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Salesroom Artist: Arvind Garg  
7/19/12 Posted 7/19/12

(Image: Arvind Garg,  Central Park, New York, 2006, Archival pigment print; © Arvind Garg)   Arvind Garg (b. 1946, Punjab, India) For me the urge to make photographs, first and foremost, is to discover for myself the beauty and the mystery of the visual world in which I live. The twenty-five years  I have spent photographing have been devoted to refining my vision and improving my practice of the craft that helps create a photographic print. The universe is not constant, and light, which makes... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Maria Kondratiev  
4/17/12 Posted 4/17/12

(Image: Maria Kondratiev, Searching While You Sleepwalk, 2011, goauche, acrylic, and ink on mylar, 16x20; © Maria Kondratiev) Maria Kondratiev (b. 1983, St.Petersburg; Russia) The immediate act of mark making is the foundation for my work.  The mark itself is an event; it is a clue to pre-conscious thought.  What is projected may derive from a thought, a dream sequence, or what seems like nothing at all.  The result is an exploration of an inner world. The images I depict are ephemeral and... [more]

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation announces recipients for the inaugural round of Grant Program  
1/31/12 Posted 1/31/12

(Excerpt from 'Artistic Innovation and Collaboration Grants' posted on Robert Rauschenberg Foundation website. Found on Activities of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation include managing the artwork, exhibition and scholarship of Robert Rauschenberg as well as the growth of the philanthropy programs which intersect art and issues central to Robert Rauschenberg's concerns during his lifetime. The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation is pl... [more]

20120106232704-theorizenyposterweb Great!!!!  
at Wyndham Garden Hotel Chelsea March 8th, 2012 - March 11th, 2012
Posted 1/30/12


Beautiful Maladies: Oslo Artists @ .NO in NYC (Nov 18-Dec 31, 2011)  
11/10/11 Posted 11/10/11

(Source: Email) .NO, a non profit art venue, presents it's very first artist exchange in collaboration with Galleri Ramfjord. Artists: Ole Marius Jørgensen, Marie Kristiansen, Merete Løndal, Anja Niemi, Reinhardt Søbye, Morten Thyholt, Henrik Uldalen, Trygve Åsheim Like the 1998 Tom Waits album, this exhibit is about beauty in decay, about things or beings that are crumbling or wasting away in sickness. These are dark motifs, but then again, could it be that what we perceive as gloom – conveyed through phenomena such as deterioration, decadenc... [more]

20110816140154-hediger01 THE NEW YORK PHOTO REVIEW — Ed Barnas  
Cornelia Hediger at KLOMPCHING GALLERY September 7th, 2011 - October 21st, 2011
Posted 10/6/11

THE NEW YORK PHOTO REVIEW, October 6, 2011 I AM THE OTHER: CORNELIA HEDIGER, DOPPELGANGER II — Ed Barnas In Doppelgänger II, Cornelia Hediger continues her series of conceptual tableau vivants in which she plays all the parts. Each scene is broken down into equally sized parts and combined in a rectilinear grid, usually 2 wide by 3 high. Although precisely divided by solid black lines, the individual parts are slightly misaligned and sometimes out of proportion, creating an impression of an e... [more]

20110816140154-hediger01 UNLESS YOU WILL — Heidi Romano  
Cornelia Hediger at KLOMPCHING GALLERY September 7th, 2011 - October 21st, 2011
Posted 10/6/11

UNLESS YOU WILL, September 23, 2011 Illusionary Dialogue — Heidi Romano So tomorrow is Saturday and I am in NY. Maybe I recently moved to NY, or better, I am there for a few exciting meetings… So how about a lovely breakfast in my recently discovered cute cafe? To make it more exciting – I will be meeting a friend I havnt seen for eons. Breakfast was fun, but seeing that it is such a stunning autumn morning, we wander around the streets, pop into that cute book shop, buy a present in that sec... [more]

China-ism II: Democracy or Economy? (13th Sep. - 9th Oct.,2011)  
9/19/11 Posted 9/19/11

(Excerpt from 'China-ism II: Democracy or Economy?' posted on White Box. Found on Showing works by Anton S. Kandinksy and Ai Weiwei. Curated by David Rong and Alex Demko. China has galvanized a powerhouse economy, and its contemporary art is now in a state to deliver a Viagra effect to the contemporary art world at large. When Andy Warhol transformed Mao into a pop art icon through his larger than life portrait, Mao entered the international art scen... [more]

20110816140154-hediger01 THE WALL STREET JOURNAL — Rebecca Horne  
Cornelia Hediger at KLOMPCHING GALLERY September 7th, 2011 - October 21st, 2011
Posted 9/8/11

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, September 7, 2011 Split Images, One Personality — Rebecca Horne Photographer Cornelia Heidger left Switzerland for Harlem 10 years ago, and she feels more at home in New York. This is no surprise: As an artist, she is well acquainted with srong contrasts and dualities. In her composite photogrpahs, many of which play out a narrative between a main character and one or more doubles, Ms. Hediger plays all the parts, often confronting or consoling herself. On Wednesday, a new e... [more]

Sara Greenberger Rafferty: On Our New York Watchlist  
8/16/11 Posted 8/16/11

(Image:Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Viewer, 2011, print; © Sara Greenberger Rafferty) Sara Greenberger Rafferty (b. Chicago, Illinois) In this print, Greenberger Rafferty intervenes in a still of Madeline Kahn with stains reminiscent of blood, saliva and tears, and pencil lines that trace a pair of glasses around the actress's obscured eyes. The resulting image, decidedly ghostly, hovers between photography, collage and watercolor. Sara Greenberger Rafferty's work is inspired by myriad sources, includi... [more]

Cuban Visions at the Metropolitan Pavilion This Weekend  
5/26/11 Posted 5/26/11

Cuban Visions is an art exhibition and sale featuring over 50 works by nearly 30 Cuban artists. The show evokes the reality of Cuba as a flow of artistic visions. It will open a dialogue between prominent Cuban artists and Americans interested in a deeper understanding of life in Cuba. Artistic mediums will include installation, photography, painting, video, sculpture, engravings, and drawings. Several of the participating artists will journey from Cuba to be present. The show is free and open... [more]

Pratt Institute's School of Art & Design:Graduate Fine Arts 2011(May 14–28)  
5/10/11 Posted 5/10/11

(Source: email) Graduate Fine Arts 2011 is a free event and opens on Friday, May 13, 5–7 PM. This exhibition will feature work in all media by students receiving an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute's School of Art & Design, Department of Fine Arts. Artists: Na Young Ahn, Emily Auchincloss, Jonathan Axelrod, Eun Kyung Bae, Jennifer Beeman, Elizabeth Blair, Rebecca Borowicz, Emi Brady, Eric Breeding, Carolyn Butler, Robert Caruso, Goseong Choi, Devon Clapp, Biljana Djokanovic, Anthony Dodds, Charles Evans, Meredith Fitzgerald, Sa... [more]

20110411085720-rozenman_alexandra An essay about Rozenmna's work by Joseph Mendelsohn  
Alexandra Rozenman at Contemporary Art Network May 3rd, 2011 - May 27th, 2011
Posted 4/14/11

In an interview, Alexandra Rozenman spoke of, “[t]he longing for a common, known space” as a key to her imagery. She goes on to say that she wants the viewer to enter her painting like an actor whose identity is subsumed by a role. In AFLOAT, Rozenman’s recent series of paintings, the shared theatrical space is an aqueous atmosphere that resembles a pond or flooded earth. It is a precinct of dreams somewhere between liquid memory and the solid remnants of reality at the water’s edge. There is somet... [more]

20110111223108-2 Avatar: Portrait of the Artist  
Joshua Abelow at James Fuentes LLC/New York January 13th, 2011 - February 13th, 2011
Posted 2/13/11

A series of drawings on display through February 13th at the James Fuentes Gallery chronicles the struggles of The Artist, a wild, spiral-eyed, long-nosed character who resembles Joshua Abelow, his creator, reflected in a funhouse mirror. The Artist is always naked, and naked in a completely vulnerable way, his body articulated by clownishly rubbery contours and scribbled hairs radiating from his nipples and bunching in crude squiggles over his erect penis. A goofy invertebrate, The Artist wobb... [more]

Meet Diana Santiago - an artist from New York  
1/3/11 Posted 1/3/11

 (Image: Diana Santiago, Charli pulling out her curlers, 2008, charcoal on paper, 24 x 36 in.; © Diana Santiago) Through the fluctuating mixed media of drawing, painting, installation and photography I create art that retains a cultural translation of experience and sentiment. Visions of perpetuated femininity and the distorted social roles of the modern woman. A series of multifaceted and contradictory autobiographies played out by various characters. I grew up on the lower east side of Man... [more]

20101020174255-renactlge24 CCNY 00 65 55 (Blog) — Abigail Simon  
Jim Naughten at KLOMPCHING GALLERY November 4th, 2010 - December 18th, 2010
Posted 12/2/10

CCNY 00 65 55 (Blog), December 2, 2010 Review — Abigail Simon The term “portrait” as generally understood, comes with a contingent assumption of specificity: it is assumed to be “of” someone, a specific person at a certain moment in time. We are by now familiar, in the rarefied air of our fine-art-ness, with the usual interrogations of this assumption: can we ever really know anything about a person from their surface, is the portrait of the photographer or the sitter, ranging all the... [more]

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