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20150219163731-try2 When Technique Gives Birth to Vision - Lenticular Art by Jeon Nak - Review by Mary Gregory  
Jeon Nak at Able Fine Art NY Gallery > New York
February 19th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 2/19/15

Jeon Nak, Axis N In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a new technology, photography, was in its nascent stages. Primarily used as a scientific, documentary tool, it would take decades before artists began experimenting with it as a source of creative work. Early photographs by Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Eadweard James Muybridge and others hinted at the possibilities of the medium. Eventually, artists like Man Ray and Ansel Adams found a way to express their own personal visi... [more]

20150107094003-blowup "Swinging London" Meets Conceptual Photography at C/O's Blow-Up  
at C/O Berlin > Berlin
2/18/15 Posted 2/18/15

C/O Berlin recently moved to its new home, the Amerika Haus, a 1950s architectural trademark that saw little of the vicious consumerism and booming hedonism that characterized the so-called "Swinging 60s," yet plays perfect host to an exhibition centered on the era. C/O's current exhibition Blow-Up revolves around Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni's iconic 1966 film of the same name. Photography’s ability to picture reality is challenged both in the movie, as well as in the exhibiti... [more]

ArtSlant Prize Winner exhibiting in JustMad in Madrid  
2/16/15 Posted 2/16/15

We are very excited about the participation of ArtSlant Prize Winner 2013, Robin Kang, in the upcoming JustMad Feria de Arte Contemporaneo in Madrid. JustMad is presenting a new section called Just Brooklyn where seven galleries from this New York borough will be participating. Opening February 24th until March 1st, there will be a special program of events for BK dealers and non-profits as a way to enhance intercultural experiences and promote a dialogue with regards to the influence of cult... [more]

20150216154412-1-m_morton-naryn Margaret Morton at the Houghton Gallery by Peggy Roalf  
Margaret Morton at The Cooper Union - Foundation Building > New York
February 16th - February 28th
Posted 2/16/15 [more]

ArtSlant Prize Round 1 Jurors Announced  
2/16/15 Posted 2/16/15

$20,000 in Cash and Exhibition Awards We are very pleased to announce our panel of Round 1 Jurors! The application period ends March 6th - enter today! Eric Shiner is the Director of The Andy Warhol Museum, the most comprehensive single-artist museum in the world, located in Pittsburgh, PA. At The Warhol Museum, Shiner organized Factory Direct: Pittsburgh, an exhibition that showcased the artwork of 14 established contemporary artists invited to conduct artist residencies in Pittsburgh-ba... [more]

Art or Not?  
2/13/15 Posted 2/10/15

Art or Not? Sometimes it can feel like the art world is having a joke at the public's expense. What makes an artwork "genuine" or an artful coincidence? Every Friday, ArtSlant invites you to put your tongue in your cheek, and consider which of the pictures below is a work of art. This week we ask: which of these images showing puppies at play is the real artwork? #1 This Chilean artist builds a strong sense of community into her interactive projects. This facility contains "sculptures" that function both as t... [more]

20150101095726-gz_1970_confine_inca52da790 Interesting Survey  
at Sperone Westwater > New York
January 15th - February 21st
Posted 2/13/15

The Signs/Words exhibit at Sperone Westwater contains works by impressive artists. The list of artists in the exhibit is long, from William Wegman, Tom Sachs, Andy Warhol to Bruce Nauman. Not all are as effective as some of the best. However, observing all of these works together at one time adds to the impact of any one particular work. [more]

The Grandfather of Black British Photography's Apartment Is the Exhibition  
2/12/15 Posted 2/12/15

Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK, is planning an ambitious undertaking: they want to move an artist’s whole flat into the gallery. And they need your help. There are precedents to this type of project—Song Dong’s landmark 2009 installation, Waste Not, springs to mind, as does Dawn Kasper’s reconstruction of her studio at the 2012 Whitney Biennial—but the subject of this project and the contents of his archive are not only of artistic interest, but also cultural, socio... [more]

Kanye in Context: Genius, Twat, or Both?  
2/10/15 Posted 2/10/15

It’s been a fantastic 48 hours for Kanye haters. After (almost) gatecrashing Beck’s acceptance speech at The Grammys, Westie (as he affectionately lets me call him) claimed the award show disrespected artistry by not handing the Award to Beyoncé (again). Media shit storm. Highlights: Elle posted a photo of hiphop’s Will and Kate: Jay Z and Beyoncé, looking “horrified.” In an open letter to Mr. West on her Facebook page, Shirley Manson from the 1990s asked for... [more]

20150218152029-metgaleria_kairo_webre Opening recepcion on Feb 09-2015  
Füleky Adrienn, HAász Ágnes, Péter Ágnes, Krnács Ágota, Tooth Gábor Andor/TGA, Pézman Andrea, Lux Antal, Örkényi Antal, Daradics Árpád, Koppány Attila, Czeizel Balázs, Szombathy Bálint, Bálint Bertalan, Pál Csaba, Kelecsényi Csilla, Beaty Czetõ, Drozsnyik Dávid, Sándor Edit, Gábor Enikõ, Szöllõssy Enikõ, Láng Eszter, Mayer Éva, Bózsa Evelin, Sós Evelin, Harangozó Ferenc, Repászki Ferenc, Nagy Stoica Georgeta, Nagy Géza, Olajos György, Drozsnyik István, Horkay István, Magén István, Stark István, Detvay Jenõ, Lévay Jenõ, Gábos József, Kántor József, Szolnoki-Szendrődi Judit, ifj Koffán Károly, Ázbej Kristóf, Csízy László, Lonovics László, Ország László, Papp Pala László, Szlaukó László, Barti Magdolna, Gábor Éva Mária, Tellér Mária, Fa Mariann, Hernádi Paula, Herendi Péter, Kecskés Péter, Márkus Péter, Wrobel Péter, Bátai Sándor, Paul Ter Wal, Vass Tibor, Dávid Vera, Szirmay Zsanett, Gyenes Zsolt, Koroknai Zsolt, Büki Zsuzsanna, Enyedi Zsuzsanna at MET Gallery > Worldwide Budapest
February 9th - February 27th
Posted 2/10/15


Kehinde Wiley Brings His Portraiture to Life for Fashion Week  
2/10/15 Posted 2/10/15

Kehinde Wiley normally paints sumptuous portraits of people of color in heroic poses drawn from classical portraiture. The popular New York artist has an upcoming solo show at the Brooklyn Museum called A New Republic which will present 60 paintings and sculptures from the past 14 years. We're really excited for the exhibit and were pleased to see some synergy between New York Fashion Week and Wiley. Wiley finds most of his models on the street, casting everyday people into iconic moments. Of... [more]

The Dream of the 90s Is Alive… in the Art Museum  
2/6/15 Posted 2/6/15

The 2010s are so 90s. The decade’s enduring nostalgia moment—perhaps first identified, or at least concretized in Portlandia’s hilarious 2011 pilot—endures longer still. Look no further than this Jimmy Fallon Saved by the Bell reunion sketch, one of the most joyful things circulating the internet this week, to feel the prevailing 90s love. We’re seeing 90s allusions in fashion’s grunge resurgence—piercings are mainstream, midriffs have resurfaced, f... [more]

20141025105515-gw01 Winogrand sucked a sad epic poem right out of America onto film  
Gary Winogrand at Jeu de Paume > Paris
October 14th, 2014 - February 8th
Posted 2/5/15

Jack Kerouac wrote in the introduction of Robert Frank’s paradigm-shattering book ‘The Americans’ that Frank sucked a sad poem right out of America onto film; if this is true then I would argue that Garry Winogrand pulled, cajoled and yes, sucked a sad epic poem right out of America with the excess of a film-junkie. This sadness is not only evident in many of his pictures but it also belies his ebullient, brash and often abrasive public image. The full 1977 video recording fro... [more]

Art or Not?  
2/5/15 Posted 2/5/15

Art or Not? Who is to say what is art or not? One of the pictures below is a genuine art work: every Friday, ArtSlant asks our discerning readers if they can tell which "artwork" is the imposter invented by us. This week: which of these piles was made by an artist who has shown at MoMA? #1 This artist's installations and audio, sculptural, and kinetic works balance between failure and aspiration. A sense of resignation to the forces of decay and obsolescence runs throughout her work—most v... [more]

20150126165655-7 Gershman Y Exhibit Explores Brave New Word  
Sandow Birk, Johanna Bresnick, Martin Brief, Michael Cloud Hirschfeld, Stephanie Kirk, Nicholas Kripal, Carole P. Kunstadt, David Stephens at Gershman Gallery, Gershman Y at the University of the Arts > Worldwide Philadelphia
January 22nd - May 14th
Posted 2/6/15 by Greg Salisbury .........Curator, J. Susan "Isaacs, a Delaware native who is a professor of art history and the curator of the departmental galleries at Towson University in Maryland, has since refined and expanded “And the Word Is … ” to hew closer to her original intent to demonstrate how art can provide an ecumenical examination of where and how people draw religious inspiration.".......... [more]

20150201225503-ng-2015-dora-budor-017 Digital Vampires and Alien Seduction: Artist Talk by Dora Budor Tonight  
2/1/15 Posted 2/1/15

Tonight in London, at 18.30 GMT: artist Dora Budor gives a lecture on "digital vampires, a-historicity of the perfect CGI image, use of special effects in film in relation to their fictionalized histories and the labor of the undead, the wet body of film and its viral behavior, alien seduction, DNA splicing of the cinematic body." Dora Budor, The Architect's Plan, His Contagion and Sensitive Corridors, Courtesy New Galerie and Aurelien Mole The talk is in conjunction with an online and... [more]

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