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Roaming the Megalopolis: Spotlight on Julien Segard  
1/28/15 Posted 1/28/15

The prestigious Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta, will feature French artist Julien Segard with a solo booth presentation at this year’s India Art Fair. The selection of Segard’s recent drawings promises to be a provocative insight into the social fabric of Delhi—host city of the fair—and an urban muse which Segard calls "an unsettling extreme of contrasts." Segard is fearless and scrupulous in his studies of life lived on the streets. His most recent drawings foc... [more]

20150112203829-opening_collage Awesome addition to the neighborhood  
Ken Silver at FotoFoam > New York
January 15th - February 4th
Posted 1/28/15

Slick plexiglass, superb printing, and meticulous attention to detail dominate this thoughtfully curated exhibit. The clean and modern space really showcases the artists' work and makes for a pleasant viewing experience. Looking forward to more! [more]

20150127091215-0f26b4be-bc15-472c-9630-8b191cac3a84 Fair Flow: Exclusive India Art Fair Mixtape by Maja Rezoug  
1/27/15 Posted 1/27/15

Maja Rezoug has been active as a DJ since 2008. Since 2012, Rezoug has been exploring the beat scene from a Zagreb perspective with her radio show, club night, and blog Beat The Future—the first and only of its kind in Croatia. Now her interest is focused on world sounds and the electronic interpretation of them, as well as her own musical creations and rich sound tapestry, with a preference for lo-fi analogue media, which she also uses for shooting her 8 and 16mm experimental short films and ima... [more]

20141025105515-gw01 Garry Winogrand : The Man behind the Pictures  
Gary Winogrand at Jeu de Paume > Paris
October 14th, 2014 - February 8th
Posted 1/27/15

Ebullient, cantankerous, evasive, dogmatic, confrontational, a walking contradiction; Garry Winogrand was all of this and more, that’s if I believe the reviews, essays and YouTube videos. The photographer’s public persona was not an easy one to try to engage with if you were a student, interviewer or even a friend. I guess if I met him I would, after the inevitable short confrontational encounter, ask him to get the hell out of the room but I would ask him to leave his pictures behind... [more]

Björk's Breakup Album  
1/27/15 Posted 1/27/15

New Björk album. Vulnicura. Her ninth proper. Two main strands of conversation emerge in the public and media reaction: 1. Didn't she (and her team) deal with the whole album leak/rush release thing so much better than Madonna (and her team) did the other month? 2. It's a breakup album, isn't it? For an artist so adept at dealing with latest innovations in technology, it's perhaps interesting that the central lyrical theme of Vulnicura, chronicling her break-up with long term partner... [more]

New Research on Private Art Collectors Released  
1/26/15 Posted 1/26/15

Who collects art? Where do they live, how old are they, how many of them are there, and what do they like to buy? These are questions that most people who gravitate towards art as an industry have asked themselves. Now, thanks to a new report compiled by Larry's List and published by Publishers for Modern Art, Vienna, the answers are revealed. The most wide-reaching report on collectors of contemporary art, the document is based on profiles and data from around 10,000 active private collectors from 71 countries: the... [more]

Art or Not?  
1/23/15 Posted 1/23/15

Art or not: Who is to say what is art or not? One of the pictures below is for realz: every week ArtSlant asks our discerning readers if they can spot the difference. This week, a diversion from our regular format: our Editor Andrea Alessi took these pictures at one of Kraftwerk's Amsterdam shows. Can you guess which are animatronic performers and which are real earthlings? #1 #2 Click to reveal the answer! << Last Week's Art or Not Next Art or Not >> ... [more]

Zakkir Hussain at GALLERYSKE - Bangalore > India
January 17th - February 27th
Posted 1/21/15

Zakir Hussain’s latest works at Gallery SKE in Bangalore is a wonderful presentation of works to understand that originality can only be claimed as an unclaimed, seen as the other in the final omnipresent grand narrative of itself. The claim to originality that his works make in the beginning is by having a title ‘no title’. This is very interesting as the self proclamation of having no title negates the presence of the trace of the past. If there is any c... [more]

20141231175052-crossinglinescard Crossing the Line from Vision to Expression - Recent works by Adel Gorgy, Robert C. Morgan and Yun-Woo Choi at Able Fine Art NY Gallery - Review by Mary Gregory  
Robert C. Morgan, Yun-Woo Choi, Adel Gorgy at Able Fine Art NY Gallery > New York
January 15th - February 4th
Posted 1/20/15

Adel Gorgy, "Permutation of Color...after Warhol" 60" x 84", Pigment Ink on Metallic Silver Medium, 2015 Crossing Lines, an exhibition featuring recent works by Adel Gorgy, Robert C. Morgan and Yun-Woo Choi at Able Fine Art NY Gallery, offers a fascinating glimpse at how three accomplished artists approach the challenging tasks of creating something new, pushing boundaries, and incorporating layers of meaning into singular works of art. Adel Gorgy builds on the work he presented in his solo e... [more]

Opening Night Report: Deadbeat Club: Mentally Retired, LA  
1/20/15 Posted 1/20/15

By the time I’d arrived, several hundred people had lined the sidewalk of N. Figueroa Ave and edged themselves around the corner onto Avenue 60 some two blocks away. It was a clusterfuck, albeit, a pretty relaxed one. The atmosphere surrounding the Highland Park gallery and retail space Slow Culture is chill. A few tags from nomadic friends blend with the charm of the traditional neighborhood, plus the mosaic Space Invader installation above the entrance door is a sweet touch. Upon entry, I... [more]

Art or Not?  
1/16/15 Posted 1/16/15

Art or Not? Who is to say what is art or not? One of the pictures with description below is a genuine art work: every Friday ArtSlant asks our discerning readers if they can spot the difference. This week, it's Police of the Past. #1 The artist is a French photographer who first traveled in America in the mid-1960s on a mission to evoke the chaos and excitement of the fast-changing times. “It felt good to be young then and the 1960s glorified freedom of expression,” he writes. “The country was going through profound c... [more]

Why Cobain Suicide Note Tee Isn't as Shocking as You Think  
1/15/15 Posted 1/15/15

Commerce has never drawn a line when it comes to exhuming the grim remains of our beloved heroes and now Kurt Cobain's suicide note now has found its way onto a T-shirt design, sold on eBay by a "Nuchyk" from Thailand.It goes without saying, if you were to walk around in public with the Tee, I probably would have you down as some sort of sociopath, but the Twitter eruption of outrage yesterday into a vault of condemnation points equally to the unnerving way we fetishize our icons.Last year,... [more]

Art or Not?  
1/10/15 Posted 1/10/15

Art or Not? Who is to say what is art or not? One of the pictures with description below is a genuine art work: every Friday ArtSlant asks our discerning readers if they can spot the difference. This week, it's a bad hair day. #1 "Painted in two separate periods, this picture has a complex history. In its original state, it showed a pink-faced man, wearing a white shirt and a black suit. It was painted in a deliberately simple, naive style, using household, rather than oil paint, and incorporate... [more]

The Whitney Relaunches Online Collection, Adding 21K New Artworks  
1/9/15 Posted 1/9/15

A new building is not the only upgrade the Whitney is getting in 2015. The Museum of American Art relaunched its online collection Thursday, introducing the expanded Making some 21,000 new artworks available for online viewing, up from a mere 700, the Whitney has contributed a sizeable resource on twentieth century and contemporary art to the artistic community. The digital database includes works from over 3,000 artists working in all mediums, as well as texts, educati... [more]

20141106181218-at_preuzmimo_bencic_still_1 Althea Thauberger: Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić) by Sam Ackerley  
Althea Thauberger at Susan Hobbs Gallery > Toronto
November 27th, 2014 - January 10th
Posted 1/9/15

Althea Thauberger: Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić) Review by Sam Ackerley 23 December 2014 Althea Thauberger, Preuzmimo Benčić (Take Back Benčić), 2014, film Vancouver-based artist Althea Thauberger is tough to pin down. Her varied research-centric projects have taken her around the world – from a military base in Kandahar to a remote community in Kashmir, an apartment building in Victoria to a psychiatric hospital in Prague. The results of her most recent project, filmed in... [more]

Graffuturism Founder Starts New Gallery in San Francisco  
1/8/15 Posted 1/8/15

Following on the success of recent exhibitions A Major Minority at 1AM Gallery and L’Avenir at White Walls, the graffiti writer, painter, curator, and graff-theorist Poesia is opening a new gallery space in San Francisco on January 10. The gallery is located at 886 Geary Boulevard in the Tenderloin district, and shares the building with White Walls Gallery. 886 Gallery, Interior space Exterior of 886 Geary Boulevard. Photo: Brock Brake The curatorial program for 886 Gallery will fol... [more]

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