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20120707145530-bogren_m01 The New York Photo Review — Ed Barnas  
Martin Bogren, Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman, Monika Merva, Shawn Rocco, Tabitha Soren at KLOMPCHING GALLERY July 25th, 2012 - August 18th, 2012
Posted 8/13/12

  The New York Photo Review (August 2012) Fresh: The Wall—Ed Barnas   Tabitha Soren, "Running 000329" 2011 The summer show, “Fresh: The Wall/The Page/The Internet”, at Klompching Gallery highlights the work of five contemporary fine art photographers chosen for their consistent vision and strong viewpoint by collector Fred Bidwell and gallery co-owner Darren Ching. Walking into the gallery I was immediately struck by Tabitha’s Soren’s cinematic images from her “Running” series. One might even th... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Arvind Garg  
7/19/12 Posted 7/19/12

(Image: Arvind Garg,  Central Park, New York, 2006, Archival pigment print; © Arvind Garg)   Arvind Garg (b. 1946, Punjab, India) For me the urge to make photographs, first and foremost, is to discover for myself the beauty and the mystery of the visual world in which I live. The twenty-five years  I have spent photographing have been devoted to refining my vision and improving my practice of the craft that helps create a photographic print. The universe is not constant, and light, which makes... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Stefan Beltzig  
6/23/12 Posted 6/23/12

(Image: Stefan Beltzig, Gowanus Canal, 2011 Color Pencil; © Stefan Beltzig)   Stefan Beltzig (b. 1944, Bavaria, Germany) Born in Bavaria in 1944, the son of a Berlin film maker and dealer in Oriental Antiquities, Stefan Beltzig attempted at first to turn his back on the artistic milieu in which he was raised, dropped out of school and joined a circus troop as an acrobat. After leading the life of a vagabond, which enabled him to travel in India and the Near East, he began to study art. From 1963 to 1964 he... [more]

Olive Ayhens: On Our New York Watchlist  
2/12/12 Posted 2/6/12

(Image: Olive Ayhens,  Computer Lab, 2005-06 , oil on linen, 52" X 61" ; © Olive Ayhens) Olive Ayhens (b. Oakland, California) My work is much involved with my love of the paint itself — with layering it, with building textures, etc. all this is striving for a sensual visual beauty. Color is my first language. I have fun with personification as well as improbabilities of scale. My work is heavily influenced thematically by my environment, both physical and spiritual. I work in connected series of paintin... [more]

20120106232704-theorizenyposterweb Great!!!!  
at Wyndham Garden Hotel Chelsea March 8th, 2012 - March 11th, 2012
Posted 1/30/12


20110412104723-oclge11 PHOTOGRAPH MAG (Snapshots) — Jean Dykstra  
at KLOMPCHING GALLERY April 27th, 2011 - June 10th, 2011
Posted 5/18/11

Lisa M. Robinson at KlompChing Posted May 17, 2011 by Jean Dykstra Lisa M. Robinson, Howl, 2010 During the New York Photo Festival last weekend, most of the galleries at 111 Front Street in DUMBO hosted photography exhibitions of one sort or another, from Dutch Delight, a smattering of contemporary Dutch photography, to exhibitions of work by photography students from Pratt and the School of Visual Arts. The gallery KlompChing, which is dedicated to photography, continued its quality programming, showing Lisa M. Robinson’s... [more]

20110412104723-oclge11 WAYNE FORD'S POSTEROUS — Blog  
at KLOMPCHING GALLERY April 27th, 2011 - June 10th, 2011
Posted 5/14/11

NYPF 2011: Lisa M. Robinson’s ‘Oceana’ at the Klompching Gallery Above Climax, from the Oceana series. (©Lisa M. Robinson/Courtesy Klompching Gallery). In 2008, American photographer Lisa M. Robinson exhibited her critically acclaimed series, Snowbound, at New York’s Klompching Gallery marking the culmination of this, her first major body of work produced over a five year period. In these large-format (although not excessively large) colour prints, Robinson explored the mystery of the winter landscape, questioning ideas of transition and evolution, themes which she continues to investigate in her latest, and equally emotive series, Oceana. Whilst Snowbound was devoid of physical presence, the signs and motifs of human interaction within the landscape where clear, whilst in Oceana, Robinson herself becomes that human presence. ‘A key development in her artistic practice is a conceptual and visual shift from representing the subtle human presence of others, to imposing her own presence into the landscape, albeit metaphorically,’ writes Debra Klomp Ching. Above Mesmory, 2010, from Oceana series. (©Lisa M. Robinson/Courtesy Klompching Gallery). As the life forces of both water and atmosphere continually fluctuate and change, in both subtle and more dramatic ways, Robinson’s challenge has been to invoke what she calls terms... [more]

Pratt Institute's School of Art & Design:Graduate Fine Arts 2011(May 14–28)  
5/10/11 Posted 5/10/11

(Source: email) Graduate Fine Arts 2011 is a free event and opens on Friday, May 13, 5–7 PM. This exhibition will feature work in all media by students receiving an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute's School of Art & Design, Department of Fine Arts. Artists: Na Young Ahn, Emily Auchincloss, Jonathan Axelrod, Eun Kyung Bae, Jennifer Beeman, Elizabeth Blair, Rebecca Borowicz, Emi Brady, Eric Breeding, Carolyn Butler, Robert Caruso, Goseong Choi, Devon Clapp, Biljana Djokanovic, Anthony Dodds, Charles Evans, Meredith Fitzgerald, Sa... [more]

20100909194324-00620100910 My oil painting how to enter your art center  
Group Show at American Folk Art Museum November 16th, 2010 - December 31st, 2011
Posted 4/13/11

亲爱的朋友们,欢迎参观我的作品 oil painting how to enter your art center [more]

20101020174255-renactlge24 DAYLIGHT MAGAZINE ONLINE — Trent Davis Bailey  
Jim Naughten at KLOMPCHING GALLERY November 4th, 2010 - December 18th, 2010
Posted 11/24/10

Jim Naughten's "Re-Enactors" Exhibition at Klompching Gallery Written by Trent Davis Bailey Photography has long held an intrinsic relationship with war. As early as the 1860s, photographers such as Matthew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy O'Sullivan, and George P. Barnard all directed their photographic efforts to memorializing — and often monumentalizing — the transitory scenes of the battlefield. So, shouldn't there be a natural, if not necessary, place for such a photographer at a modern... [more]

Frazier_self_portrait Lush Life: Chapters 5-9  
Manuel Acevedo, Derrick Adams, Olivier Babin, Nina Lola Bachhuber, Pedro Barbeito, Robert Beck, Erik Benson, Chakaia Booker, Nanna Debois Buhl, Patty Chang, Tim Davis, Jessica Dickinson, Christoph Draeger, Kai Schiemenz / Iris Fluegel, Dana Frankfort, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Coco Fusco, Paul Gabrielli, Jackie Gendel, Nicolas Di Genova, Melissa Gordon, Robin Graubard, Joanne Greenbaum, Tommy Hartung, Karen Heagle, Leslie Hewitt, Scott Hug, Carol Irving, Ezra Johnson, Rashid Johnson, Jayson Keeling, Alisha Kerlin, Yashua Klos, David Kramer, Justen Ladda, Robert Lazzarini, Patrick Lee, José Lerma, Dani Leventhal, Dana Levy, Amy Longenecker-Brown, Gina Magid, Robert Melee, Alice O'Malley, Paul Pagk, Paul Pfeiffer, Jackie Saccoccio, David Shapiro, Rudy Shepherd, Xaviera Simmons, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky, Elisabeth Subrin, Gail Thacker, Jonathan VanDyke, Claudia Weber, Ishmael Randall Weeks, Matthew Weinstein, Judi Werthein, Mario Ybarra Jr. at Collette Blanchard Gallery July 8th, 2010 - August 13th, 2010
Posted 8/7/10

Here's the second half of my post on Lush Life, a multi-gallery exhibition curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud featuring the works of 60 artists.  Named after and inspired by Richard Price's 2008 novel set in the Lower East Side, the group exhibition is presented in nine neighborhood galleries - each focusing on one of the nine chapters from the book.  Chapters 5-9 are on view at Y Gallery, Collette Blanchard, Salon 94, Scaramouche, and Eleven Rivington, respectively.  The first and la... [more]

Kcghhelensear THE NEW YORKER—Vince Aletti  
Helen Sear at KLOMPCHING GALLERY April 28th, 2010 - June 11th, 2010
Posted 5/18/10

THE NEW YORKER, May 24, 2010 Helen Sear—Vince Aletti "You may never figure out exactly how Sear made these digitally layered photographs, but, before you get too caught up in her process, stand back and just enjoy the work. At the center of each big color image is the head of a young woman who has turned away from the camera; her identity is further hidden by a shower of flowers, grasses, and other foliage strewn across intricately patterned backgrounds that look like lacy curtains or screen do... [more]

Img_3844 Flavorpill Critics Pick  
Derek Buckner at George Billis Gallery- NY May 3rd, 2010 - May 22nd, 2010
Posted 5/3/10

If this exhibition was your first introduction to Derek Buckner's paintings, you'd be forgiven for branding him a classicist, even a (gasp) academic. He has a penchant for working on series in which a single main subject is explored in variations on a theme; in this case, it's white linen, a classical choice to be sure. But last time, it was marshmallows, and the time before that, UFOs. He does not abandon realism altogether, but rather uses diverse images as excuses for rendering his exp... [more]

Kcghhelensear Dumbo NYC  
Helen Sear at KLOMPCHING GALLERY April 28th, 2010 - June 11th, 2010
Posted 5/4/10

1st Thursdays DUMBO Gallery Walk — Dumbo NYC "This month’s highlights include: Helen Sear’s stunning exhibit Beyond the View at KLOMPCHING Gallery...". [more]

Overgrown_house_gilboa Schoharie photographs or Time Wearing Out Memory  
S&S Gross & Daley at OK Harris Works of Art February 27th, 2010 - April 3rd, 2010
Posted 3/28/10

  Looking at the photographs of  Schoharie County in upstate New York by  Steve Gross and Sue Daley from their exhibit at O.K.Harris in Soho, one enjoys the resonance and honesty allowed and given to their subject. Their recognition of which individual house, barn or  turn of the road to photograph is  aesthetic and documentarian all at once. In theses images , it is the photographic rendering that uncovers the potential for beauty and meaning  in these  " ...often abando... [more]

Bwlge16 NEW YORK MAGAZINE — Listings  
Paula McCartney at KLOMPCHING GALLERY March 4th, 2010 - April 23rd, 2010
Posted 3/3/10

NEW YORK MAGAZINE, March 8, 2010 Weekly Edited Listing "A closer look at these deceptively dreamy bird-watching photographs of winged creatures perched in their native habitats—including the beautifully composed Bird Watching (Aqua Tanager)—reveals chintzy avian forms composed of craft-store materials, like faux feathers and painted beaks." [more]

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