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Fade into White: Roman Opalka's Infinity   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Roman Opalka at Dominique Lévy Gallery September 4th, 2014 - October 18th, 2014
Posted 9/22/14

The magnitude of entropy overcomes one who moves along the two floors of Dominique Lévy’s gallery, viewing Roman Opalka’s five-decade quest to render the spectrum of time’s (ir)relevance. Two early series prognosticate the honed laboriousness arriving in the French-born Polish artist’s most renowned final series OPALKA 1965 / 1 – ∞ (1965-2011). In this series, comprising 233 paintings in total, 11 shown by the gallery—each titled Détails&mdas... [more]

The Art of Perfection: James Lee Byars at MoMA PS1  
James Lee Byars at MoMA PS1 June 15th, 2014 - September 7th, 2014
Posted 8/31/14

On August 11, 1977, the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles hosted Space Day, a carefully planned and tightly orchestrated media event organized by Whole Earth Catalog editor and environmental activist Stewart Brand. The symposium was an odd pairing, merging the utopian messaging of the back-to-the-land movement with a campaign to establish space colonies put forth by the military-aeronautics industry. In an opening speech, honored guest, astronaut Russell Schweickart spoke to... [more]

When art explores the fabric of matter. A studio visit with Amalia Del Ponte  
7/28/14 Posted 7/28/14

Milan, Jul. 2014: It happened by chance. About two months ago I heard about the new donation of a work of art to the permanent collection of the Museum of XX Century Art in Milan: the piece was a sculpture by Italian artist Amalia Del Ponte. Her name was totally new to me. Curious, I peeked into her resume—some solo exhibitions in a few Milan galleries, especially in the 70s and the 80s, and the First Prize for Sculpture at the São Paulo Biennale in 1973. How do you feel?, the work a... [more]

[VIDEO] Carl Andre: Sculpture as Place, 1958–2010 / Retrospective at Dia Beacon   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Carl Andre at Dia:Beacon, Riggio Galleries May 5th, 2014 - March 9th
Posted 5/22/14

Carl Andre: Sculpture as Place, 1958–2010 at Dia Beacon is the first retrospective to consider the full spectrum of Carl Andre’s art. The exhibition is grouped into three parts: sculpture, poetry, and Carl Andre’s unclassifiable productions, from the enigmatic assemblages known as Dada Forgeries to his wide-ranging ephemera. In this video, Yasmil Raymond (Curator, Dia Art Foundation) provides us with an introduction to the exhibition and Carl Andre’s work. Carl Andre: S... [more]

ISO216 nyc/london, ConArtist gallery/the test space gallery  
4/1/14 Posted 3/26/14

ISO216 nyc/london, ConArtist gallery/the test space gallery Dates: April 1st to 19th 04.01.2014 Tuesday 8 til late /// Vernissage 04.02.2014 Wednesday 8 til late /// Opening Party 04.09.2014 Wednesday 8 til late /// Gallery Night 04.16.2014 Wednesday 8 til late /// Closing Party Con Artist presents ISO 216, a collaboration between artists from New York and London. Named in honor of the world’s most common paper size ratio which, like so many of global standards of weights and measure, i... [more]

Fluid Destination - Art Beasties 2nd group exhibition  
3/20/14 Posted 3/26/14

ART BEASTIES 2nd group show at CultureFix lower eastside NY. Images from reception "Fluid Destination". Participated artist are Ko IRKT (NY), MAHO HIKINO (NY), Tokio Kuniyoshi (NY), Yuki Nakamura (SEATTLE) and Robert Champbell, Saki Kitamura (TOKYO), and curated by Sessa Englund. [more]

Bold Gestures of Anti-Painting   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
David Ostrowski at Simon Lee November 28th, 2013 - January 31st, 2014
Posted 12/22/13

The paintings of David Ostrowski present us with a world almost entirely drained of colour, figuration and matter – and yet they are utterly beguiling. There is something about the stark minimalism and ambiguity of these paintings which we would rather deny but simply cannot resist. The press release for this exhibition takes the form of a question and answer session between Ostrowski and Harmony Korine. Although seeming to provide precious little information about the work, it sets the scene... [more]

Funhouse Fascination   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Jeppe Hein at Amos Anderson Art Museum November 8th, 2013 - January 13th, 2014
Posted 12/6/13

Highlighting his win of this year’s Ars Fennica prize, Jeppe Hein’s There Are No Ordinary Moments also forms the celebrated artist’s first solo exhibition in Finland. The choice was made by Akiko Miki, Senior Curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Her decision was informed by the way his work affects behavior and engages perception. Thus, it makes perfect sense that the exhibition presents an elucidating overview of his output ranging from his use of reflective materials, geometric sh... [more]

The Conspicuousness of the Unusable   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Rey Akdogan, Olof Inger, Gabriel Kuri, Jean-Luc Moulène, Charlotte Posenenske, Dorothea Rockburne, Cameron Rowland at Miguel Abreu Gallery Orchard St June 28th, 2013 - August 17th, 2013
Posted 8/20/13

Doubling as a bookshop and event space for philosophy publisher Sequence Press, Miguel Abreu Gallery’s always had an ambitious engagement with philosophy. “Conspicuous Unusable,” Abreu’s latest show, takes the philosopher’s conception of the usability of material things as the starting point for a well-curated, minimalist-oriented group show. To Heidegger, material objects are made legible by our referring to both the "towards which" of their intended use and the "whe... [more]

A Real Gem of a Summer Show   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Radcliffe Bailey, Nick Cave, Susana Solano, Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman Gallery 20th Street July 11th, 2013 - August 16th, 2013
Posted 8/13/13

The frantic pace and manic energy of New York City life seem to slacken when urbanites abandon their concrete enclaves for wide-open spaces and greener pastures. The exodus of so many New Yorkers can make Chelsea feel less intense for three glorious months. Art galleries respond to this seasonal shift by mounting that ubiquitous thing known as the summer group show. While some galleries invite guest curators to organize quirky or ambitious shows others return to their roots offering exhibitions that hig... [more]

Interview with Elodie Seguin  
10/14/12 Posted 10/14/12

Paris, Oct, 2012: There is a problem with trying to write this introduction. In it I feel like I should tell you about why and how you should read on, I should list the achievements and recognition that Elodie Seguin has already received, her success. I should mention that she is only twenty-eight years old. I could call her one of the hottest upcoming artists in France at the moment. But none of this seems quite right. It would seem a bit too much like hype. And this suits neither her nor her... [more]

Five Easy Pieces   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Tony Smith at Matthew Marks Gallery - 522 W. 22nd St. September 7th, 2012 - October 27th, 2012
Posted 10/5/12

Nominally a show of sculpture, Matthew Marks is presenting something more like relics of art world myth, or a romanticized artist-buddy story (think Lust for Life or Schnabel’s Basquiat). It seems an odd pairing at first glance—Pollock, whose paintings consist of poured or dripped skeins of paint, is the archetype of Ab Ex passion, and Tony Smith, with his Buckminster Fuller-like geodesic monuments, ushered in an Age of Cool. This show presents the remains of a day, one spent at Smith’s New Jersey... [more]

Norquist's Circles   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Elliot Norquist at Charlotte Jackson Fine Art May 1st, 2009 - May 31st, 2009
Posted 5/11/09

To write about the work of Elliot Norquist is to be endlessly tempted to use the word irony. Ironic that a man passionate about nature (skiing, mountaineering-living on a former dairy farm 45 miles from the nearest store where you can stare at a 100 miles horizon with nothing man-made to be seen) creates works of high sophistication and abstraction. Ironic that someone with Norquist's infectious exuberance makes works of quiet, contemplative minimalism. But irony isn't a useful concept. Step beyo... [more]

Maximal Limits   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Robert Dowling, Terry Haggerty, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Donald Judd, David Renggli, Stefan Sandner, Sebastian Wickeroth, Claudia Wieser at ANDREAS GRIMM - MÜNCHEN March 13th, 2009 - May 9th, 2009
Posted 3/21/09

The title of the exhibition is meant to juxtapose the term ‘Minimal Art' with its antonym ‘Maximal', not as a paradox or contradiction, but rather as a combination of thoughts on the nature of the works shown. It explains the relationship of the history and influences of Minimalism on contemporary art. From its beginning at the German Bauhaus to the American Minimal Art of the 60's, the term ‘Minimal' reflects a reduction within a formal repertoire, but can be misinterpreted as a limitat... [more]

My "real" blog.  
3/27/08 Posted 3/27/08

If you care to read my writings about screen printing, silkscreen, collage, making art, living in San Francisco, and being creative, well, then you should click on through. [more]

Neo Flux  
11/30/07 Posted 11/30/07 [more]

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