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20150519201253-v14 Venice Biennale 2015: Swatch Faces  
Eva and Adele, Luca Bray, Chiara Luzzana, Yan Preston, Joana Vasconcelos, Alec Von Bargen at Arsenale > Los Angeles
May 9th - November 22nd
Posted 5/19/15

Review by Paolo Ferrarini for New York's [more]

Blockbuster Picasso  
5/13/15 Posted 5/13/15

The record-breaking Picasso entitled ‘Les Femmes d’Alger’ on display after the auction. Photograph: UPI /Landov / Barcroft Media/UPI /Landov / Barcroft Media via The Guardian A work by Pablo Picasso, the artist played by Anthony Hopkins in the 1996 film Surviving Picasso, has set a new world record as the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction in New York. Women Of Algiers (Version 0) is part of a range of works the painter created to look great in the foyers of big b... [more]

Hugo Slepoy nos hace caminar con la vista - TorontoEnter...  
at EVOKE Gallery, Toronto > Los Angeles
November 27th, 2014 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 5/11/15

Hugo Slepoy nos hace caminar con la vista - TorontoEntero Hugo Slepoy nos hace caminar con la vista - TorontoEnter... A color o en blanco y negro, los paisajes trazados a mano alzada aparecen llenos de interesantes detalles arquitectónicos de edificios históricos y moderno View on Preview by Yahoo ... [more]

20150510030822-one_two_punchfinal- Featured Artist RF Paints Interview  
Patricia Aaron at William and Joseph Gallery Santa Fe, NM > Santa Fe
May 1st - May 31st
Posted 5/10/15 [more]

20150508021612-nepal_quake_relief2_500 The Art World Responds to the Nepali Crisis  
5/8/15 Posted 5/8/15

The devastating earthquake in Nepal has resonated as deeply with many in the arts community especially given the region's rich arts heritage and far-reaching cultural connections to institutions and organizations all over the world. During these times of global sadness, and as people the world around reflect on the crisis and its aftermath, we're reminded of the pivotal role of art as an expression of the inexpressible, uniting people and as an effective way to galvanize masses to action: two w... [more]

Art or Not?  
5/8/15 Posted 5/8/15

Art or Not? Love it or hate it, the PR machine that drives contemporary art world sometimes seems to take the piss. Is this endemic of laziness, or a stroke of genius? Can spin turn the humble hoover into a work of art? Someone thinks so, because they paid a whopping $11,801,000 for one of the vacuum cleaner artworks described below... #1 In 1990 the artist staged a series of spontaneous street interventions organized in tandem across the U.S. Prefiguring the pop-up art display, the apparently desultory rep... [more]

Welcome to Local: Issue 3 of Editions  
5/7/15 Posted 5/7/15

LOCAL Table of Contents: Lost in the Local | James Pepper Kelly Bottling Local | Edo Dijksterhuis The Place of the Museum | Joel Kuennen New York State of Grind | Darren Jones We Are All Synecdoches | Himali Singh Soin Relocating Home | Nicole Rodriguez The latest issue of Editions was inspired by the preponderance of “local” movements—particularly in food and craft culture. We so often hear this heart-warming, feel good idea that local is somehow better, more sustainable—and w... [more]

20150504202727-projection Crashing "Projection"  
Vincent Lamouroux at Please Do Not Enter > Los Angeles
April 26th - May 10th
Posted 5/4/15

A gaggle of young adults dressed to the nines on a street corner in Silver Lake, CA, is not an uncommon occurrence. It probably happens every day for some reason or another. It’s not so common, however, when the entire street corner itself is also dressed up. At the intersection of Bates and Sunset, you can see an entire block coated in white wash. The former Bates Motel and its surroundings, including fences, barbed wire, palm trees, and shrubbery, are all covered in an organic, lime-ba... [more]

The Three Best Portrait Painters in the World?  
5/1/15 Posted 5/1/15

Three (white, middle-aged, male) artists have been announced for the final shortlist for this year's BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery, London—one of the world's most prestigious portraiture painting prizes, aimed at encouraging artists to develop the portrait in their work. The entries must all be painted in oil, tempera, or acrylic on canvas or board and must be painted from a real life sitting. Matan Ben-Cnaan, Michael Gaskell, and Borja Buces Renard are the final th... [more]

20150501161258-15b0abd07e74f51ad0820476bcd4fba2 ArtSlant Prize winner Edra Soto in collaboration with Dan Sullivan at Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York  
5/1/15 Posted 5/1/15

The former ArtSlant Prize winner Edra Soto and Dan Sullivan bring together ideas of tradition, leisure and collaboration in the instalation work at the Morgan Lehman Gallery, on display May 7th - June 13th, 2015. Edra Soto and Dan Sulliva, DominoDomino, 2014, Domino table with four stools, inlaid corian on jatoba wood 30 x 30 x 30 in The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qua... [more]

Art or Not?  
5/1/15 Posted 5/1/15

Art or Not? You thought you had the art world sussed, but every once in a while it chucks you a curve ball. Sometimes art can seem like a joke. What if we took away the jargon—is the artwork still an artwork? What if we attribute those words to a different image? Every week, we ask our readers to play a game of guess who, and enjoy moment of irreverance in an often too-serious art world... What's the difference between a simple pocket organizer and a pricey painting in a gallery? See below... [more]

Federico Vecchi, Erwin Wurm at Art von Frei > Berlin
May 1st - June 25th
Posted 5/23/15

"I want them to think the material is coming from space", by Jill Blackmore Evans, EXBERLINER, Issue138, May 2015 [more]

20150501030230-dg_at_alys_beach_006 Digital Graffiti Festival Announces 2015 Line-Up  
4/30/15 Posted 4/30/15

Northwest Florida's little know Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach has just announced its 27 artist line-up for its 8th edition taking place in 2015. Digital Graffiti (creating graffiti using computer software and technology) is a relatively undeveloped field, surprising considering the surge of interest in both graffiti and digital arts practices respectively. The festival elicits participants come from the fields of film, art, and music who project their art on site at Alys Beach, a luxury devel... [more]

20150306231849-tenderloin_institute_of_art My MFA: A Labor of Love (and Wine)  
at SFAQ [Project Space] > San Francisco
April 24th - April 25th
Posted 4/29/15

I entered the small, unassuming gallery space as a bearded head popped out from the back of the room and said, “Are you here to get your MFA?” “Yes!” I replied cheerfully. Because I was. I read that I could get an MFA in just one day at the Tenderloin Institute of Art, hosted by SFAQ, and I was immediately on board. If showing up was the application process, I was already excelling with flying colors. The man introduced himself as Dean Jeremiah Jenkins, and together... [more]

20150427211027-issuescard Artists Explore Complex Issues at Arts Guild New Jersey  
Luis Alves, Jane Caminos, Steve Cavallo, Patricia Dahlman, Richard Earl, Colleen Gahrmann, Marsha Goldberg, Adel Gorgy, Len Merlo, Maria Mijares, Margaret Murphy, Elizabeth Niesuchouski, Joanne Olivier, Nick Rosal, Joan Sonnenfeld, Judy Wukitsch at Arts Guild New Jersey > New York
April 26th - May 22nd
Posted 4/27/15

Adel Gorgy's work in Issues at Arts Guild New Jersey Contemporary art and social activism often swim in the same waters. The connection crosses borders and decades, as creative individuals—in art and literature, performance and song—have given voice, sometimes the only one, to victims of turmoil and iniquities. Issues, an exhibition in which a group of contemporary artists respond to political, social, racial, gender, and economic issues facing the world in recent years opened M... [more]

20150304205420-01marshasolomon_sonatawiththesunsetting_acryliconcanvas_42x50inch Free of Gravity - Review of Marsha Solomon by Nabil Naoum  
Marsha Solomon at Able Fine Art NY Gallery > New York
March 12th - April 1st
Posted 4/27/15

Free of GravityReview of Marsha Solomon by Nabil NaoumMarsha Solomon, Whispering Clouds, Acrylic on Arches Paper, 22 x 30 in. 56 x 76 cm. “Draw your pleasure-paint your pleasure-express your pleasure strongly” wrote Pierre Bonnard. The work of Marsha Solomon, whether abstract, still life with fabrics, metamorphic landscape or glittering plants, are always meditation on the moment. Solomon is a weaver on canvas. Her intimate sensual abstract paintings are carrying the beauty and... [more]

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