican "Think Tank" per year since 1971 has "evolved" until today, some with endowments of thirty to forty million dollars, they(Conservatives) spend more than $400 million a year propping up these Conservative "Think Tanks" which are really no more than places for looney people like Frank Luntz, at Luntz Researcha total and complete nut-job, and someone the Conservative Leadership actually listen to(scary), and he's a regular on FOX of course, Bill (i'm a dick)O'Reilly i swear loves him.

Luntz takes ideas and Progressives arguements then distorts them into what he calls "The New America Language", very similar to Orwellian language and applies it to Republican Political and Public discourse and their "framing" of arguments, internally and in Foreign policy.

Back to Paul Ryan, he's a end result of this forty years of Republican Conservative brainwashing. His Religious beliefs and Family values he spews forth with apparent ease and skill, Paul Ryan believes as a social Conservative, as this is a platform for all Conservatives, and that is, that Social Programs should be cut as they are a result of do-gooders and "Big Government".

 Conservatives really really don't like giving or even having anything like social programs for people they feel haven't earned them, as this will make them dependent, which takes away their "Discipline", which takes away their ability to be "Moral" beings, so they are essencially "Immoral" in this hiearchy of thought.

Paul gets his strict Conservative Hierarchy of Moral order from the Bible of course, which sets this order out very clearly, God, Man, Nature, adults, children, America, other nations, white Western values and so on men before women, white people before non- whites, straights above gays etc. etc.

This Conservative rigidity shown by Mr. Ryan is due in my opinion to the strict authoritarian father figure role model which was conditioned into him by his father and so on and so fourth.

What do i mean by "Strict authoritarian father figure"?

An example, James Dobson, head of the right winged organization called "Focus on the Family", listened to on three thousand radio stations across America, the #1 most syndicated writer in newspapers in America, and is so popular he requires his OWN Zip code due to the amount of mail and request he receives!

Focus on the Family receives between two and three hundred million dollars per annum in donations, and with his popular Literary Classic "Dare to Discipline" where he says "that parents should never hit their child under fifteen to eighteen months", but need to after this age as children are inherently bad. His teaching's in STRONG morality are also  a blueprint model of the "Ideal" American Conservative Christian family.

When it comes to Dobson discipline it goes abit like this, "if the child does bad the punishment must be painful enough so the child will internally discipline themself next time and NOT have to be externally disciplined", this would be called "tough love", if the child grows up undisciplined, society will do this, Jails are a classic final home for "the socially immoral and un-disciplined" in a strict father role model.

A Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is a vote for continual fear and spin by the Republicans, as he and Mitt, two men clearly brought up in similar archetypal structures will crush any other than their own Party and ideology other than their Conservative selfish self centred idealogically bent Religious ones.This will ultimately destroy America, and the middle-class will be eviscerated, not to mention how America and Americans will be viewed globally.

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/25/12 | tags: There's nothing to like about Paul Ryan Conservative inculcation religious right wiged mitt romney James DeWeaver james dobson

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