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The Art of the People's Climate March  
9/22/14 Posted 9/23/14

photo courtesy of Stephen Melkisethian Over 400,000 took to the streets in New York City yesterday for the People’s Climate March, what’s being hailed as the largest demonstration against climate change in world history. Just two days before the U.N. convenes its Climate Summit, demonstrators hoped to send a clear message to world leaders that they must act assertively to combat climate change. Stretching through central Manhattan from its starting point on the west side of Central Pa... [more]

A Retreat into the Chicago of EXPO  
9/21/14 Posted 9/21/14

Images by Britt Julious. For perhaps the first time ever, EXPO Chicago felt like a "place to be" and a "thing to do." This writer was quite shocked to find the aisles overrun not just with budding art enthusiasts and art school kids finding themselves in the works, but with everyone else. You know, the people we neglect to consider when measuring the success of an art fair. These aren't the big spenders and thank goodness. It's always refreshing to be around the folks who don't think of art in... [more]

20140920040723-andrew-robert-opening Business as Usual: EXPO CHICAGO Art After Hours  
9/20/14 Posted 9/20/14

The Morgan Green Line stop facing West. Images by Britt Julious. Outside of the School of the Art Institute's Sullivan Galleries, I ran into Mia DiMeo, one of the publicists for EXPO CHICAGO. I told her about this column and the changes I noticed in EXPO CHICAGO last night for the Vernissage. The most noticeable change, of course, was the fact that people seemed at ease. On the second night of the EXPO CHICAGO experience for Art After Dark, that feeling was again recognizable. Mickalene... [more]

Showcase Winner: Wei Xiaoguang  
9/20/14 Posted 9/20/14

(Image: Wei Xiaoguang, I Think It's Gonna be Important No.2, 2013, Oil on Canvas, 52 x 68 x 2 inches; © Wei Xiaoguang) Wei Xiaoguang (lives in New York) My recent paintings contain elements of well-known images, figures, texts, visual art genres and digital collage. One can take Photoshop-Realism as a tag but it is not all about that. With the illusionistic space that I constructed through different ways of representation, I hope my works can do something to change my viewer’s p... [more]

No Glitz, No Glam, Still Good. Britt Julious at EXPO CHICAGO  
9/19/14 Posted 9/19/14

Britt Julious takes in EXPO's vernissage At Marc Foxx Gallery, photo by Britt Julious. For the first year, it was fitting for EXPO CHICAGO to take place at Navy Pier, land of cheap concessions and carnival-like rides. Vernissage, the opening night party, slightly reeked of stale popcorn thanks to Skinny Pop popcorn bags strewn across abandoned break tables and popcorn kernels littering the pristine carpeted grounds anchoring each fair booth. It was a fitting tribute to the location and the spirit of the fair as it stands in 2014. This is not like the more controlled, more glitzy,... [more]

20140905141722-2 The Donut and the (ass)hole  
Mungo Thomson at Kadist Art Foundation > San Francisco
September 17th - November 1st
Posted 9/18/14

Mungo Thompson fancies himself clever. He thinks that public affirmations of private struggle are curious, and can’t wrap his pretty little middle class head around the idea that they might be empowering. He likes Bruce Nauman’s neon spiral form… he likes the idea that it takes up a commercial vehicle to advertise non-commodity slogan. He thought it would be cute to rifle through self-help books and AA 12-step guides, pick out phrases, and pay somebody to fabricate neon spiral aff... [more]

20140829153336-gorgy_sumofany_prn Twice Abstracted - Two Visions, One Language - Review by Mary Gregory  
Robert Bloomberg, Adel Gorgy at Abstract Expressions gallery > New York
September 5th - November 28th
Posted 9/18/14

The current exhibition at Abstract Expressions Gallery in Mount Holly, New Jersey, titled Twice Abstracted, offers a view of two distinct ways of approaching abstraction. Adel Gorgy is part of a select group of contemporary photographers who chooses to concentrate on abstraction. Recent exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and other top venues have highlighted this developing trend. Gorgy has been creating solid, accomplished abstractions since before this trend was identified. For years,... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Lightning Bolt Wonder  
9/16/14 Posted 9/16/14

(Image: Lightning Bolt Wonder, Earth Angel Heart, 2014, Digital © US Art Alliance) Lightning Bolt Wonder (b. 1978, Theidalles) A practicing Warrior Shaman of light, LBW is an old soul whose wisdom stems from having lived many reincarnated lives, including most recently those of an Orca, Frog, Spider and Ant (many times). Orca's Wisdom includes: Creator of the Cosmos, having the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets and more. Freeing the soul from the physical body, controlli... [more]

Curator's Open: First Peek at Our Show at EXPO Chicago  
9/15/14 Posted 9/15/14

Voynich Manuscript. image via Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library We've never done this before. This year we launched our first-ever Curator's Open, where we asked you to use our massive database of art to curate our booth at EXPO Chicago. We then handed over the submissions to an expert jury of curators to decide which show we should put on. They selected Amsterdam-based curator and critic Manus Groenen's show "Cryptographics: a tribute to the Voynich Manuscript." Featurin... [more]

The Modernist House That’s Fighting for Its Life on Twitter  
9/12/14 Posted 9/12/14

Its neighbors are trying to demolish it, but this modernist house in Raleigh, North Carolina is waging its own war... on Twitter Tweet thy neighbor as you would have her tweet you… unless she’s Gail Wiesner. Oakwood Modern House, the fun loving, Craftsman-style referencing, side-facing-front-door-having dream home of Architect/Owner Louis Cherry and his wife Marsha Gordon, has been fighting a now year-old existential battle with its traditionalist neighbor Gail Wiesner, who’... [more]

Theodore Darst Takes Over. Announcing ArtSlant’s First #Instaresidency  
9/12/14 Posted 9/12/14

We’re pumped to be doing our first #Instaresidency, where we hand over our Instagram to an artist for a week and let them sort out the rest. First up: digital artist and filmmaker Theodore Darst. Darst first caught our attention through an exhibition, Only Real, in 2014 and then on Instagram with his dynamic animations playing with form, depth, and Macklemore. Using a range of digital software programs from CINEMA 4D After Effects to Photoshop, Darst abstracts his subjects through addin... [more]

20140911121302-seoulpostcardfront Reverberations: Contemporary Abstractions by Adel Gorgy, Miyako Aoki, and Marsha Solomon - Review by Mary Gregory  
Miyako Aoki, Adel Gorgy, Marsha Solomon at Able Fine Art NY Gallery, Seoul, Korea > Worldwide Jongno-gu, Seoul
September 10th - September 23rd
Posted 9/11/14

Reverberations: Contemporary Abstractions on view at Able Fine Art NY Gallery in Seoul presents the work of three accomplished international artists. Adel Gorgy, Miyako Aoki and Marsha Solomon are masters of abstraction, yet each possesses a unique vision and voice. When seen together, it is clear that the voices speak to one another. There is a sense of accord, through the shared language of non-representational art. A musical note, a drop of water, a memory - all of these are sources and exp... [more]

Seagram Building Picasso Safely Removed After 55 years  
9/9/14 Posted 9/9/14

Pablo Picasso's 1919 Le Tricorne was removed from the Four Seasons in New York on Sunday The Picasso is safe, but it’s gone. Following lawsuits, restraining orders, and some good all around public outrage, Picasso's 1919 Le Tricorne was removed Sunday from the Four Seasons in the Park Avenue Seagram Building, where it had hung for over five decades. Using a 23-foot-long tube custom built for the project, a 20-person team from the New-York Historical Society successfully removed the maste... [more]

20140908040249-me_workforblowsign_revisedxxx a fantasy from many  
David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Eric Dinse, Walter Fydryck, Brian Garay, Adam Helman, Kat Van Horn, Laz, Frank Mascenic, Michael Platt, Kirk Rohrbaugh, John Tyszko, James Vellner, Paul Whittaker at Lost Artists Chicago > Chicago
September 13th 5:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Posted 9/8/14

this is a must see event, music, poety, art and more, enjoy the vibe. [more]

20140907184545-daniel_alselmi_1958_28x28_2013 Exceptional show of Daniel Anselmi's work  
Daniel Anselmi at Carver Hill Gallery > Worldwide Rockland
September 5th - October 1st
Posted 9/8/14

Carver Hill has opened up their well-lit space with some clever structural changes and interior colours, and Daniel Anselmi's art appears all the stronger for the gallery giving over its entire space to this exhibition; a delightful surprise for the visitor and a clever way of creating a journey through the paintings, collages, and assemblages on the first floor, towards the Monhegan Island Series of monotypes on the second floor. The work in the lower gallery feels like the vibrant big brot... [more]

20140907175234-complication_city___broken_glass_painting_ Hoboken Museum  
at Art Show > New York
September 21st - November 2nd
Posted 9/7/14 [more]

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