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I almost egged Justin Bieber at Sydney concert!

.I almost egged Justin Bieber at his concert down in Sydney, at Fox Studio's recently.

I had received an invitation through my agent quite mysteriously at the time, just two days before the concert, it was valid, no one was playing "tricks" on me, but i couldn't work out how and why someone like myself got an invitation to something i was never going to be interested in at all!

I thought i'd go down to Sydney to see what's up with this invitation and a time to meet up with the person who had arranged the invitation, aswell as two nights paid for at the Hotel Inter-Continental Sydney.

Before i left i thought the Biebster was ready for another egging in Australia, not quite like the one he had in Sydney a year ago, oh no, this egging would be different, not harmlessly dropped from the rafters above, that would entail alot more involvement and planning i was not prepared to do just to egg the Biebster. I was gonna get close up, close enough where missing was not gonna be an option, my shots would be point blank and thrown with real energy and intent.

That was the plan atleast, go armed with eggs in my coat liner, rotten of course, and if the oppurtunity showed it's face i would strike!

I arrived the day before the concert, saw my agent and a few friends and towards night fall headed into Sydney and check-in at the Inter-Continental.

The ferry ride from Manly was a real blast from the past, as i had travelled this route many many times when i was an apprentice Chef, when i attended the inaugural year of the Inter-Continental's Hotel School, learning to become a qualified Chef, which i later achieved.

A thirty minute or so ride which took me back twenty years in time just like a snap of my fingers, and thought about how different my life back then was compared to today,....miles and miles away!

The ferry began rounding the Sydney Opera House, and people were starting to get ready to get off when i heared a group of teenage girls laughing and singing aloud from "somewhere", songs i was not at all familiar with.

By this time people are starting to stand near the exit planks including myself when i turn and see this now quite loud and high pitched singing from these young teenage girls and i'm wondering what the hell is going on here, this was not a common occurence on the ferries when i was ever on them!

As they get closer to me i see the Biebster on the front of their t-shirts, bang the coin just dropped "these girls are true Beliebers in the flesh", i'd heard about these "true beliebers" but thought it was a media driven fiction, let me tell you, it's not by ANY stretch of the imagination, these young girls were as fanatical as you could possibly get, they were like on some kind of speed, which they weren't of course, but they were all fully amped!

Talking loudly i hear the older ones in the group saying things like they can't wait to see Justin, and how much they love him, while the younger ones are screaming out this song, at the time i was unprepared for this assault to my sense's and moved away from them, "they were just going off", true beliebers or not, they were making my ears ring and that's fair dinkum!

I looked at the stranger next to me, she shook her head at me in dis-belief aswell, and said to me their singing one of Justin Biebers songs, and that she had a daughter that age who knew ALL the words to ALL his songs, i thought holy sh*t, have i just fallen into the Twilight Zone or WHAT!

She turns again to me and says "their all like that", LIKE THAT i asked, pointing towards one of the girls, who by this time, was trying to launched herself off the ferry, which was about twelve feet or so from the wharf at Circular Quay, then she did!

I couldn't believe what i was actually seeing, she had apparently gotten so worked up and was in this state of ecstacy i guess, she must of momentarily lost her mind is my best guess!

Well she wasn't going to land on the wharf that was clear in my mind at the time, as while she was jumping off  the deck she slipped, or atleast one of her feet slipped and off she went right between the wharf and this massive Sydney ferry just about to dock, i couldn't believe this, as about three hundred or so people,and all her "true Belieber" friends couldn't either!

The ferry's momentum was too great for it to just stop its lateral movement towards the dock and it didn't even though an alarm had sounded, the Captain would of been aware "something" was happening but probably never considered this as a possibility, nor had i or anyone who witnessed this act of total stupidity!

People on the lower deck were screaming at the top of their lungs, it was too late though, the ferry COULDN'T JUST STOP, these things weigh thirty- forty tonnes!

Everyone that could look over the ferry's railing was, people who couldn't were in total disbelief at what they were seeing, i being just one.

The ferry finally comes to a stop, the wharfies secure the ferry to the wharf and begin to look for the young girl between the wharf and ferry as there really was no place left for her to go, unless she was pinned between both, in that case they'd be looking for a body, and a life-less one at that!

                             TO BE CONTINUED

Posted by James DeWeaver on 7/23/12 | tags: true beliebers justin bieber James DeWeaver #justinbieber I almost egged Justin Bieber at Sydney concert

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