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Andy Warhol's movie "FU*K" was there!

                  This is to be read after reading "Woody Harrelson is cool"! for continuity.

It's around eleven in the morning and i'm starting to fade due to the jet lag and the overexcitement of the day already, so i excuse myself and tell them that I'll see them later on as i'm wiped out and it's just that i've hit the wall and NEED some rest!

I'm shown to my room and it's got a bed that would be big enough for Shaq, a ceiling that's completely glass with an external cover for darkening the room for daytime sleeping ,which i close electronically, then this fantastically HUGE futuristic wrap around Digital TV arose out of the modified cabinetry and on the side were some movies which i thought i might fall asleep to.

I see that there are some fairly far out ones in the group!

One being "Let there be Light"(1946) Directed by John Huston, famous for The African Queen ,the Maltese Falcon,etc., he also made documentaries for the US Army during WW2.

This movie focused on shell-shocked soldiers being treated at a Psychiatric Hospital in Long Island, very heavy so heavy the Army confiscated the film, refused to release it until 35 years down the road in 1981!

Another awesome movie that was there that I had been wanting to see for years, that being the Todd Haynes directed 1987 movie Superstar:The Karen Carpenter Story, this one is fully bent and COMPLETELY off the planet, it's a fully unauthorized biopic, in which Haynes uses Barbie dolls as the "actors", with Carpenters recordings as the soundtrack,-bizarre is an understatement, Richard Carpenter did all he could do to stop this from ever getting watched, spending millions on Lawyers and suing Todd, just because Richard is an anal compulsive hammerhead unwilling to allow other Artist's "their" Art!

5 Stars*****Highly watchable! Get it if you can and have a look!

Andy Warhols Blue movie(1969) also called "Fu*k" was there!

And then the most horrible, mind jarrring movie called Titicut Follies(1967), Directed by Frederick Wiseman, a doco filmed at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, initially banned for release as the State Mental Health Officials went fully apeshit apparently when they viewed the final cut, and recognizing the fact that they(Dr.'s and staff) are fully aware of these awful, horrid and inhumane conditions these people are being kept in aswell as completely forgotten by the very society they were a part of at one time!

They basically don't want the public to know about it, and to then be held accountable for the squalid conditions which they "warehouse" these people in, such a Christian nation..... unbelievable, in such a "Great" society as we're always told, they figure if they tell you lies all the time it won't make any difference to you, keep you stupid because this is how they maintain power in general,the public have the "Mushroom treatment" just keep'em in the dark and feed'em shit!, they don't even look after the worst off and disadvantaged in their own society because "they" DON'T care,....... period!

The Massachusetts Supreme Court allowed Doctors, Sociologists, Judges & those with a Professional interest to view this "Auschwitz in America, a portrait of how they treat their physically and mentally handicapped", true concealed criminality and until 1991 viewings were stopped even if you were one of the above mentioned,..... and if viewed would be considered a "criminal" act, with JAIL time of a minimum three years in a State Federal Penitentiary, two years later it was "inadvertantly" aired a single time on Public television (PBS), millions of people viewed this!, it was  never aired again, and you weren't suppose to be able to see on video either, so where ever this came from is beyond me!

To be Cont

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/13/12 | tags: #toddhaynes todd haynes frederick wiseman john huston fu*k blue movie andy warhol

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