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Under the Radar: Lauren C. Sudbrink, Anne-Marie Giroux, Yasmin Khalaf  
3/18/16 Posted 3/18/16

ArtSlant is an open Arts community with over 200,000 free, user-generated artist profiles. The support of our community is an essential part of our mission — from our magazine to our residency and prize. Every week our editors select the best artist profiles from under the radar. Lauren C. Sudbrink – Chicago Anne-Marie Giroux – Montreal Yasmin Khalaf – Miami ArtSlant supports thousands of con... [more]

20160209203834-12510372_748584581938600_5080587690880493360_n Truly Glittering  
Asher Mains at Susan Mains Gallery > Worldwide St George's
February 11th - March 4th
Posted 3/18/16

By Deborah Root The three figures standing tall in Keepers of the Earth greet us as they invite us into their world. Substantial and strong, delighted with the produce they offer, they become iconic images of cocoa production in Grenada. The large size of the canvas (96” x 88”) ennobles these cocoa workers, transforming individuals into nearly mythical personas, who themselves transmute the products of the earth into something precious and rare. Yet their images are not static, as M... [more]

ArtSlant Prize 2016: Round 2 is Accepting Submissions!  
3/16/16 Posted 3/16/16

Round 2 Entry: Frederika Beesemyer Roeder, The Ray of the Sun, 2015. Apply today from your profile, just click enter Showcase. The ArtSlant Prize supports emerging artists working in all media. We offer cash prizes and an exhibition to winners, with opportunities to sell and promote your work to our international network throughout the process. Full details on all the prizes available are listed below. For an idea of the kind of work that has been selected by our panels in previous year... [more]

Under the Radar: Sara Ivone, Dorothée Recker, Louise Thomas  
3/11/16 Posted 3/11/16

ArtSlant is an open Arts community with over 200,000 free, user-generated artist profiles. The support of our community is an essential part of our mission — from our magazine to our residency and prize. Every week our editors select the best artist profiles from under the radar. Sara Ivone – Lisbon Dorothée Recker – Paris and Berlin Louise Thomas – Berlin ArtSlant supports tho... [more]

20160124053045-siera_hyte_04 Here, There and Everywhere: Siera Hyte's Adventures in the Embodied  
Siera Hyte at Queer Thoughts > New York
December 18th, 2015 - January 24th
Posted 3/9/16

Siera Hyte, Installation views of Me and the king, 2015 © Siera Hyte, Courtesy of Queer Thoughts, New York. For a pint-sized, square room, Queer Thoughts’ current Tribeca location doesn’t afford much in terms of spatial twists and turns. That didn’t deter things here; the newly arrived gallery from Chicago kept proceedings quick-witted, and edgy. However, much of that edge had to do with the Siera Hyte, the San Diego-based artist who warmed the space up for its first winter... [more]

Round 1 Juried Winners Announced  
3/8/16 Posted 3/8/16

The jury is in on Round 1! Congratulations to all those selected by our jurors who will now move on to be considered for the ArtSlant Prize 2016! Round 2 is now open through March 27th! Apply today from your ArtSlant Profile, just click enter Showcase. Round 1 Juried Winners: PAINTING: Brigitta Varadi, Noel Ruane, 2015 ABSTRACT: Trixie Pitts, A Little Rain, 2016 MIXED-MEDIA: Amin Roshan, Ancestors, 2013 D... [more]

20160303162741-uu ARTFORUM Critics' Pick  
Luke Murphy at Canada > New York
February 20th - March 20th
Posted 3/6/16 [more]

20151029035806-carl-solo-liu-sep2014-14ia1 "Picturing The Unsyable" Editor's Choice, - BOMB MAGAZINE  
Carl E. Hazlewood at Salena Gallery, Long Island University > New York
September 29th, 2014 - October 29th, 2014
Posted 3/4/16

Picturing the Unsayable: Carl E. Hazlewood by Patricia Spears Jones From the New York Quotidian series, 2012, pigment print, 15 × 10 inches. Images courtesy of the artist and Skoto Gallery, New York. I met Carl Hazlewood in that most millennial of ways: Facebook. His daily postings of his and other artists’ works intrigued me; I had to “friend” him. What started as an interest in daily musings and pictorial renderings became a full-fledged 3D friendship. But Car... [more]

20160203191802-pulsating_ 'DESIRING TO BE DATA FOR OTHERS' - Amanda Turner Pohan at FiveMyles Gallery  
Carl E. Hazlewood, Amanda Turner Pohan, Joan Snitzer, Hanne Tierney at FiveMyles > New York
February 7th 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Posted 3/4/16

'DESIRING TO BE DATA FOR OTHERS' Amanda Turner Pohan at FiveMyles GalleryBy curator: Carl E. Hazlewood for FiveMyles.- Feburary 2016 Installation Pictures: C. E. Hazlewood Amanda Turner Pohan's practice seems a cool and rational one—at first. It is based on precise scientific manipulation of chemistry with additional aural and visual elements. While her installation appears clean, methodical, a presentation organized with minimalist clarity and order, one senses a vague urgency to quantify the un-quantifiable. Vials contain various arcane liquids; vapors and perfumed formulas derive from 'recorded data measured by sensors of the heartbeat of the artist.' Yet, the clinical easily transmutes into the poetic and the personal. The effect is oddly sensual, even erotic as the artist manages an olfactory manipulation that is subtle and evocative. Finally, Pohan's creative processing, packaging, and ordering, conjures a self-portrait that becomes a metaphor for the bodied and disembodied nature of human response. At the entrance to the exhibition stands an ablution station filled with coffee beans and lemons to cleanse the olfactory palette. A freestanding glass shower recirculates a heated and steaming perfumed liquid through its system; hanging on the wall is a four by eight foot sheet of plexiglass with remnants of hair, dust, dirt, and skin from a carpet adhered to it. A parabolic speaker hangs from the ceiling and plays a looped conversation between two women; a collection of glass jars containing the fluid used in the shower is arranged on a shelf. The formula for the perfumed shower is derived from recorded data provided by sensors measuring the heartbeat of the artist. Residue adhering to the plexiglass is from the bedroom rug of Turner Pohan's's deceased mother. An interview between a female doctor and nurse attempting to quantify bodily sensations is looped on a speaker. The fluids in the glass vials will replenish or replace whatever the shower loses as a result of natural evaporation over time. ... [more]

Under the Radar: Daniel Hojnacki, Ethan Caflisch, Billie Thackwell  
3/4/16 Posted 3/4/16

ArtSlant is an open Arts community with over 200,000 free, user-generated artist profiles. The support of our community is an essential part of our mission — from our magazine to our residency and prize. Every week our editors select the best artist profiles from under the radar. Daniel Hojnacki – Chicago, IL Ethan Caflisch – California Billy Thackwell – Oslo, Norway ... [more]

20160216133333-swandaylogo Women Artists Rock the Lost Artists! all welcome.  
David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Anita Chase, Lynn Fitzgerald, Walter Fydryck, Adam Helman, George John Larson, Kirk Rohrbaugh, Laura Slota, James Vellner, Sheila Wurzbach at Lost Artists Chicago > Chicago
March 12th 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 3/3/16

Check it out, Off the Grid, Edgy, REAL women, and unreal WOMEN. [more]

20160303185338-caroline-wells-chandler-beach-bois-lord-ludd-03 Crocheting a Queer Vision of Art History  
Caroline Wells Chandler at Lord Ludd > Worldwide Philadelphia
February 5th - March 6th
Posted 3/3/16

Crocheting a Queer Vision of Art History by Jillian Steinhauer at Hyperallergic [more]

Round 1 Showcase Winners Announced  
3/2/16 Posted 3/2/16

Round 1 is officially over! Thanks to all the artists who participated. The winners from this round are now under review by our jury. Juried winners for Round 1 will be announced on March 8th. Check out the showcase winners for round 1 here! Round 1 Jurors: Lynnette Miranda is a latina curator and writer from Miami, FL. She has six years of experience working at leading art institutions such as MoMA, the Art Institute of Chicago, ART21, and Creative Time. In... [more]

20160229195136-derrick-adams-for-volta VOLTA NY + GalleryLOG Curator Preview  
2/29/16 Posted 2/29/16

Derrick Adams curates Something I Can Feel, the inaugural Curated Section at VOLTA NY. Within the exhibition space, which offers an alternative viewing perspective within the fair’s conventional and commercial structure, Adams assembles eight emerging and under-the-radar artists including one of our favorites, Shaun Leonardo, who we spoke to last week about his performace series I Can't Breathe. Other artists included in Something I Can Feel include Doreen Garner, Hugh Hayden, Balint Zsako... [more]

ArtSlant Alumni Events During Armory Week  
2/29/16 Posted 2/29/16

We love seeing ArtSlant artists moving and shaking. In honor of New York's first art fair reunion of the year, here's a proud overview of ArtSlant Prize winners and exhibition alumni showing in New York during Armory Arts Week. Robin Kang, Optic Core with One Eye, 2015, Hand Jacquard woven cotton, hand dyed wool, and synthetic fibers, 18 1/2" x 49" Robin Kang at VOLTA NY with Field Projects Robin Kang was our first place ArtSlant Prize 2013 winner. She's doing double duty this Armory... [more]

20160227152646-ultraviolet_sun Ultraviolet Sun  
Vanya Balogh, Nathan Birchenough, (BBKP) Nicholas Brown, 
Tom Estes, Sarah Gavin, Craig Kao, Jahan Nazeer, Savvas Papasavva, Riffy Powerz, Barbara Rosenthal, Annabelle Stapleton-Crittenden at WAC Waterloo Action Centre > Worldwide London
February 27th 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 2/27/16

Greg Sholette describes a “Mockstitution” as a mock institution that is an informally structured art agency that overtly mimics the name and to some degree the function of larger, more established organizational entities. Mockinstitution thrive within the voids left by an increasingly fractured social framework whose coherence is faltering thanks to rampant privatization, economic deregulation, ubiquitous social risk and day-to-day precariousness. Inserting themselves into these dete... [more]

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