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DON'T treat Celebrities any different !

                              This is to be read after "John Densmore is cool!" for continuity.

One of the first things someone like myself (a thankful NON-Celeb) learns about "famous people" when their in your presence is that they are just people like you and me,

a) don't treat them any differently than you'd talk to your mother, father, sister, brother or cousin, because if you don't, they'll most likely think your some kind of weird sycophantic brown noser! 

b) If there's no need to talk to them DON'T!

c) No talking BS, only relevant info!

d) Most importantly, "DON'T WASTE THEIR TIME"!

Think for a second how you might feel if where ever you go, some unknown dumbass comes up to you and says "Aren't you" or "can you sign this" or "can i get a photo of you"?, and the "famous" person just wants to get the fu*k on with their business and be left alone, that's right, they have to do shit themselves like go to the Chemist or Restaurant or whatever!

Try going up to Henry Rollins and doing this, your most likely to get smashed in the face by Rollin's, a man not too unlike myself........ real low tolerance for moronic atavistic knuckle draggers!

So after the brief un-acknowledged check by Mr. Densmore, I said "no worries mate", a very common Australian colloquialism and typical response from an Aussie, he turned and looked at me,........ no he starred right at me and asked "Are you an Aussie", stunned he'd even know what an "Aussie" was, i said "Yes, i'd just landed at LAX about 45 minutes ago" then all he said was........... "cool, i like Australia", slowly pivoting towards the exit door, then exiting stage left as it were, very bizarre!

I paid for my aspirin, and upon leaving the shop i noticed he was heading to his car which was close to where mine was waiting with the engine running, he was TOTALLY oogling not only the Bugatti Veyron, but the beautiful alien driving it, he seemed to be as taken by her as I was when first laying my weary and very dilated eyes upon her, he even tried to "chat her up", how's that!, "JD you old dog".

As i approached the car he asked about something i don't quite recall, wasn't overly imortant i guess, something about the Veyron and told him I wasn't sure, and didn't really know where i was going but it was close.

I began to very briefly explain why i was in L.A., and that i was invited to come over to Los Angeles,(all expences paid) for a large commissioned work, as "i am an Artiste",(we briefly laugh at the very faux French accent i do) and as far as i knew was on my way there right now!

He looked briefly at me in a mildly surprised gesture at what i had just told him, he then asked if he would be able to meet me again before i left L.A., to talk about gettting a commissioned piece for and of himself, a Portrait, i said that it would be no problems to meet up before i left and discuss it in greater detail at a further date, but i would have to get going, and by the way "What is your name"? i asked, "John, John Densmore" he replied, "nice to meet you John" i said."!

I told him i would get in touch with him before i I pulled out my phone entered his number as he had relayed them to me, said bye for now shaking his hand and  then got back into the ground rocket and departed at lightspeed, "what else would i expect now"!

That was totally BIZARRE thinking to myself,..........I've got to get over HERE more often!                

This Blog is carried on from "John Densmore is cool"

Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/10/12 | tags: James DeWeaver don't treat celebrities any different australian generation x artist #JohnDensmore

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