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Drunk Japanese living legends !

This is to be read after "Don't treat Celebrities any different" for continuity.

I instantly recognised her though it's been a good while now, would've been when i was Dolph Lundgrens stand-in for the Movie "The Punisher", which was filmed in Australia, she to was an extra, a call girl actually!

She runs out and gives me a great big bear hug and kiss then say's "g'day Jerry", a name which i haven't gone by for quite a while now, i don't mind her calling me this as this was the name she knew me as before i was James, which i might add is my correct first name.

i haven't seen her in this whole period of time, almost twenty years has gone by but considering the time that had passed, she looked virtually the same as when i first met her, quite remarkable!

After a quick gabble we go inside and i'm introduced to "the Noh crew", have a couple of cool ones with them, lemonade that is for me, and i'm told that at about 6p.m. we were going to have one of the neighbours over as a guest visitor named Gerry, Gerry Beckley,......again I pause and think "where the fu*k do i know that name from", then, before i could fish it out of my memory bank, she says to the Noh crew "he's one of the members of the seventies band America" trying to explain to the Japanese was fairly difficult, one of them was fairly solid on understanding English, but couldn't speak it, he apparently got this skill from watching Starsky & Hutch, and The Streets of San Francisco, which had Carl Malden and a very young Michael Douglas in it.

America, that 's where I knew that name from, a band i'm quite familiar with, they had a sound that for that period of time was genuinely unique, to them and them alone, I like people and Artist's who aren't fooled by others and don't blindly follow them or copy them without adding, that's not kosher!

If you think i "cover" others Art your right, i do!

What on earth do you think other Artist's like singers are doing when they sing someone else's song! From Elvis to Lady Gaga, Bono to Jello Biafra!

There are NO popular singers around today who have never done a "cover" of someone else's music! PERIOD! Why should Visual Artists be not allowed similar rights to "cover"!

So i thought that's totally cool, atleast i'll have someone who i can converse with in my native tongue, that'll be great!

Until then, we all sit down to a Japanese meal that just looks off the planet, Jean-Paul Gaultier meets Vivian(Skunk Punk) Westwood, I am freak'in amazed at this construct of raw fish, sushi rolls, sashimi, squid, crustaceans of all measure and note, I don't believe i can identify 70% of what I'm gazing upon, is this for real, "fair dinkum" if your an Aussie?

And sure enough, as bears shit in the woods, these Japanese fella's are into it like flies to shit, in a good way, but as I'm not all that sure,.... I stay to what i know, and it does indeed taste great until i hit some Wasabi,......  then i begin to have the most incredible, fiery burning sensation on my tongue and lips that is almost indescribable,... lets just say it was FU*KING HOT!

Meanwhile these dudes who were about half my size had some serious eating capacity, I was told that one of them was a eating champion aswell, and could eat 10 1/2 lbs.of corned beef and cabbage, 30 hotdogs and then to finish off, try 45 cream filled donuts all within two hrs.,take this guy to an "all you can eat", and the house would lose some serious money!

Forty five minutes to an hour goes by then the doorbell let's us know Gerry's just arrived downstairs,  so we very slowly  due to our over engorgement proceed to all get up and go down to greet this neighbour of ours "Mr. Beckley"

Carried on from John Densmore is cool, which is to be read before this.To Be continued

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/11/12 | tags: jerry beckley #americaband drunk japanese living legends starsky and hutch James DeWeaver

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