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More Ralph Laren Polo that i could imagine !

                 This should be read after "I had Randy Rhoads guitar!" for continuity.

So i sit down on the bed, just wanting to lay back and listen to some melllow music to relax and the remote for the music system is right at hand, i turn the Bang and Olufson stereo system on, these systems are really an audiophiles dream, and begin to go through the available tunes, again some interesting choices!

One of them i see is Michel Redolfi, and his album Sonic Waters, which was recorded in pools and around the Pacific, and is largely a soundscape of complex diversity, recorded with submerged microphones

Then there's a band that's new to me and probably many of you, i speak of Pianosaurus, a trio from New York State, who play Pop-Rock on young kiddies instruments bought at toy stores.

Their album was-"Groovy Neighborhood", and it had on it covers like John Lee Hooker's "Dimple", and Chuck Berry's "Memphis". I'd give this Four Stars for sure****!


Then i saw a genre i'm not overly familiar with, that being "Grindcore", I had never heard before this particular style of Music "Grindcore", none the less, the Band named not surprisingly was ah............, Anal Cunt, and with such song names as "Jack Kevorkian is cool","I became a Counselor so i could tell rape victims they asked for it! and a personal favourite- "Recycling is Gay"!

These guys were good, very good actually but the commercial run Music Industry would NEVER EVER allow such a Band, "they'd never be signed", have to change their name, or the Record corps would just tell them to FU*K OFF!

Not very mainstream you could say, that's why it was so creative and challenging to listen and appreiate their stance on sound and music as a conditioned response!

Another dishonourable mention would go to Schlong, a Punk Band with the song "I want to scratch my Butt", and before i forget, there was a song called "Monkey Business" off the Big Bang by Bernie Krause, or more like recordings of chimps making very aroused and excited guttural sounds and beating trees in a rainforest,........pretty far-out stuff,....and I'm thinking "why the hell would you want to have this on your sound system"?, it did sound incredible though, that was probably why!

I fell asleep to that one, it was  more than enough to send me off into dreamtime, though i think my sleep was mainly due to being awake as long as i was, and in another Country, not to mention all the unforseen excitement upon landing.

I was out like a light for about six hours, stirring at about 5:30 or so, as I'm not really required to be anywhere at this particular point in time I just lay back and listen to some more music, until a light tapping on my door lets me know that dinner will be on in an hour and i'm expected to be present.

No worrries, i shortly roll out off bed and head into the on suite shower/bathroom that could easily fit ten people in it depending on how creative you were,....... and i'm SURE it already has in the past,...........i proceed to have an awesome solo refreshing shower.

After getting out and dried off I'm remembering i was told that the clothes for me to wear were in one of these wardrobe's,......ah, which one was it exactly?, i strike lucky first try, and sure enough as i was told, the clothes were all there alright!, the Full Summer Season 2009 Ralph Lauren Polo range-shirts, tee's, pant's, belts, ties, jackets, sweaters, underwear, socks, sneakers, watches and shoes,I guess i had to be ready for anything and now i surely was!

I just dressed in black.

To be cont

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/15/12 | tags: more ralph lauren that i could imagine James DeWeaver Generation X Artist #RalphLauren

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