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Jello Biafra gets it !

For those readers who DON'T know who Jello Biafra is, have a quick look at my website, and you'll see my latest on-line work is of Jello Biafra in a close Portrait, titled Jello Biafra #3 in Pink 2012, former lead singer for the seminal American Punk Band, "The Dead Kennedy's"!

Who could possibly forget songs like "Man with the dogs", "Kepone Factory", a personal favourite of mine, how about "Nazi Punks FU*K OFF" one i have a particular favorite bit and if you listen to my Youtube Video, Charles Koch, your Evil Incarnated,  type into Youtube Charles Koch, FU*K OFF, that's my video and yes that is indeed Mr.Biafra supplying the "key" words to explain to Mr.Koch, how much he's disliked and all the ill-will in the world is directed at him and his cowardly brother David.

I have spoken to Jello's manager Alan, and he's really so non-plussed about the video, their like if anyones worried about this, FU*K'em!, and that was that.

My video has slowly but surely as i had planned, displaced others by KochfactsTV, the propaganda voicepiece of Koch Industries as i have mentioned before.

The other really funny obstacle for these Koch heads i've found to be very effective is to title my blogs the same as the Koch videos i intend to verbally attack! I'll explain.

Evil Charles has a video on Youtube titled "Charles Koch, shaped by the sixties", well type that into Google, and you'll see my blog is actually just below the Koch Youtube  Propaganda video, which clearly give a whole new perspective over the one the Koch's would like people to know, the fabricated facts, BS and more BS! 

Jello has been at these people for years, not so much the Kochs, but in raising public awareness of corrupt Political systems and a Government who could care less about the "average Joe", but NOT that Butt-munch that FOX news love "Joe the Plumber",(What a FU*KHEAD)!

The only problem is that Jello is getting old now, he doesn't have anywhere near his former self in regards to his explosive effusive energy, such a shame, even Jello Biafra will get old, and has, not to mention about ten kilos atleast overweight!

This is NOT to bag Jello, i have much respect for him, if i didn't i sure as hell wouldn't be drawing a Portrait of him!

Type into Google, The best portrait of Jello Biafra, and you'll see my BLOG about this is at the very top of the search results, there's a very good reason why if you type into Google, some of the titles of my blogs like, "I'm big in Ukraine", see how high in the search results this is................ just have a look, i'm not bullshitting here!

Back to Mr Biafra, a funny story, I had No idea how to contact him, so i wrote a blog on my Artslant page titled "Jello Biafra, calling Jello Biafra" like how Samantha from "Bewitched" use to call Dr. Bombay!, if you remember that, that is exactly what i did, and within twelve hours of putting that up on LinkedIn, Alan Schneider, Jello's Manager responded, ......i was shocked, i kind of did it as a joke, but i was really NOT expecting to hear back so fu*king soon.

I told him about the video and he was totally cool, as was Jello so i left it at that.

                                                   RES IPSA LOQUITOR


Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/5/12 | tags: jello biafra gets it James DeWeaver Generation X Artist Australia

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