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Interview with Jason Kalogiros  
5/12/13 Posted 5/12/13

San Francisco, May 2013: I met Jason Kalogiros at Building 11, an old warehouse-type structure at Pier 70, near the Port of San Francisco. Surrounded by an assortment of functional and non-functional factories, fences and loading docks, it was built in the early ‘40s by the government to support wartime production and now houses studio space for a selection of artists. We first travel to the back of the studio so Jason can show me his Agfa Repromaster 310 from the late ‘70s. It's an old proces... [more]

Inverting Expectations: An Interview with Guy Ben-Ner  
4/28/13 Posted 4/28/13

Chicago, Apr. 2013: Guy Ben-Ner began with an idea. He wanted to divorce a soundtrack from a film, then make a new film that accommodated the appropriated soundtrack. The idea provided a mechanism, defining the rules of a game which would yield Ben-Ner’s latest work, Soundtrack. He decided to appropriate eleven minutes of sound from Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. In Ben-Ner’s version the world is not ending exactly, rather his kitchen erupts into chaos. The sound of rain in the Spielberg m... [more]

What’s left behind, what’s still working well & methods of transcendence: an interview with Billy Childish  
4/21/13 Posted 4/21/13

Berlin, Apr. 2013: Ironically, Billy Childish always uses language in a way to slip out of being lesser than life and adhering to “Art”. (He is clearly not the formaldehyde fanatic/stuckist!) There is constant referencing to (fixed) figures from the past, fictional and real. The un-amended, unresolved, whirling and self-involved world of a dictum of questioning by Dostoyevsky or other romantic lone figures. One might think, and especially in reading around Childish and reading his poetry (and in... [more]

Interview with Han Hoogerbrugge  
4/14/13 Posted 4/14/13

Brussels, Apr. 2013: Han Hoogerbrugge, in the tradition of Ron English, Molly Crabapple and Bill Plympton, takes his playful yet politically charged art to the masses. For Art Brussels, the masses will be those gathered for Belgium’s established art fair. At other times, the Dutch artist, illustrator and animator predominantly works with widely accessible forums online. His introspective Modern Living/Neurotica series ran on its own website from 1998-2001, followed by Nails (2002-2007), Hotel (20... [more]

Interview with Liang Yuanwei  
4/8/13 Posted 4/8/13

Beijing, Apr. 2013: At first glance, Pomegranate, Liang Yuanwei’s solo show which opened recently at Beijing Commune, appears to be a rather radical departure from this artist’s previous solo show in the same space in 2010 (Golden Notes). Golden Notes amassed a group of paintings of a similar format – canvases with floral patterns picked out from an overall gradation of coloured paint. Pomegranate, however, seems to present a rather more experimental proposition, and rationalisation of Liang’s p... [more]

Interview with Txema Novelo  
4/1/13 Posted 4/1/13

Mexico City, Mar. 2013: In the history of Western Art, religious and sacred themes have been the predominant subject matter since time immemorial. However, somewhere along the lines of the last 200 years, following suit with historical precedents outside of the realm of art, religious themed art, and an emphasis on the sacred or even the sublime has lost its importance and for many contemporary artists and viewers seems outdated. So much so that today, in an era of conceptualism and post-conceptu... [more]

Theater of Painting: Susan Bee + Bradley Rubenstein  
3/24/13 Posted 3/24/13

New York, Mar. 2013: Susan Bee is a painter, editor, and book artist who lives in New York. Bee is represented by Accola Griefen Gallery, New York, where she will have a solo show of new paintings from May 23 to June 29, 2013. Criss Cross: New Paintings will be accompanied by a catalog with an essay by art critic and poet, Raphael Rubinstein. Susan Bee, Criss Cross, 2012, 24 X 30 in., oil, enamel and sand on canvas; Courtesy of the artist. Bradley Rubenstein: Susan, I just saw this piece by R... [more]

Glamorama: Nicola Tyson + Bradley Rubenstein  
3/17/13 Posted 3/17/13

New York, Mar. 2013: Nicola Tyson's photographs document the early days of the Blitz Kids and the beginnings of the New Romantic movement—late seventies, post-Punk London. "Bowie Nights at Billy's Club" was a weekly event in a small Soho venue, the brainchild of a young Steve Strange and Rusty Egan. The event quickly became the beating heart of a brand-new scene—a refuge for disillusioned punks; suburban art school students; androgynous, subversive, creative kids; and (most importantly) Bowie fans,... [more]

Interview with Horfee  
3/10/13 Posted 3/10/13

London, Mar. 2013: Known as Paris' most prolific graf artist, you'll find it hard to walk a street in the French capital where Horfee hasn't been. And all the better for his insane, pyschotropic paintings and drawings on walls and paper, with their talismanic energy. His works live and breathe independently; they are fizzing with the kinetic enthusiasm Horfee evidently has for making art. One of many reasons that he has received such a great positive reaction, especially among his fellow illega... [more]

Interview with Saya Woolfalk  
3/5/13 Posted 3/5/13

New York, Mar. 2013: Saya Woolfalk’s work in painting and drawing, video, media, and fiber arts demands that a viewer be open to suspending disbelief to image what’s possible. Her alter world—a future vision of the future—asks that we re-consider what it means to be human and how we co-exist with other life forms in the world. Through a fantastical narrative logic of science fiction, genetics, metaphysics, semiotics, and anthropology, among other subjects, Woolfalk’s work challenges us to question our... [more]

Interview with Temuulen Batmunkh (TML)  
2/25/13 Posted 2/25/13

Ulan Bator, Feb. 2013: Temuulen Batmunkh, aka “TML”, is a digital and graffiti artist hailing from Ulan Bator. The twenty-three-year-old sees himself as part of a new wave of urban culture in Mongolia, where migration from the countryside to the capital city – which until recently had a population of under 1 million – is causing new youth culture to develop. As a street artist and through using digital media, TML aims to create work with an identity that is at once distinctly Mongolian and cont... [more]

Interview with Korakrit Arunanondchai  
2/17/13 Posted 2/17/13

New York, Feb. 2013: I first met Korakrit Arunanondchai on the set of a music video. He had been recruited as not just an artist, but art director. The video required a precise expertise in the—what I was soon to learn—limitless world of black light. As half-dressed models perused set, waiting for their time on camera, Korakrit transformed an average bedroom on the Lower East Side into an otherworldly, magic zone. Since that first encounter, Krit’s expansive practice and distinct aesthetic has bec... [more]

Interview with Núria Güell  
2/10/13 Posted 2/10/13

Spain, Feb. 2013: The work of Núria Güell is a striking example of the potentially fruitful and functional relationship between art and activism. Her projects and performances tackle the injustices of established institutions head-on; they question enforced norms, search for strategies of dissent and suggest alternative models to those of our present neo-liberal capitalist society. During the week of the 13th-17th February, Güell’s work will be juxtaposed against the setting in which it finds i... [more]

Interview with Carlos Irijalba  
2/3/13 Posted 2/3/13

Amsterdam, Feb. 2013: Spanish artist Carlos Irijalba deals in reality and experience. His work sheds light, often literally, on the ways that Western culture consumes the world and itself. While viewers often encounter his work to date through film or photography, the substance of his practice is the experience of the event itself. Complex constructions, sculptures, and apparatuses inhabit his oeuvre. Light is a key element, whether shining from the headlights of an unfeasible two-faced vehicle... [more]

The Anti-Mail: An Interview with Kiran Subbaiah  
1/27/13 Posted 1/27/13

New Delhi, Jan. 2013: Kiran Subbaiah was not born in 1971 in Karnataka, India. He did not complete an MFA in sculpture at The Royal College of Art in London, and neither did he graduate with an undergraduate degree in sculpture from The University of Baroda. He hasn’t shown all over the world, especially not recently at the Centre Pompidou, Serpentine, Bose Pacia, Thomas Erben, among others. He did not receive the Unesco Aschberg Bursary or the Inlaks scholarship. And lastly, he has not been writte... [more]

Interview with Michael Genovese  
1/21/13 Posted 1/21/13

Los Angeles, Jan. 2013: As I drove up the 5 freeway to meet Michael Genovese, my car radio was tuned to 88.9 FM. Between Anaheim and Norwalk, the radio transmission began to flicker back and forth between the two college stations that share that frequency in Southern California. For a few miles the radio was caught between KUCI and KXLU, between mellow beats and experimental noise. I let it play through, enjoyed the give and take, the struggle. Michael Genovese, whose solo exhibition Lines and Cracks and Z... [more]

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