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Rolling earth cube rock  
2/1/15 Posted 2/1/15


"Ethnic Chic and Sustainable Vintage": Does Hype Kill Culture?   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 12/2/14

In late October, a YouTube video for a hotel in Copenhagen went moderately viral—you may have seen it. Filmed using the glossy “people coming together” bank advert template, an orthodox voiceover man says things like “together we laugh at conformity” and “buzzing with authentic vibes” over footage of hipsters using their phones, visiting microbreweries, sitting in cafes, and generally looking like they’re auditioning for an alt reboot of The O.C. As the soun... [more]

Ruins Porn: The Art of Urban Decay  
10/5/14 Posted 10/14/14

When Matthew Christopher said "ruins porn" at his recent "Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences" Preservation Austin talk, sponsored by Suzanne Deal Booth, I was so guilty of it I blushed. I've had a penchant for the urban decay aesthetic for as long as I can recall. Fortunately I live downtown in a city that is constantly undergoing major construction and rapid population growth, so decomposing eye candy is part of my daily environment. Above is a snapshot I took of broken windows in my neighborhoo... [more]

Punjabi Stays  
9/14/14 Posted 4/3/15

Originally posted on Instagram as a @sebiart_walkingdiary snippet: Let’s call it the ‘little-train-that-could’. An Indian Food staple of NYC …so much so that a petition was drawn up to rescue it from ‘Death by Development’ that so many NYC mainstays fall prey to. This little canteen deli of vegetarian Punjabi food and sweets and Bollywood films is the best Indian you can find in the city…and certainly the cheapest. You stand in a narrow corridor, o... [more]

SPEAP / Call for application 2014  
Posted 3/7/14 Max Peintner, Die ungebrochene Anziehungskraft der Natur (Nature still draws a crowd) 1970/71, pencil drawing, 44 x 62,5 cm, © Max Peintner Contact karim.rouillon@sciencespo.frKarim Rouillon Address / Programme of experimentation in arts and politics27, rue Saint Guillaume75337 Paris cedex 07France Info Application deadline : April 25, 2013 Application procedure on blogs.sciences-p... [more]

Free Valentines eCards  
2/12/13 Posted 2/12/13

Free Valentine's Day eCards Valentines Heart Celtic Knot Free eCard After spending a more than a few hours wrestling with Photoshop, some HTML and a couple of uncooperative sites, I've finally got up on the homepage six images I created that can be sent as free Valentines ecards. The designs are something I started working on awile ago but have redone for this years celebration. The process to send the ecard is fairly simple and is explained on the page so with just a few clicks you can send a m... [more]

The 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan Unveiled   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 11/12/12

The 2012 Chicago Cultural Plan was recently released after roughly five months worth of town hall meetings, focus groups, interviews and conversations with artists and experts. The city hasn’t had this type of grandiose cultural road map since the 1986 Cultural Plan drafted after eighteen months of informational meetings conducted by then Mayor Harold Washington’s administration. The preparation of the Plan was outsourced to the Canadian firm Lord Cultural Resources, who dressed it up with ful... [more]

PBS Blasts Romney's Snide Threat To Defund Public Broadcasting, Eliminate Big Bird and Fire Jim Lehrer  
10/4/12 Posted 10/4/12

  Last night's Presidential Debate revealed a new Romney style to the public: a smirking, manipulative and untruthful Mitt whose only strategy seemed to be lying baldfacedly about his policy ideas. Already, Romney has had to admit that he pushed misinformation in the debate to Mike Grunwald, the author of the brilliant new book - The New New Deal.     I agree with Paul Krugman and Tyler Green: Most of the commentary about last night's debate seems to be "theater criticism." MSNBC... [more]

AND Festival - Canal Boat Residency  
Posted 7/6/11

CANAL BOAT RESIDENCY, NORTHWEST ENGLANDAugust – September 2011 AND is working in partnership with the British Waterways to pilot an artists residency programme on the Canals of the Northwest of England. This residency offers a unique opportunity for an artist to be in residence on a canal boat on and around the Lancashire and Liverpool waterways. The aim of the programme is to offer an artist or group of artists a dedicated period of time to develop research or a project in this unique habitat... [more]

Vintage Sleaze as an Art Primitive Erotica Returns to Delight and Offend Again  
10/22/10 Posted 10/22/10

Vintage Sleaze continues to discover forgotten artists of the past and attract fans around the world.  Colorful, funny and often touching, writer (and Grammy™ nominee) Jim Linderman writes the text using the vintage cartoon gag and risque novelty collection of Victor Minx as a starting point for examinations into the sexy and sexist days of girlie magazines, gag digests, back page scams and sideshow midnight rambles.  Early strippers, models, illustrators, artists, photographers, mob publishers... [more]  
11/15/09 Posted 11/15/09

ERRA INCOGNITA, is a new exhibition by Spanish artist Alvaro Martin, and American - Palestinian artist Aissa H. Deebi.  Terra Incognit, which is still a work in progress, examines the notion of migration and displacement.The themes migration, citizenship, and issues of loyalty and belonging continue to be principal in the everyday life in contemporary Europe and the debates over migration,rights and status of immigrants, hospitality, assimilation, multiculturalism, identity, and integration pre-occupies po... [more]

emerging artist in Los Angeles.  
9/21/09 Posted 9/21/09

Greetings all, My I'm Leftyjoe, or aka Lefty. I'm hoping to paint my way into the hearts and minds of everyone around.  I hope to further develop my skills and imspirations and hopefully reach that level that every artist seeks. I hope you all get a chance to get to know me and my work, hear my story, and hopefully join me in this visual journey. Here is my blog, please, take a look at it, hope you enjoy it. Don't be shy, contact me at leftyjoetorres@gmail.c... [more]

Cosmogony images in the folklore and art  
8/7/09 Posted 8/7/09

Cosmogony images in the folklore and art           All our knowledge about symbols, mythical images derives from the primary sources - rites and traditions of the «simple folk ». Inexhaustible sourcesof the symbolism were and are the popular folk art, the folklore and the mythology.            As forms interesting enough by theirs mythological world's view could be considered cosmogonic (world – foundering) fairy tales whichcontain the models of the world’s interpretation. Such most ancient... [more]

Lakandiwa: The Way of the Warrior  
7/17/09 Posted 7/17/09

When we contemplate the concept of a warrior; we often conceive a person who is training in the martial arts, engaged in the thick of battle, or being celebrated for conquering his foes. And when we think of the ancient warrior (or even the present), the professional soldier comes to mind. These warriors come in various images; from the Roman gladiators or legionnaires, the Japanese samurai, or the medieval knight. We often romanticize these people in their exploits and most especially with thei... [more]

Michael's Glove  
7/7/09 Posted 7/7/09

                  30" x 40" Edition of 12       ©1985 Jim McHugh       " I had to sign an agreement that I would tell no one that the glove was in my possession and that we would make no outside phone calls while the glove was present in the studio... At the end of the shoot, a limo carrying three very large security men arrived to pick up the glove.  .....Funny, the things that you remember." from the forthcoming book   'Just One More: A Photographer's Life '   [more]

Iren Stehli at Brigitte Weiss  
5/13/09 Posted 5/13/09 [more]

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