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Sometime you just have to say "What The Fu*k" !

                                    To be read after "Iggy Pop was there!" for continuity.

I ask her if he (Jim) his real name is like mine James, James Osterberg, but goes by Jim, come around often,"No,he's only up here for the party,he lives down in Miami,but he wanted to come by and see the "living treasures" from Japan", he's having a good time in there, we laugh, she laughed more than me and adds it could be the Absinthe!remembering that was what they were drinking when i looked in, they had these little ampules of a greenish colored brew which they all were gleefully imbibing on.

For those of you unfamiliar with this substance, a very brief history-very popular in France in 1840's, known as "Green fairy", and was THE drink of choice if you were a renegade Artist, Poet, Symbolist or decadents like Paul Gauguin, Charles Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley, Hemingway, Edgar Allen Poe,Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Manet and Rimbaud are only some of these famous "miscreants" who were very devoted consumers of this liquid narcotic.

It's an alcoholic brew containing the herbs Anise, imparting a licorice like flavour, and Wormwood, this is what  really gets you bent,.............a buzz unlike any other!

Banned and is still illegal in the United States since about 1915!

So these guys are now getting blotto on Absinthe, in a truly phenomenal setting in L.A.!this should be hilarious as it wasn't even seven o'clock yet!

We automatically have the same idea, "lets go see these wildmen" walking along I ask where did they get the Absinthe from? "France", that's where they  make it, they know the  people who export from France", that's as far as i go as i'm not big on asking questions about things that aren't fully legal, the less you know can often be better than the opposite, I look at it like this,  it's on a need to know basis, if you need too know, your told, and if you don't need to be told, your not! ,so I DON'T asked, keeps me out of any hassles though i'm not thinking that at the time, i could give two sh*t's that these guy's are pissed as newts on Absinthe, they looked like they were having a good time, why fu*king stop'em!

So we head back to where they were located, but before we get there,"Jim" is heading towards us, big smile, he clearly is having fun, i'm only then introduced to "Jim","Hey good to meet you James, how's Australia man"? he asked, "Great......still there when i left!" i replied!

"Ya here for the Party"?he asks "yeh Jim, here for the Party" but i was never told about the "Party" before i left, and i don't mention this to him.

In life, there are not many time's when you get to take a different road, it's like in the Movie "Risky Business", (which i might add here was just like growing up in Westport, MANY ways as a teenager) ,with Mr.Cruise, and his character Joel finally getting what his buddy Miles had been telling him all along, that being primarily,

"Sometimes you just gotta say, What the Fu*k"!

How right he was!

Jim asks me as i put my dictaphone back into my pocket" Hey James, do you ever use your dictaphone"? "Sure" i replied back, then he's said "Why don't you use your finger"?he has a real good laugh at my expense as do i on that one, here i am having "Jim" entertain me with these one liners, what a funny funny guy!

He then tells me about a recent doco on Picasso he saw, he was really up on him, he says"In the history of Art there is before Picasso and after Picasso"!

That was pretty deep, his clear stance is not to be argued with, he's a grown man and if that's his opinion on Picasso, who the fu*k am i to say any different , i nod my head in tactit agreement with his statement, he continues to tell me more.

"He's got this film called "The Mystery of Picasso", and you can actually watch him paint on a glass pane, it's like Magic"he tells me."

Then he really blew me away by asking me about the Gumball 3000, and I'm wondering who could of told him about that (BAM!) and relating to me that in the last century in America, an area equal to all the arable land in Ohio, Indiana, Penn.was paved over, costing $US200 million a day to maintain"! That i had NO IDEA about, isn't that a scary thought i retorted, two words he said back "We're Fu*ked" , and smiled!

I leave that for now, i don't want Jim to have a meltdown infront of me, i'm not sure if he's got a short fuse or not, but i'm not about to find out either!

Now i gotta say, this was one of THE most surreal and thoroughly thought through conversations i had had in a LONG time, as "Jim" was by no means "a  drug fu*ked mental midget",(unlike Todd!), he had no doubt ruminated upon these subjects and concepts at some length in the past, and clearly was engaged in this conversation as much as i now was, he mentions to me"did ya know during the first Gulf war,146 Americans died keeping the World safe and for Petroleum, while back here in the ole' U.S.A., 4,900 Americans were killed in the same time period in motor vehicle accidents""No Shit" i add, starting to sound like a broken record of ignorance, but Jim really knew his sh*t, i'm shocked more by that one i've gotta say!

To be Cont.

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/18/12 | tags: sometime you just have to say what the fu*k James DeWeaver australian generation x artist #OfficialIggyPop Absinthe

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