ArtSlant - My blog en-us 40 Artist Statement <p>Artist Statement, Emma Jahoda-Brown</p> <p>January 2013</p> <p><i>The Architecture of Loneliness </i>is an ongoing project that I have been forming over several years of living alone in two cities. I am exploring how loneliness affects engagement with one’s physical surroundings, and how the feeling of loneliness reveals a vocabulary of emptiness within the outside world. Probably my experience of large cities is a common one, an unceasing overload of competing commercial and disconnected information. In my daily life, I try to find human, emotional aspects in things that appear vacant, through light, form, composition, and circumstance. The beings in my images, living and non-living, exist in worlds that are exclusive and which barely touch.  I am interested in the ways they intersect and what is at stake when they do. I feel I am perpetually attempting to break through, to dissolve the architecture that separates us.</p> <p> The most recent work I have begun, <i>Multiplied by One, </i>is an exploration of the interior spaces of people who live alone. I am focusing on each person’s living space without them being present, and how their visible environment reveals information about the consequences of living alone emotionally and aesthetically, economically and socially.  Ultimately, I am curious about how the self is experienced in a markedly different way in the home than it is expressed in the outside world.</p> <p>These days, my questions about what it means to be alive are mixed with what it means to be an artist. My identity as an artist comes with a responsibility to respond to life in a critical way, to inquire, and to search for solutions, not only problems. I see my work not as statements, but as evidence and lineages of questioning. I am propelled by what I don’t know and what I feel familiar with. Finding what is common among us, and ways in which people intersect without realizing it, are themes that interest me.</p> Sun, 06 Jan 2013 05:46:12 +0000