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20131121070051-bhqf_picture1 Meditations   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Bruce High Quality Foundation at Mark Fletcher - Washington Square November 9th, 2013 - December 18th, 2013
Posted 11/21/13

Meditations, the new exhibition by the mysterious Bruce High Quality Foundation, is showing through the 8th of December between two spaces: Vito Schnabel (43 Clarkson Street) and Mark Fletcher (24 Washington Sq. North). The show is a single exhibition though it’s been bisected. Each environment is very different despite following the same subject. Described as “a meditation on the historical relationship between works of art and the consolidation and dispersion of political power,”... [more]

20131118145514-20111214123222-mm7med ArtSlant Prize 2013: Maureen Meyer - Indigo Majesty   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 11/18/13

Maureen Meyer - Second Place, ArtSlant Prize 2013 I discovered Maureen Meyer’s work this summer when she was chosen by the jury to advance to the next round on the way towards the Artslant Prize. I forwarded the announcement email to Artslant’s Editor, Natalie Hegert, and asked, “Who is this person? Her work is beautiful.” Her name is Maureen Meyer. She was born in Nuremberg, Germany and she has lived in many places. Of late, she resides, and paints, in New York City. Her... [more]

20131120182720-cline03 A painted miasma of carnivalesque Americana   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Michael Cline at Horton Gallery October 23rd, 2013 - December 8th, 2013
Posted 11/13/13

Michael Cline’s current exhibition, Corporation Pudding, presents a painted miasma of carnivalesque Americana. In six sumptuous oil paintings and a trio of elegant collages, this Florida born artist whips up one bizarre scenario after the next. Each painting is packed like a suitcase busting at the seams with repeating motifs: house plants, 2x4s, eyeballs, ears and fingers, pages torn from comics, clamp lamps, electrical cords, magazine adverts. Incredibly, Cline’s organized all thi... [more]

20131030101227-greogryamenoff_blaze Gregory Amenoff: Trace Paintings and Drawings   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Gregory Amenoff at Alexandre Gallery October 17th, 2013 - November 23rd, 2013
Posted 10/30/13

Gregory Amenoff makes paintings and drawings that communicate feeling and emote spirit. His perception of the outer world—the landscape, waters, and sky—provides an opening to his inner life through abstracted images. “Trace: Paintings and Drawings” at Alexandre Gallery features eleven paintings and a series of drawings that serve as the basis of the paintings. Amenoff’s new work—alive with color and light—continues to carry the influence of the Symbolis... [more]

20131030215009-greene_006_ed Scanning and Opacity   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Aaron Flint Jamison at Artists Space: Exhibitions September 15th, 2013 - November 10th, 2013
Posted 10/29/13

It took me a long time to write about Aaron Flint Jamison’s exhibition at Artists Space. I had to figure out how to move past the obvious statement, which is that the work is frustratingly opaque, and say something about what lies under it. Maybe I could even say something about the opacity itself. The exhibition leaves the gallery nearly empty: about half a dozen objects (depending on how you count them) are strewn throughout. The SoHo columns and worn floorboards of 38 Greene Street are... [more]

20131018195138-polyhex_portrait_i The Future That Was   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Patricia Perez Eustaquio at Tyler Rollins Fine Art September 12th, 2013 - October 19th, 2013
Posted 10/15/13

Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s installation at Tyler Rollins Gallery has the look and feel of a group show. This Filipino artist allows the various materials that comprise her artwork to guide her forms and intentions. Despite the unpredictability, Eustaquio manages to give us just enough of a narrative to create a comfort zone for visitors. The exhibition’s title, The Future That Was, is a reincarnation of an exhibition that first hit the public arena at the Jorge B. Vargas Museum in Quez... [more]

20131008175916-oo At Home In The World   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Mary Mattingly at Robert Mann Gallery- New York September 6th, 2013 - October 19th, 2013
Posted 10/8/13

For her show of new photography and sculpture at Robert Mann gallery in Chelsea, Mary Mattingly first created a number of “man made boulders,” which were made by amassing her possessions and binding them together with light brown twine. Measuring about five feet in diameter, these boulders consist of clothes, journals, keys, bottles, wires, and other miscellaneous items that Mattingly found kicking around her home. Two of these boulders are on display at the exhibition, as well as fifte... [more]

20131002214838-skewville2 ArtSlant STREET: Sucks Either Way: A Look into the Sardonic Skewville   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Skewville at Mighty Tanaka September 13th, 2013 - October 4th, 2013
Posted 9/30/13

An early proponent of the arts in Brooklyn, Ad Deville aka Skewville canvassed the neighborhood surrounding his gallery, Factory Fresh, from telephone lines to the walls around every corner. Sucks Either Way, Skewville's new exhibition at Mighty Tanaka, pays homage to these stomping grounds with a fresh body of work befitting his return to New York. The stage had been set for Ad Deville to make his 2013 debut in New York as the fall gallery season began, returning after a successful show at San... [more]

20130924134844-ml_13_watermelon__that_you_have_been_saving_for__alternate The Mating of Separates   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Matthew Higgs, James Hoff, Margaret Lee, Georgia Sagri at Team Gallery - Grand St September 5th, 2013 - October 6th, 2013
Posted 9/24/13

In “Parasitic Gaps,” a group show curated by Miriam Katzeff, the artists Matthew Higgs, Margaret Lee, James Hoff, and Georgia Sagri explore a variety of ways that text can consolidate or destabilize meaning. Often playing with “the mating of separates,” many of the works present disparate objects and elements together in a single piece, such as a paperback book with a minimalist painting and a watermelon with a De Stijl chair. The juxtaposition of different contexts beco... [more]

20130916124421-gretchenbender_wilddeadtk_2013_09_003 Interference Patterns   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Gretchen Bender at The Kitchen August 17th, 2013 - October 5th, 2013
Posted 9/16/13

Sadly having passed away nine years ago at age fifty-three, Gretchen Bender was an unsung member of the Pictures Generation and a pioneer of immersive video installations. Her work as a technologically avant-garde artist and as a commercial video editor maintained a complicated, prescient relationship with mass media. “Tracking the Thrill,” a retrospective of Bender’s career at the Kitchen, will hopefully give the oft overlooked artist the due she deserves. Bender’s best-known work may have bee... [more]

Fall Previews: US Edition   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 9/13/13

PHOTOGRAPHY IN NEW YORK CITY by ArtSlant Senior Editor Charlie Schultz The quantity, caliber and diversity of photography exhibitions in New York City this fall is remarkable. For students of the medium a curriculum could be developed and if I were tasked with building the syllabus I would start with the youngest generation and click backwards. Geographically speaking, that would mean beginning in the Lower East Side, passing through Chelsea and a few uptown galleries, before concluding at the Metropolitan Museum. Is it coincidence that the exhibi... [more]

20130910165724-burtynsky_water Fall Preview: Photography in New York City   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 9/10/13

The quantity, caliber and diversity of photography exhibitions in New York City this fall is remarkable. For students of the medium a curriculum could be developed and if I were tasked with building the syllabus I would start with the youngest generation and click backwards. Geographically speaking, that would mean beginning in the Lower East Side, passing through Chelsea and a few uptown galleries, before concluding at the Metropolitan Museum. Is it coincidence that the exhibitions become increasi... [more]

20130904181150-caitlin_cherry_last_supper Engrossed in Painted Fusillades   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Caitlin Cherry at Brooklyn Museum of Art June 7th, 2013 - September 1st, 2013
Posted 9/4/13

Sealed within the walls of the museum, history awaits the totalizing recall of the present. This romance still seems possible within certain galleries, even as the relentless drive for higher attendance continues to spur one star-architect-driven addition at a time. As these sparkling wings ascend and crowds swell, new institutions blossom, promising to illuminate areas of art and culture previously ignored. A nagging question that arises amid the robust expansion of the museum's operation: has this... [more]

20130820134434-02_gkuri_twonudestwopoints_2013_39x47x3in_gk1000_ The Conspicuousness of the Unusable   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Rey Akdogan, Olof Inger, Gabriel Kuri, Jean-Luc Moulène, Charlotte Posenenske, Dorothea Rockburne, Cameron Rowland at Miguel Abreu Gallery Orchard St June 28th, 2013 - August 17th, 2013
Posted 8/20/13

Doubling as a bookshop and event space for philosophy publisher Sequence Press, Miguel Abreu Gallery’s always had an ambitious engagement with philosophy. “Conspicuous Unusable,” Abreu’s latest show, takes the philosopher’s conception of the usability of material things as the starting point for a well-curated, minimalist-oriented group show. To Heidegger, material objects are made legible by our referring to both the "towards which" of their intended use and the "whe... [more]

Collector's Catalogue Vol. 4 Issue 3   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Posted 8/15/13

A Surfeit of Space Natalie Hegert talks with curator Jennie Lamensdorf of the Francis J Greenburger Collection There are many different types of art collectors: there are those who buy as investments and populate the halls of Christie’s and Sotheby’s; those who buy art to match their furniture; those who vicariously live through the artists whose works they collect; those who collect privately yet loan profusely; those whose collections are known worldwide and h... [more]

20130813165626-lw13 A Real Gem of a Summer Show   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Radcliffe Bailey, Nick Cave, Susana Solano, Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman Gallery 20th Street July 11th, 2013 - August 16th, 2013
Posted 8/13/13

The frantic pace and manic energy of New York City life seem to slacken when urbanites abandon their concrete enclaves for wide-open spaces and greener pastures. The exodus of so many New Yorkers can make Chelsea feel less intense for three glorious months. Art galleries respond to this seasonal shift by mounting that ubiquitous thing known as the summer group show. While some galleries invite guest curators to organize quirky or ambitious shows others return to their roots offering exhibitions that hig... [more]

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