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Iggy Pop was there!

                                To be read after "Playboy and the Magical Fart" for continuity.

I begin to try to figure out where to go now as this house is like a smalll labrynth to my jet -lagged brain, but i soon hear my Aussie friends familiar voice, though now i also hear another yet unknown person to me, so i follow the voices til i get to the kitchen where i was greeted by her and introduced to her boyfriend, who i'll call "Todd" for now, who was here only for a pop in visit, works in synthetic organic chemistry from what i could gather.

Todd explained to me what exactly he does for a living and i was fully shocked at what this guy actually makes.

The company he works for is in Ohio- Aldrich Chemical Company,Inc. and they are, and  i kid you not, allowed by the U.S.Federal Government to brew up L.S.D., Ecstacy, GHB, Mescaline, Psilocybin- which is the psycho active part of the "Magic Mushroom", Oxycodone and Meth- call them for your next Rave, this is all for use by guess who...... the Military, come on , why the hell does the U.S. Military require all these drugs?

No but seriously, "what the hell i asked him is done with all these drugs"?, he tells me they ALL go to the men and women of the American Military! shit, i was not expecting to hear that the U.S. Military has far more drugs than all of The Grateful Dead's concerts combined!

He told me of his friend at Accustandard,Inc in Connecticut, and how he 's allowed to create EVERY drug on Schedule1 and 9 on Schedule 2, and the ONLY American company to legally produce opium!

He must have alot of friends i jokingly add, but this dude was too narcisstic and arrogant in his demeanor to even acknowledge my comment, so i asked my aussie friend "how long is he gonna be around"? ," he's leaving tonite", her reply is almost instantaneous, as she knows here boyfriend is not being cool to THIS guest, and she also remembers from "The Punisher" days, i know martial arts (Red Belt Tae Kwon Do) and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, and would tear her boyfriend up in 2 seconds flat!

I then begin to hear what sounds like the "Noh crew" breaking into song with the old favorite "Louie Louie", with it sounding more like "Rouie Rouie", but it 's not just them!

I ask her who's in there with them, she says "Oh, Jim's in there with them", so as Jim and the "Noh crew" have to be better to talk to then her boyfriend the Hammerhead I leave them.

I go see the singing, and as i turn into the room and see them all, i look at "Jim" say "g'day" the crew, "g'day" -it then dawns on me that this guy "Jim" looks remarkably like Iggy Pop, not ever seeing Mr.Pop in person it's hard to tell, so i did a u-turn and headed back toward where my friend had been, found her and asked  "Ah.......  is that Iggy Pop in there"?,she said that yes, yes it was Iggy, but he likes to be called "Jim", and not "Iggy", when he's not performing, she asked if i called him Iggy, and indeed I didn't so i played along with this charade,not even realising it, which was the cooler way more tactful than being a "Gumby" about Celebrity or Celebrities.

To be Cont.

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/17/12 | tags: iggy pop was there Australia Generation X Artist James DeWeaver aldrich chemical company accustandard Grateful Dead u.s.military

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