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Where is the real way out of Chen Yuanchu's Chinese art?Where is the real way out of Chinese art? The road of the art is rough, the thorns. Brought doctrine reflected in all aspects of art, art is also the case. We although there are excellent splendid cu


Chen Yuan Chu

Where is the real way out of Chinese art?


Where is the real way out of Chinese art? The road of the art is rough, the thorns. Brought doctrine reflected in all aspects of art, art is also the case. We although there are excellent splendid culture of five thousand years of history, creation of too numerous artistic peak, but in the context of globalization, the integration of the world (or the total Westernization) offer for the trend today. It seems to be our nation can withstand the price. So western culture and art to a large number of "win" in, Chinese people can finally a feast for the eyes, the artists is highly prized, 100 years of western modern and contemporary art process is Chinese artists in the short span of the last dozen years, such as a roller coaster like running again, horse with a whip, lightning, not seeking process, but beg efficiency, it seems that in "Western imperialists" to highlight our "China speed". China's modernization shift is a gradual process, from the initial to maintain the color of the main ethnic groups to the end of the world. In the process of modernity, it must be a process of national, regional and national. A modern society must be a pan ethnic hybrid subjects, this is not flattering to the west, but to Chinese modernization and internationalization of the dual steering.Return to the study of Western painting artist, finally used the "ink" as the main language of art, "ink painting" is not immutable, but "ink" as the carrier of Chinese traditional culture, its commitment to the value of the level of significance is evident. The development of Chinese contemporary art should not only pursue the form of "novelty", but in the first half of twentieth Century after the glorious Chinese culture, to return to the value level of exploration. Chinese people are good at "walking on stilts", stand high and see far, legs lengthened, pace also Maide, but hard to avoid lets a person doubts as to whether go steady. "Brought" after, Chinese artists or will be a western artist works slightly modified and in front of the Chinese people show their latest research, thus lay the status of rivers and lakes; either the ancestors left things suite Western present contemporary art of the gorgeous coat to go to international highlight the "Oriental", after coming back to the people by flaunting their "international status". There are some people of insight to reflect on the way out of Chinese art, but also done a lot of artistic attempts, trying to bring art to the local cultural core, to achieve its nationalization. But mostly a formality, but is neither Chinese nor Western, neither fish nor fowl, like keep plait of the Qing Dynasty is wearing a tuxedo through the streets. Art world such a scene, has a strong nationalist complex cultural scholars, art critics can not help but angry, accused Western cultural colonization, blame the country people fawn on foreign powers. "Short hand with the people, people eat zuiruan, out of the mix," take "the people, sooner or later have to repay. During the first half of the 20th century, Xu Beihong, Lin, Jiang Zhaohe, Liu Haisu from abroad study abroad return, high spirited and vigorous, vigorous and resolute, reference of western culture, strongly criticized and transformation of Chinese traditional culture, from the different aspects of open, to promote the modern transformation of Chinese culture, they with over the past 20 years, Chinese contemporary art has a maximum of different: never give up Chinese culture of "subjectivity", the attitude from the West does not flattery. As a with contemporary consciousness of intellectuals and artists, should consciously stay away from the "ink", if ink represents a decadent and national consciousness, that we must particularly consciously stay away from the ideology of cultural plague.A real artist must defend human and noble, life things, there is no cultural attitude of the artist is often worse than beasts, must be the power and violence of the connivance of the tool is the tragic history of failure of the national culture. It is said that Picasso once said to the visiting Zhang Daqian, I dare not go to your China, you China has a powerful Qi Baishi. After another puzzled to ask, you Chinese have Qi Baishi such a great artist, ink, calligraphy so excellent art form, why so many people have to go to Europe to study art? Picasso doubts it might be we need to rethink the proposition. The power discourse system of contemporary art is the continuous pursuit of innovation in the language of art, not only for decades, but also a common representation of the evolution of art history and civilization history. Art in addition to the pursuit of formal means of innovation, but also the pursuit of ideological content innovation, so as to avoid a large history of sluggish contraction. Art has no formal surface, and nature is not new to the inner mind.There is no difference between Chinese culture and post modernist art, otherwise it will mean the death of art and civilization. Art pursuing from means to the inherent meaning of rich manifestation of creative arts, a society in the arts and culture maintained inside static inheritance relationship, it shows that it is dull civilization of aging country. Admittedly, one-sided pursuit of form "novelty" some empty, but must respect the pursuit of pure form "novelty" is artistic creation of valid path, pursuit of form of "novelty" is to promote the basic steps of the overall development of the arts. Such as the cultural revolution, Wang Guangyi Pop painting, although not formal language of the original novel, with respect to the sameness of the Chinese traditional art is refreshing, such as Xu Beihong to Western classical painting leads to China has aroused a revolution in painting "serious consequences." This fact has been reflected in the extreme poverty of Chinese cultural creativity.

Posted by Yuan Chu Chen on 2/6

Yuan Chu Chen To explore the true meaning of contemporary art


Yuan Chu Chen

To explore the true meaning of contemporary art




Expresionsm, a word used to describe a particular artistic style, in fact does not exist a movement called the "Expressionism". The term is generally used to describe the drawing and drawing style of German opposition to academic tradition in the late nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century. Play a key role in the process of counseling and Nietzsche through on ancient Chinese art criticism in the form of expressionism. In his "the birth of tragedy" Nepal mining will be divided into two types of ancient art and the art of Apollo is rational, order, rules and elegant art; Dionysian art is art of vicious and mayhem and madness. Apollo art represents the rational ideal, and the Dionysian art comes from the subconscious. The two forms of art are the same as those of their God: they are the sons of God, incompatible with each other, and cannot be distinguished. Nitzsch believes that any art works contain these two forms. The basic characteristics of expressionism is Dionysus: bright colors, distorted forms, painting skills casually, plane, lack of perspective, based on their feelings, and not based on reason. If is proprietary name of a specific faction and the narrow sense, expressionism is refers only to the beginning of the 20th century the German "Green Knight" and the "bridge club" school. If is painting technique of expression in a broad sense, expressionism is the crown at all times and in all over the world all the heavy "reproduction" and "performance" of the painter. Not only after impressionism most Western modernist school painter can be said France and Spain and expressionist painter, and even can be traced back to the Netherlands the Bosch (Bosch 1450-1516) Greco (GRECO 1541 -1614), Goya, Goya 1746-1828 Mo Luo (Moreau 1826-1898), German B cklin Bocklin 1827-1903, British poet, painter black (Blake 1757-1827) and pre Raphaelite painter and so on. As for Chinese painters, including the calligraphy), compared to the west, from the overall performance of the technique, can be described as expressionist. The more to Xu Wei (1521-1593) in the, Zhuda (1626-1705), Shi Tao 1636-1710, of Yangzhou Eight strange ", Qi Baishi (1863-1957), who is one of the most outstanding.Expressionist style is different, so rich and colorful. Although the same is in the form of expression of the human mind, but because of their performance of the mentality and form of different orientation, the form of painting is completely different, which can be said to be a major feature of the performance of the painting. For example, after the three major painters of the post, because of their attitude and form of expression is different and make their style is different. However, they are in the form of the main orientation of the same, that is, the strong call color performance, or stressed that the performance of color, so they can be called a school. Cezanne said: "a painting is the first, it should be the performance of color." Van Gogh said: "I explore the red green show strong emotion of human being." "It is a color that is not a realistic point of view, but it implies a kind of madness." "I want to use the color with countless changes to express a kind of absolute quiet." The Gorgon said: "pure blue, all have to sacrifice it. A uniform blue gray trunk becomes pure blue, other colors are also so." "The color of the painting into the music stage." So home works of Impressionism gives the first impression is color screen glow strong charm -- because they are dedicated to the beauty of the color itself, to make the color itself is presented with the laws of the United States are special, successful exploration, so the picture showing pure color the beauty of their own, called the pinnacle, like color music. This comparison showed the harmonious beauty of colors, the artist's heart with color balance final impulse. Subsequent Fauvism works are similar to the wonderful, especially the works of Matisse, due to reduced the tragic and add the decorative, picture more light and colorful. It can be said that Matisse is the performance of decorative beauty, or that it is the use of the decorative art form of the United States to carry out the performance. Kandinsky to this light and colorful musical sense to the extreme, the color of the form symbol is like floating in the air of the beautiful balloon and kite. German expressionist painter picture color heavy, dark, even bright color also appears riots or bloody; crushing the image, lines and wild, the picture is lost the harmonious beauty of form. If Cezanne, Matisse, pay more attention to in a person's spiritual impulse, pursuit of beauty of balance and the painting itself in the form of performance, then many German expressionist painter is more concerned individual soul in the flashback of the world real look. They to smear the canvas muddy color, broken lines of the image and confusion, it is them to their own inner gaze saw. In the painting, seldom think of visual form beauty of painting itself, its use to convey feelings of painting form, often damaging people's general sense of visual beauty, this not the heart flashback gloomy, chaotic state of the world. In this regard, the artist's own bluntly.During the period of German performance, many outstanding painters were not German, but they were active in Germany. It is the land of Germany, the most easy to show the art of hair. At that time, Germany is in the eve of the first World War, into the state of militarism. The horrors of the third imperial horrors that emerged during World War II

Posted by Yuan Chu Chen on 2/3

Yuan Chu Chen Expressionism in China



Yuan Chu Chen          Expressionism in China


, the pioneer of China's expressionism painting is xu wei Zhu Da, over, "yangzhou eight eccentrics", qi baishi painting masters such as pay attention to performance style, the formation of its performance style performance in their mentality, content, both in its form and technique, the specific method of depicting objects and pen in ink. Expressionism spirit of Chinese artists of painting style a lot,, and Chinese painting faction is exquisite, even if not directly inherited the relation of its handing down is also very clear. At the same time, also on their personality and temperament expression with freehand brushwork, catharsis, free and easy, fatuous, artistic conception, the spirit of the noble, satire perspective, heavy suffering in the Chinese history for thousands of years in China rarely appear in the painting art, artists are there in the natural and unrestrained attitude of avoiding earthly, feudalism morality and free and unfettered bishi as the main pursuit. Today's political, social, the capital, money, and cultural environment, make our soul in troubled, therefore, needed more artistic expressionism, will be growing with the spirit of continuous development, live on and on and on.


Chinese rulers encouraged art of cynicism, indulge in the excesses of the totalitarian system. It is hard to appear a large number of Chinese society in the world as its own duty and no personal ambition appeal open-minded man. As long as a great power, is bound to benefit. Every founding emperor in revolt vowed to jiangshan country. However, as long as the power is no exception, secular embalm heart. The contemporary Chinese art? Away from the earth, despise power, or fawn, praises, eyewash? Expressionism in China will be overwhelming trend roll in, or is it just a handful of moaning whinge-bags melancholy artists at large distance? Artist inner psychological passion with contemporary expressionist art depth, with a creative spirit seems intuitive power status, no longer constrained by the realistic narrative scene painting consciousness, along with the incoming expand quickly out of the expressionist painting as its own context, more energy release huge visual impact, free and powerful expression directly and painful and desperate, soul roar, don't have to copy western expressionism pioneer, is no longer at large distance, and with his own freedom of expression language and rebel against traditional normal visual experience. This is the Chinese culture for thousands of years need new ideas.


Some important expressionist artists in the 20th century: Germany: Emile director, Franz to marek, airy, baumer, Leon, balah, erich Hector Kerr, Carl Schmitt - luo ruf, ai ernst road Vichy kirchner, Max beckmann, auguste mike, Max admire Mr Stein, Austria: Mr Gong, Schiller, oskar kirk west card, Paula otto modersohn becker, Russia: wassily kandinsky, Belgium: constance, pell m, James ensor, France: Qian M soutine, Norway: edvard munch, blue rider organization (German: Der Blaue Reiter) and bridge club is the famous expressionist painter association. In the 20th century expressionism also plays an important influence on many other artists, including the so-called abstract expressionism. In fact there is no claim to be expressionist artist or artist group, and the movement mainly concentrated in Germany and Austria. Blue knights are mainly concentrated in Munich, while the bridge club mainly concentrated in dresden (but then a few artists moved to Berlin). Bridge club activity time is longer, and the blue rider in fact only activities in 1912. ‎ many art style of expressionism played a role, including edvard munch, van gogh, and African art. In France with expressionism a brutalist confusion. Fauvism and expressionism in the use of color is very bold, but they are the purpose of the use of color is different. Fauvism to aestheticism, while expressionist intended to use these colors to express the feelings. The role of color lies in its ability to express and is not to use it to express an object or work. Expressionism using color and frantic lines to express themselves. Leaders of the blue rider kandinsky will continue to develop this approach. He believes that only with color and shape can convey the artist's feelings and emotions, so he jumped into the category of the abstract expressionism, changed the art of the 20th century. Other forms of art have expressionism.


While the Chinese are too much, too long repressed, Chinese painters and the early years of the nineteenth century German expressionist painter has too many similar feelings, but, after all, times have changed. Have experienced a changing pattern of the western modernist take turns moans, banter, ridicule, resistance and damage, the artists in the 20th century had the art works beyond recognition, resembles the beauty and ugliness. Modern artists of the main task is to strengthen the art of creating and retrieving, creating and find the beauty of art, who walk in front, who will become outstanding artist! The most damage to the reputation of dadaism delegate painter marcel duchamp, in the face of big misunderstanding its work later time, it is sadly wrote: "the new dada, that is, some people set of cloud new realism, pop art, art and so on, is the ashes of dada again. I use the finished product (its name is a real white porcelain urinal and a small beard of the Mona Lisa painting on two poster), is want to insult the traditional aesthetics, but new dada simply accept now finished product, and find the beauty. I threw the bottle and urinals in front of people, as a challenge to the traditional art, but now they have to admire the beauty of it." Have the effect of the expressionism spirit of artists to society especially, real to see people in the oppression and erosion deformed life, uncovered the totalitarian ideology over the fate of human truth, make us for a more just, more healthy person and social expectation. And the expression of expressionism with lofty perspective, serious, real and critical spirit, strike up the society increasingly fallen man desire, rebuild the spiritual beliefs of the society, the expressionism and our true misery of life has been difficult to separate, it is like a shadow along with our spiritual growth and expression, from young to middle-aged, until the old, finally will tend to be deep in the earth in the darkness of night, and the soul of the expressionism will live on forever. Cynicism about the dangers of art is that it's indulging the domination totalitarian unscrupulous. From the natural life, as long as there is life, nothing is not beautiful. In the world of the life, everything from a human being or narrow aesthetic looks ugly terrible animal, it is beautiful. That is comfortable, in the competition for survival and predatory deduction and reproduction of all life itself is beautiful. From tiger, leopard, bear and Pi to snake, scorpion, bats, flies, toad, and so on, in the form of nature vibrant ten thousand kinds of life in the army, which belongs to a member of the vitality of the beautiful world! In the original reserves, finally learned not to risk his own life situation or not, as one of the standard of aesthetic judgment, but themselves as members of a full equality with other animal in nature, one of the () in as much as possible to ensure safety measures "forgetting" to see it on the background of the nature itself, is full of the original wild, magnificent panorama of life. On the platform of beauty, all living things, this point is in the United States are equal, people are not more beautiful than the monkey! "The most beautiful monkey is better than ugly" this sentence uncovered more than two thousand years of aesthetics, in the face of life is beauty, worthless. Therefore, it is life form is beautiful form, the form is the ugliest form of vitality. All living forms for all the lives of young, high spiritedly, upward; All does not have the vitality of the form to all of life is low, atrophy, decay and death. Since art is created by living rather than the dead, its shape effect should be the former rather than the latter. In dazzling modernist art form, in the general aesthetic sense, we can choose along with the wish their likes and dislikes and ugliness. However, as a real artist, when creating art, there is bound to create the pattern - life forms. Both represent the outer world or inner world, is bound to show in the form of full of vitality. Even if those things without life, reproduce or performance is just, just in order to strengthen the vitality of the performance in contrast! We have no doubt that only vitality is the only standard of beauty, only the beauty of art life eternal! Modern art has and will continue to be with its constant changes and newer, by its childish kind of creativity, with its protean capture of natural vitality, become a kind of existence of ugly indestructible.


Huaxia culture embodies the Chinese inherent and long history and the truth and social, the spirit of Chinese culture in the deep, thick and long term under the authoritarian rule of numb soul, makes elite thinkers, politicians and scholars are extremely need to escape from reality, only the pursuit of fantasy life. Expressionism (French: Expressionnisme English: Expressionism) is popular in the early 20th century in northern Europe and Russia, Germany, Austria, France genre of literature and art. In 1901 the French painter Julian auguste el wei to show his painting is different from the impressionist and for the first time to use this word. After the German painter in the composition, technique and also the many aspects, such as line, color boldly "innovation", and gradually formed a faction. Later when music, film, architecture, poetry, novels, drama, etc. Socialism is an artist works by now focuses on performance of inner feelings, neglect the transfer of its subject matter, form, so often show the distortion of reality and abstraction. This is especially used to express the fear of emotional, cheerful expressionism works are rare. In this definition, Matisse Greene, ward and gray exam work also can be said to be the expressionism, but generally expressionism is limited to works of the 20th century. Expressionism refers to any performance art of inner feelings. The artist's feelings, of course, all of the art performance, but some works especially emphasized and express the artist's inner feelings. Especially in the period of social unrest such works are particularly common in Europe since the 15th century in the history of such turmoil often repeat: the reformation, Germany peasant war, eight years of war, and so on, all these upheavals and oppression are left its mark on the surface of printing work. Although these works from the perspective of art generally not impressive, but they are described by their terrorist always can cause intense emotions in the audience.




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Chen Yuan Chu The art market in China in a stunning way rising



Chen Yuan Chu

The art market in China in a stunning way rising

Every year Chinese cultural relics and art auction market total annual turnover frequently break billion. Chinese auction market also gave birth to a new vocabulary: works of art become a billion". The market continued to heat up, prices continue to rise - in the near boiling market situation, people for the Chinese art market in the future to a more attention: art market will show what kind of trend? What kind of art will become a new investment hot spots? The highest frequency of the "million times" whether there is an investment bubble? Chinese art "billion times," the beginning of the large-scale approach of financial capital, the art market has opened a new era of capital". Chinese art market over the hundred million threshold of the art more and more. With China such a huge economy, the market turnover of art auction market is not large, the scale is not large. In the face of the property market is facing pressure, the stock market downturn, the work of art has become a new investment objectives of financial capital. In recent years, at least hundreds of billions of hot money into China's art market, has become the backbone of China's market turnover to support the work of art. Under the background of the rapid development of China's economic environment and the global art recovery warmer, although short-term drop downturn was inevitable, but will not change the long-term trend direction of expanding the size of the art market, especially facing the inflation expectations of art as a kind of ideal investment consumption will continue to be pursued. Boutique reigns, art collection tends to the "classic", Chinese art market "price" frequent, surge in total turnover of background, "Puzhang" has become a thing of the past, the domestic film market is entering the era of "boutique kings", collectors began will focus on the works of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy and Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and other modern art master.If the artist's basic living expenses doesn't rely on selling works to obtain ", then in the premise, art is not is" pure "?? not to sell their work to life of the artist's creative activity is also expected to get social recognition, so even if is not to sell their work to life artist, in expectation of his works get social recognition, is the market price as his art activities, social return important indicators to look at. Art is a special kind of social commodity, the price must be in line with the economic law, whether it is the price of art, or the low price of art, are not in line with the laws of the economy. The logical thinking is actually another embodiment of the theory of artistic value, it is also assumed that the work of art is a transcendent pure spiritual products, so the price rise to what extent can not be too. And on the other hand, this constantly looking forward to rising prices of art is based on the economic environment of good news. That is to say, it is the overall economic environment attached to the price of art is assumed as a kind of "sterile, vacuum", at the same time the state of constant good. In this logic deduction, rising prices will attract more funds into the market, and more, continue to enter the capital is the art prices continue to rise to ensure that. So, which in essence is a process of circular argument, and this process of continuous self loop logic is based on a continuously came the assumption of "good news": social and political stability and sustained economic prosperity, bank credit funds continued easing, and so on. But, in fact, the reality to reality?? so, in reality, any kind of "positive" factors will cause this is not in conformity with the general economic law of "inner loop" logic of bankruptcy.The art market is not an independent, independent market logic. So, when it is attached to the overall economic environment, it must follow the general economic law. And the general economic law is: the market "change" is the normal state, thus, we can say that the "astronomical" logic of art is based on the premise of a good foundation is simply not stand. But the art of low-cost logic is not a means of a "reasonable price", whether it is in the "concept" of its publicity, or in the actual operation, are more close to the "low" concept. Make clear the essence, we basically can be judged, is expected to cheap type "parity" theory proposed is actually another form based on with the theory of "astronomical" instead of "bad" psychological basis, but also an art "priceless" theory. The so-called "bad" is a kind of psychological expectations of falling prices, which is based on the "parity" theory that the "reasonable price" logic is precisely the opposite. Because regardless of said in a economic freedom as the main market, market price determined by market supply and demand is may not be any subjective setting as "reasonable", only "parity" theory is the presupposition of the "ideal" parity consumption main body - - "the masses" the fuzzy definition of identity, apparently in the theory, it is to the concept of "the masses" and "price" consumption of the main rich diametrically opposed up. This hypothetical theory of moral premise is that the rich have the greed, speculation, unscrupulous, and so on the evil of human nature

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Yuan Chu Chen Help artists!



 Yuan Chu Chen     Help artists!


Most European classical painters are trained, grew up in the famous painter studio apprentice, slowly accumulate experience, and then the independent opening or inherited the teacher's work. Fran oisPicot studio has recruit gustave moreau (GustaveMoreau) and bouguer ROM (Bouguereau) as an apprentice, and Matisse (Matisse) are both students. Botticelli, Botticelli was vlade · Philip ripper (FraFilippoLippi) studio apprentice; Van del wei deng (VanderWeyden) had followed Robert camp (RobertCampin) painting. The most successful artist could be the church, the royal family, glorious Lord, governor and government employment, become an official artist. But this is not to say that the great works of art are all catering to the demand of customer orders. In fact all great artists after fame have their own personality, they are no longer just for the sake of customers, but for in creation of art in my heart. In this sense, this time they began to close to follow one's inclinations and visceral amateur artists. But they are in a long career practice skill, is that they can aplomb the basis of the literature in the future, medieval court poets usually hired by the king's palace noble, or the be fond of according to their creation epic poems, their poetry is need to deliver the products to your employer. Balzac and dumas serial novel, is in the absence of TV era, people at one's leisure entertainment products, the public to read them, they are equivalent to hit series. Bach, vivaldi, Taylor, is almost a city's music director, is responsible for the large and small mass instrument music festival ceremony, must each week to a new cantata. Their high yield of music creation that we now any pop star. , of course, they also can't write out, also is not hard to find when we listen to their works come round of repetition, the work pieces grafting in the other work. However, in such a tight schedule of training the composing skills tend to be outstanding.



Many officials in ancient China are amateur astronomers, painters and calligraphers. Sometimes the emperor himself. In the Chinese classical culture focus on the traditional humanistic thought has created amazing official literary system. The bureaucracy system, naturally formed a salon works used to entertain themselves, mutual appreciation, to sing, become a part of everyday life. Artistic creation is to cultivate one's morality raises a gender, visceral, don't need to supply customers and the market, so the Chinese classical poems calligraphy and painting has formed the pattern of a kind of free from vulgarity. This is relatively rare in the history of human art. The industrial revolution, the traditional novel was replaced by the film and television play. Completely replace the traditional painting is photography. Industrial civilization after the most embody the spirit of art, is a clothing design, product design or construction design, rather than painting. In this day and age, if you want to make art, is not the case. Art youth often to talk about the life of Vincent van gogh type. Van gogh is the amateur, nor a officer, nor a amateur, van gogh's the pastor, and early then no more professional, but by his family to support. This seems to be a very enviable thing: many young people are cognitive reserve, disdain by selling vulgar popular works to make a living, also don't want to be attached to an agency, of course more despise become a office worker. Now people think my work is rubbish, it's their naked eye every child, someday I will rewrite the history of art - this is a very beautiful dream. Every age there must be a lot of art youth doing this dream. However, is the right place, right time and make a van gogh. Living a theo support, after death clinging to run sister-in-law propaganda. There are so many professional artist, amateur artist in the world and official artists, we found that van gogh is the history of one of the most unusual. Not living a eccentric life can become true artists, some people live a married and have children, mundane life painting out of the brilliant.


In the electronic civilization century, if want to make art, is about to become a professional artist, in their alive will have the ability to make a living by their own creation. General work is not difficult to get in the market, such as popular fiction, pop songs, meets the needs of commercial architecture, interior, clothing, product design, photography, etc. As to whether these living works with the value of history, at the time of creation don't need to think about, enjoy the pleasure of writing is important. However, the road is full of uncertainty. May not sell the rest of my life a novel, if still insist on creation, partners may need parents relatives and friends support for a long time, life, even if your willing, that's good. If kept for many years that people haven't success, is not suitable for art. Then attached to the official or academic institutions, or artistic fund sponsored, in our time, a lot of good artists are both scholars and professional researchers, but it will have a chance. Part-time artist, or for a legitimate career, engineers, lawyers, accountants, teachers can, creating works of art in his spare time. A large number of examples, many amateur artist's work even better than professional artists. Because of the mentality is different, don't need to cater to the market, liberal, visceral, also not constrained by academic routine. Especially in writing, out of touch with society could never become a good writer. When doing the social work, the creation is more efficient. If you want to be a good art appreciator, can give up to become art creators, become art activities organization and planners, critic, if has the rich money can sponsor other artists, art not only needs to be an artist, also needs to connoisseur, curators, critics and collectors.


To sum up, if you want to make art, tireless efforts and pursuit, utility, don't care, don't complain. Some people think they are genius; actually nowadays. In fact and art. Some art lover just feel want to do the thing that oneself like, while being common to art, live like novels in the Bohemian life. But like any other work in the field of artistic creation, need a lot of boring training and failed attempts, process long, no fun, painful, what need more long feet on the ground rather than illusory inspiration, so doomed to only a few people can stick to, a real master of art was a match made in heaven, every time with its unique artistically symptoms, we as long as there is a love for art and dedication, constantly pursuing on the rough road, to excellence, to a certain height. Even though there can be no brilliant achievement, also want to enjoy, self appreciation, get mold in the art of happiness, that's enough.


The artist what do for a living? Artists need to insight into the art market price changes, and the pattern of the art market? Since the ancient times, the artist based on his work for a living, still depend on others to feed, or find another to raise their professional art dream? Literary youth dream of that kind of Bohemian life whether the artist's true state? The artist what do for a living? The problem for the general public seems to be no problem. In the general impression, news to report so-and-so art is sky-high auction again. Artists should be very rich? Things not so simple, of course, there is no lack of art home at birth with works won a large fortune, but more but still need to plan how to support themselves. Today to share this article explores some important artists living way, and in the final to have artists dream of youth to the pertinent advice is given. The road of art is not so simple, and as the novel wrote Bohemia. We might as well to explore carefully artists in the history of the most important source of economy, it may be more real understanding how art is involved in social reality, and what plays a role in the middle of the society. Theory of economy, all artists can be roughly divided into pro, officer, private and amateur. Most in the history of the history of the artists are professional artists. In their living living by selling his work for a living, to feed their families. Before the invention of the camera, an old man to let his unborn son know your looks, only one painter, please draw a picture for yourself, don't need to how much the painter to enter the ambition of art history, but he is going to look like the employer. Regardless of the east and the west, in the ancient general limner is one of the three hundred and sixty lines, and other common, does not have much superiority on identity. They must be like a private owner, responsible for the output of his works, otherwise has the danger of bankruptcy.




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Yuan Chu Chen In the crucible of the contemporary art market


Yuan Chu Chen

In the crucible of the contemporary art market

Since the may fourth movement, the Chinese fine arts has been a hold, a radical. Advocating the spirit of art to observe the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy collectors don't casually follow something alien, and contemporary art circle, the problems existing in the traditional art to innovation, to learn the west, to focus on the present moment. Debate has not stopped, art world never short of tit-for-tat discussion, with weibo that large network platform, after discussing rise to scold, art circle who are not a vegetarian. The contradiction between the two is just formed in one hundred to a literary tension, only there are both traditional and contemporary art is hundred flowers of good cultural phenomenon. Appear on both sides the outcome, but through the theory of "fly" and "traitors", the theory of "cyber-squatting" attack of the contemporary art world, from war on the quantity and quality of debate is lesser, become the most injured role.

As the contemporary art market, the test also follow. Let a person didn't expect, however, in the auction market after the bubble burst, the ullens selling work remains strong contemporary art circle, bear the biggest punch from the customs. "Contemporary art for the sake of a few smelly money flattering, cynicism west!" "Calligraphy and painting collection brainwashed people in the deep!" ...... These violent, offensive words was published on twitter, the and contemporary art of Chinese painting and calligraphy collection circle weibo "as" has become the most lively art event this summer, and climax in recent days, a total of nearly a century artists, art, media, art critic in the wars. Although at present, the battle with the microblog hot lines to the transfer of the Olympic Games, but it still produce finish questions, such as the art market "conspiracy theory", the artistic value judgment, etc., to view the guest know the circle is a vivid teaching material of Chinese art. Many art transport companies "questioning", the director of the customs. This is not an isolated incident, because art transport company is the artist, works of art, agent, auction houses, collectors of chain link, is extremely important. Sure enough, soon the media news broke, there are at least five or six art dealers and collectors in the overseas purchase of costly artwork was seized by customs, art dealer for the art was arrested for tax evasion amount is huge, the Shanghai said after a major collector in the customs investigation all pay taxes... Because the investigation involved work more for contemporary art, has become Chinese contemporary art circle network hot topic. Contemporary art unknown "bureau", "hidden rules" laid bare triggered the calligraphy and painting circles to the applause of the contemporary art scene.

Why will become targets of contemporary art? Actually from contemporary art 2006 heating up, there is a lot of people stand out among jie of contemporary art, that Chinese contemporary art is made for the western contemporary art international export products. Booming of Chinese contemporary art has the art hype group do bureau, for art prices are artificially, most of the work for transaction is actually false deal. Events and the customs, no doubt, be a strong indication of these arguments. Time painting collection circles have, they are of the same tone, fierce criticism of contemporary art circle "ugly", "flattering" and "bureau" behavior, think that China's booming of contemporary art is roughly the same class: a daze, is dumb, the sick, the era of picture is this China? At all from ideological negation in Chinese contemporary art painting and calligraphy collection circle thrown out more and more, and then the contemporary art circle is not to be outdone, calligraphy and painting collectors for the powerful counterattack, fierce criticism of traditional collectors of contemporary life. The debate also into melee. Both the gap from where? Differences between the two sides have always existed, mainly because of their value orientation judgment of art is not the same, the debate is under both parties hold different idea in art.


As the contemporary art market, the test also follow. Let a person didn't expect, however, in the auction market after the bubble burst, the ullens selling work remains strong contemporary art circle, bear the biggest punch from the customs. "Contemporary art for the sake of a few smelly money flattering, cynicism west!" "Calligraphy and painting collection brainwashed people in the deep!" ...... These violent, offensive words was published on twitter, the and contemporary art of Chinese painting and calligraphy collection circle weibo "as" has become the most lively art event this summer, and climax in recent days, a total of nearly a century artists, art, media, art critic in the wars. Although at present, the battle with the microblog hot lines to the transfer of the Olympic Games, but it still produce finish questions, such as the art market "conspiracy theory", the artistic value judgment, etc., to view the guest know the circle is a vivid teaching material of Chinese art. Many art transport companies "questioning", the director of the customs. This is not an isolated incident, because art transport company is the artist, works of art, agent, auction houses, collectors of chain link, is extremely important. Sure enough, soon the media news broke, there are at least five or six art dealers and collectors in the overseas purchase of costly artwork was seized by customs, art dealer for the art was arrested for tax evasion amount is huge, the Shanghai said after a major collector in the customs investigation all pay taxes... Because the investigation involved work more for contemporary art, has become Chinese contemporary art circle network hot topic. Contemporary art unknown "bureau", "hidden rules" laid bare triggered the calligraphy and painting circles to the applause of the contemporary art scene. In the chaos of the wars, some with a calm voice is especially precious thought.

Most industry insiders believe that the contemporary art scene is not really so chaos as the legend. In contemporary art circle, there are a few people were affected by the western deep, there are some unhealthy tendencies, and a few contemporary artists to ignore the traditional inheritance, this is to solve. But can't because of the practice of a few people discredit the contemporary art circle, the circle as a whole is still relatively healthy, so just can have so much government support, contemporary art biennale because it is to adapt to The Times development. Traditional art circle, of course, also can't completely sure. If you don't innovate only copy the traditional, that is against the tradition. Not only innovation, culture will collapse, only inheritance without innovation, culture will be complacent, weakening. The two art circle has reason to exist, the lack of any a part is not allowed, but the two circles in addition to carry forward the result, also want to solve the problems. After a long argument, people seem to have forgotten the starting point of events: what customs punch has much impact on the contemporary art? Customs affair although reaction is very big, but its influence, after all, limited because most of the painter's creation is honestly. After all, only a handful of violation. Customs's impact is limited, but the influence of the controversy is long, now is far from over.




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Chen Yuan Chu China's art market rising in a stunning way


Chen Yuan Chu

China's art market rising in a stunning way


China's art market rising in a stunning way, every year total annual Chinese relics and art auction market turnover at billions. China's auction market also gave birth to a new word: art became a "$". Increasingly hot market, prices continue to rise - in nearly boiling under the market situation of people for the future of Chinese art market much a concern: the shape of the art market will present how? What types of art will become the new investment hot spot? The multiplexes for "one hundred million yuan era" whether there is investment bubble? Chinese art after the beginning of the "one hundred million yuan era", the large-scale approach of financial capital, is the art market opened up a new era of "capital". The Chinese art market across the art more and more of the $one hundred million threshold. In China such a huge economy, annual turnover of one hundred billion yuan of art auction market scale is not big. In the housing market is facing under the condition of stress, the sustaining wearying of stock market, art has become a new financial capital investment objectives. In recent years, there are at least hundreds of billions of hot money into China's art market, has become the backbone in Chinese art market turnover over the support. In China's rapidly growing economic environment and the backdrop of the global art recovery recovery, while the short-term downturn fall is inevitable, but the art market scale will not change the trend of the forward direction, especially in the face of inflation expectations, art as a kind of ideal investment consumption will continue to get popular. Boutique king art collection "classic", "day price" for Chinese art market, under the background of skyrocketing sales, "rose" has become the past, domestic film field is in an era of "king" high-quality goods, collectors focused attention on the ancient painting and calligraphy in China and qi baishi, chang and other works of modern art masters.


如果艺术家的基本生活支出根本就不依靠出售作品来获取”,那么在这个前提下,艺术是不是就是“纯粹”的呢? 不以出售作品来生活的艺术家的创作活动也是期望得到社会认可的,所以即使是不以出售作品来生活的艺术家,在期望其作品得到社会认可的过程中,也是会把市场价格作为他的艺术活动社会回报的重要指标来看待的。艺术品是一种特殊的社会商品,其价格也必须要符合经济规律,无论是艺术品的天价,还是艺术品的低价,都是不符合经济规律的。天价的逻辑思路实际上是艺术无价论的另一种体现,它也是假设了艺术品是一种超然的纯精神产品,所以其价格上涨到什么程度都不为过。而另一方面,这种不断期待艺术品价格上涨的心态是以经济大环境的利好消息为基础的。也就是说,它是把艺术品价格所依附的整体经济环境假设为一种“无菌、真空”,同时又不断利好的状态中。在这种逻辑推演中,不断上涨的价格会吸引更多的资金进入到这个市场中,而更多的、持续不断进入的资金又是艺术品价格得以不断上涨的保证。所以,这在本质上是一个循环论证的过程,而这个不断自我循环的逻辑过程又是建立在一个不断传来“利好”消息的假设前提下:社会政治稳定、经济持续繁荣、银行信贷资金持续宽松,等等。但是,实际上呢,这些在现实中都能为现实吗?所以,在现实中,任何一种非“利好”的因素,都会导致这个不符合一般经济规律的“内循环”逻辑破产。


The art market is not a detached and independent market logic. It in the attachment, then, bedding face of the whole economic environment, also will have to follow the general law of economic. And general economic law is: the market state of "change" is the norm, as a result, we can say that the art of "day price" the rose which is the basis of the logic premise is simply untenable. And art low logic is put forward, it is not means that a "reasonable price", whether in its propaganda "concept", or in the actual operation, the closer to the concept of "low price". After figuring out what the real, we basically can judge, low expectations of the theory of "parity", is actually based on contrary to the theories of "day price" of the "bad" psychological basis, and art another manifestation of the theory of "priceless". The so-called "bad" is a expectations of falling prices, this has to do with "parity" theory is based on the "reasonable price" logical hypothesis is precisely the opposite. Because put in a free economy as the main body of the market form, determined by the market supply and demand in the market price is not possible to set the subjective as "reasonable" by anyone; Only "parity" theory by default the "ideal" parity consumption subject - "the masses" vague definition of identity, obviously in this theory, it is the concept of "people" and "day price" consumption subject - the opposite. This hypothetical theory of moral premise is that the rich have greed, speculation, and by hook or by crook the evil in human nature "the masses" there doesn't exist, "the masses" is a group of "angel" by default after consumers. On them, and keep the content but joy, pure consumption such as the human nature of good character.


"Parity" theory is based on the premise is: the consumption market in "parity" the art of "the masses", they hold that art is not with the purpose of any financial investment, but in order to satisfy the pure motivation "art appreciation". "Classic" art investment trend has become the main means of collectors and investor risk aversion: instead of to spend money to buy a lot of general works, bought is better than a boutique. Statistics show that although the Chinese art market turnover was gained momentum, but only 10% of the art prices have risen sharply, other collection gains is not big. Need not worry, for guard capital hype "bubble", the Chinese art market of unprecedented prosperity, also caused the people's worries about the "bubble", clinch a deal valence frequency record "$", have the suspicion of hot money hype? Financial capital contributed and collectors are blindly following, will cause the market "artificially high"? One hundred million yuan level items and market bubble is not intrinsically linked, as in the past two years the market with the highest heat plate of ancient painting and calligraphy, its value has been grossly underestimated, today's prices, is the art market has become increasingly mature and collectors investment focus on high-quality goods under the dual function of normal performance. For collectors, really need to alert is, through the capital comes into play "hype" and prices less popular art. The Chinese contemporary art market has a variety of foam and disadvantages, but some people think that a lot of art really worth the price. Somebody feels at home is scrambled out of the contemporary art market boom, with the warming of the Chinese economy, the expansion of economic output has a direct relationship, is a national economy for the ratification of culture, the United States, Germany, in rising to a certain stage, the art market have appeared in the same situation. And, of course, a more famous example is Japan in the 1980 s before its bubble burst in Japan, the art market also unusually hot. Japan is not the same as in China, then they mainly Fried is the French painter's works, in the aspect of art collection too in a hurry with the western world, it was a bit of wishful thinking.


In the logic of a follow the rules of market economy, buyers in investment expected psychological driven, can produce market demand, with the market demand, we cannot ask the seller to follow what the "parity" moral standards. On the other hand, if the seller's products on the premise of no price appreciation, we also can't ask buyer in accordance with the "parity" does not actually exist agreed to buy art. Violates the general economic law of so-called art "parity" theory, not only to establish a common "the masses" can afford to buy art "parity" the art market, it will encourage those potential art "rule" abnormal consumption of consumer psychology. In the long run, this to build a more in line with the market economy rule of rational art market is bad. Experts said, the traditional collectors funds is limited, mainly due to the appreciation to hide, not to the time of investment return special clear demarcation; And capital investment is generally the size of the "large class", there are strict earnings period and the target, the target is benefit maximization. Because the latter has a definite time limit and, once established approach, will not hesitate heavy gold hit an, exit the reckless, easy to cause market volatility. Therefore, in the era of "capital" of the Chinese art market, collectors need to be more rational sober judgment, can not blindly pursue "high", "hot". For some price fluctuations large art classes, more attention should be paid to avoid risk, not blindly follow suit. In today's social environment, if comes back to you with any "art is priceless" view deny art such as the commodity attribute is absurd. As long as there is market demand, is the inevitable result of art in the form of the market price reflects its economic value attribute, there is no doubt about it, so we needn't have secret.

Art market hot leads to blind investment, for art. In the wind of the chaos and hype hype is contemporary art market, domestic artists? Many galleries will hire some mining in areas such as the "agent" to academy of fine arts, once out, or at a low price to buy the works, or a fixed period contract (like a painter to 100000, the artist needs to 10 picture gallery), then use organization on display, please write comments, participate in the auction will draw the prices go up, a lot of young artist "packaging" in this way, prices rise 10 times as much as 20 times a year not strange. Many famous painter can't escape the fate of the hype. Integration of painter Wang Yan into from the home stay, as a result, there are many galleries to stay, it is to give him a year how many, how much how much how much to buy his paintings, "isn't this a joke? Where do this art?" According to reporter understanding, mentioned above and the auction record of the three gorges immigrants, the "day price" the revenue, didn't have much relationship with the painter himself. Now in the art market to the investment and speculative person too much, a lot of people buy paintings is to sell higher price, there are a lot of people are in use the art market to do other things, really fixed collectors or too little. More worrying is that some artists are self hype, auctions, now has many paintings sold price, actually have a plenty of painters own money to buy back.


Artists are specific person lives in a specific social environment, demands on the one hand, as a social economic exchanges with other agent as follow the economic law, on the other hand went to kill the artist as a "product" of economic exchange of art market attributes. This logic is not fair to artists. If we blindly what song "art is pure spirit" "art is priceless", then you can demand the artist studio landlord also because of "art is priceless", so his house is "priceless"? Artists go to market to buy food, also can ask farmers sell food is "priceless"? Acknowledge the goods attribute and value of art law is the premise of we talk about the problem. We might as well think calmly, this premise logic can be set up? Since those investment funds already had nothing to do with individual's quality of life of the "rich" can do "purity" consumption of art, then how can we hope to those investment funds directly affects their personal quality of life "the masses" in consumption of these has nothing to do with the material life of art, its motive so pure and detachment? ! So, but all with investment or speculation behavior of the market economy, when it is in a low price can keep psychological expected, it is impossible to stay in a so-called "reasonable" price level. Contemporary art market is chaotic, now good things sold for, the garbage also sold for... But it is a must go through the process. So, in this huge opportunity also has the huge risk in the market, collector how to gold in the sea? Must have the eye of art history, a work of the final price is determined by its position in the history of art, and those who follow suit imitation, is bound to be junk.

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Chen Yuan Chu What is the foundation of all painting?



Chen Yuan Chu

What is the foundation of all painting?



"Sketch is the foundation of all painting", "Chinese traditional painting did not sketch foundation", now discussed warmly about these views, is worthy of our study.


Sketch is the foundation of all painting? Anatomy is the basis of all painting? The foundation of all painting color? Alone is not the foundation of all painting? Form the foundation of all painting? Love is the foundation of all painting? Reason is the foundation of all painting? Science is the foundation of all painting? Politics is the foundation of all painting? Economy is the foundation of all painting?




What is the foundation of all painting?




All what is the definition of painting, portraits, still life painting, landscape painting, painting the human body, the Chinese and western landscape, impressionist, collage, cubism, fauvism, concept art figure, figure behavior art, land art figure, construction diagram, mechanical drawing, maps, medical human figure, venation figure of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture acupoints, organ figure, all kinds of weather chart, various astronomical map, all kinds of psychology, various chemical elements figure, various economic charts, various mathematical graphs, various business management chart, various physics figure, various mathematical figure, all kinds of commercial design, all kinds of advertising, fashion design, shoes and hats, handbags silk tie bedding design, all kinds of porcelain, glass, wood, stone, metal crafts design, a variety of jewelry design, furniture design, furniture design, electrical wiring diagram, integrated electronic map, hydraulic figure, military layout, political situation, and so on, all this count is painting a picture?




We just discussed art painting? Above all are rich in the art of generalized.




What is the definition of a sketch, the sketch drawing for monochrome lines depict commonly, is the foundation of the painting form. The Chinese traditional ShiBaMiao, all kinds of experiment is also the sketch. Sketch rendering the form and the performance of the outline, the simple sense of objects and quantity, sporty and sense of rhythm. Sketch can use pencils, pens, brushes, combination brush pen and chalk, and so on all tools to monochromatic paint. When color after entering, it is no longer a sketch.




When we put the train of thought to relax, thesis answers might clear up.




Is the basis of Chinese traditional painting line, pen and ink and freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, mainly reflected in the landscape, flowers and birds, figures. The theoretical basis of western realistic painting is: line, shape, light, color and emotion, mainly reflects on the landscape, still life, the character. Traditional Chinese painting in addition to pay attention to the painting itself art institute, have calligraphy poems deep attainments. No matter that kind of painting, drawing is a must to learn? Can not learn? Learn the good? To learn is bad?




The basic theory of traditional Chinese painting is to must be based on the sketch? Actually think differently. Not learn sketch, and learned some sketches of Chinese painters, become you can create a unique style. Painter, has deep drawing strength will be in modelling accuracy, the perspective, light and shade in master degree, without learning sketch, splashing in a paint and ink interest aspects unchecked, powerful and unconstrained style full play.




A professional abstract painter to must be based on the sketch? Is anybody. Abstract art wide, not learn sketch, and studied the sketch of abstract painter, become you can create a unique style. Have a deep drawing language abstract painter, will be on the level of rich, build in abstract form easy to obtain, without learning sketch, better in colour pen, emotion vent all performance. Even studied chemistry, psychology, geometry, mathematical and so on, to bring rich inspiration abstract painter.


The category of contemporary art has been stretched to infinity, concept art, installation art, behavior art, landscape art, and so on, many artists learned sketch, there are also many, having never learned, relative to the realism painting, oil painting, in particular, the sketch is particularly important. But for general painting and the art of generalized sketch can be an important art skills training, but not must be based on drawings as necessary, to learn. Learn and learn, for general works of art, influence not to a critical level. With sketch course in art teaching, is completely normal. The status of important sketch art education and practice. But it is not the main. And we are in the sketch art education and practice lack of some what?




The issue of "the sketch is the foundation of all painting will not appear in the west. "Traditional Chinese painting did not learn the sketch foundation" problem will only appear in China, also worthy of our study is the realism position and status in China, realism is the real natural causes or natural principle to express all the ideological trend of art, as a main body in the 20th century western art, in the twentieth century has pulled out of the mainstream of western art, but in China has become the dominant of the second half of the 20th century. The founding of the first 30 years, due to the need of political ideological propaganda art, authoritarian model operas type became a art; After the collapse of the cultural revolution. And realism, in the new century ten years, whether it is a beautiful courtyard of recruit students and teaching, and the capital market upstarts hype and media of the blind, and miraculously occupy the mainstream of contemporary art. Chinese contemporary art has attracted international attention, how to realize the development of Chinese contemporary art and problems. For the Chinese art of problems may have different point of view, in the past we often speak Chinese and westerners view may have a little difference, but if we do some deep analysis will find some different content, realism is very common vocabulary in China in the past, in the past few years the word light disappeared in people's field of vision. In fact, in our today many creations, recall already set by the academy of fine arts, is still the dominant at the time about the subject, the basic rules of discipline and characters. So far, the word of "realism" in art, contemporary Chinese visual art the most well-known artists and theorists of almost all published his views and opinions. Anyone is a guess, views, and so on. However, the "realism" is an important concept in the art history. , in other words, the discussion of the "realism" can not only stay in his own level, the theorists also should clarify some issues, such as realism and realism (including xu beihong said "realism" and "realism"), there is difference between Chinese and western realism concept is completely consistent, realism refers to a kind of artistic value, or mental or a method of creative art of western realism in the 19th century and the Soviet union in the 20th century "socialist realism" have relations, our country's "revolutionary realism" and what is the relation of western realism in the 19th century, and so on. Although since Mr Xu beihong realism became a flag of artistic creation in our country, but it is undeniable that the concept of realism itself like oil painting from "born" in the west.




The powers of the central academy of fine change after 1949 mainly in the three factions, namely, yanan and under the red flag in the kmt-controlled area Ma Xun class, xu is the control of administrative power and education courses in lost after 1957. Xu beihong in the era of the republic of China did not make the realism system not only unify the whole country, has not reached in 1949. Realism in after the founding of unify the whole country is to blame for xu beihong is a historical misunderstanding. The real reason was left after the founding of ideological system, as well as the system of political propaganda art and exclusive of the implementation of the means of realism. In a pluralistic modern society, realism and modernism, and romantic, impressionism, cubism, abstract expressionism and so on has its spiritual value, and can not simultaneously. Xu beihong in the period of the republic of China is fierce criticism to modernism, but in the end, the pattern is still each dry: huang in traditional literati paintings, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo last spring, after the song TaoLengYue try "moonlight landscape", liu haisu impressionist painting, 庞薰琹 to cubism, fauvism, Lin Fengmian Zhao Shou creation from the dunhuang and folk painting to find resources in China, there are some people learn Japanese painting. But from at the beginning of the founding to thirty years of the cultural revolution, the far-left ideology and system exclusive abstract art, impressionism, surrealism, cubism and modern art, cause political propaganda and realism unify the whole country, the reason is not that the relative merits of realism and modernism, but in a country's cultural system whether to allow the diversity of art schools.




Refers to the early 20th century western modern painting abstract art, cubism, constructivism, brutalist formalism painting, etc. Formalism stressed that art painting is no longer a "reproduction" or photographic image simulation. Modern formalism painting basically needless realism perspective, anatomy, hue, such as the so-called "modelling" system. Realism in the 20th century, of course, still have certain effect, such as the left realism, posters and commercial posters, applied art, design, and super realism as a concept art, photography, paintings, etc. Since the advent of photography and film, realism painting language is hard to transcend the modernist art strength. Even in super realism, photographic images of realism, painting in the center of gravity is not "modelling", but in painting and concept, the relationship between images. Overall, the modern film, photography, animation, virtual visual computer, its richness and vitality to transcend language before centered on modelling of realistic painting.




Over the past century western culture with its political, economic and military might to infiltrate all over the world, occupying the leading status in the global and voice, with the help of art institutions and market means, make the one fashion trends. Look under the China's contemporary art will find that the so-called contemporary art today actually is an important clue is realism, realism is the artist look at China today society and even the past one hundred years including a basic attitude in the past three decades. Under this influence, we see while art changes, behind is actually have a clue. In the 'eighty s is a critic noted, when we look at China art, many are not in the form of a question, but behind it is represented by the changes of The Times, anyway. Speaking of today's Chinese art must be related to the past one hundred years of history, because in China as the change of Chinese society, with the change of the history, we have a lot of affairs are produced different concepts, such as the concept of art is we have received the international many thoughts of the west, such as these thinkers, writers of Chinese art in China has a new explanation, and even called the revolution of Chinese traditional art. In this case, the artist how to use art to express the understanding of social has become a very important one clue of the 20th century, and of course there are other. Under the concept of globalization, on the in the economic and cultural developed countries, the cultural phenomenon in those countries and regions, as the avant-garde art and fashion. From McDonald's, jeans and iphone materialism craze, to the obsession with Hollywood blockbusters in spirit, and then follow suit and imitate in the history of art, to synchronize with world trend.




The specific Chinese cultural environment to produce the phenomenon of "Chinese contemporary art". Don't repeat the history, don't repeat the reality, to create the spirit of to express their own thoughts, attitude to society, nature and people, this is the essence of contemporary art characteristics. As far as the Chinese contemporary art, we can find the answer from the historical experience, just look at the modern Chinese art since the development of western modern art of the reflection of all kinds of performance art in China, the phenomenon of contemporary art in China it is not hard to understand. The best mirror is a history, history is often repetitive, the development of Chinese art how to come out from this paradox history circle, sometimes has problems of its own, is not only art is a reflection of the overall strength of a country, and the overall strength in culture and art ideology on the show. China's realism has unify the whole country, emphasis on the sketch is the foundation of all plastic arts, the traditional Chinese ink painting training mode in the academy system marginalized and even disappear; Opposition to the early 20th century Paris avant-garde formalism painting, namely from Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, such as fauvism, cubism painting, Chinese modern art process suffered decades of delay. In the 20th century art, modelling is in fact not the foundation of all art, is not a modern painting language. "Model", in fact, the name is the modelling of "realism", namely, use before the perspective in the 19th century, the anatomy of the auxiliary method to shape precision of image, but this system of so-called "model" is no longer the focus of modern painting. Drawings should not be the basis of all painting. Traditional Chinese painting study sketch is very good, don't learn is also very good. All painting must learn sketch theory of broken is inappropriate. And what we lack in the fine arts education and practice? Did we pay attention to color, light, art with anatomy, the human body art, psychology, abstract science and art XingShiXue, emotional art, society of art, art materials science, computer art, multimedia art, network art, 3 d art and so on? The fine arts education ought to be more open, rich, perfect, and can't stop in the realism of the limitations of only.




Here once again to ask you a question: what is the aim of all arts?

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Chen Yuan Chu A song about the mind: “Waiting for who?” Is waiting for who in the years to come, a song about the mind, a plum time will sing, that the days of the story. Pedestrians passing yo, who can read the story of the year, when the sunset in




Chen Yuan Chu 
A song about the mind:
“Waiting for who?”
Is waiting for who in the years to come, a song about the mind, a plum time will sing, that the days of the story. Pedestrians passing yo, who can read the story of the year, when the sunset in the west. During the day, find the spring. Grass quietly from the soil to explore his head, out of the body, looked around a look. Grass is very shy, low head, glittering and translucent dew shining light, is his naughty eyes. In the depths of time, was born in February to see the sunlight shoots, in order to know the soul of singing. Winter has not completely in the past, a blade of grass in the wind swaying, howling tremble; after a few days, the tender, yellow, light green, green, like jade was crawling with ditches, roadsides, stream waters, the front of the house behind the house. And the spring smiled. Green hanging on the branches, green sprinkled through the footprints; green waterfall like in the stream, as if laughing, from the hill dragged down and put down. After 10 days, the grass all came in green all over the mountains and plains, flow. From the high mountain on the river down to the green, quietly in the sun. A large piece of green, is the grass carpet. The mountain rows of trees are green sword, pointing to the sky. Spring green river. The wind is soft and soft, and the grass is soft. Peach pink petals bloom constantly, a large piece of. Spring day with pink peach blossom sky, bit by bit to fill the sky. Apricot, pear blossom, peach blossom like fire, like Xia, pear like snow, dizzying, away. The clouds in the sky is light, the fragrance of the flowers is clear, attracted bees and butterflies, chase, dance in the flowers. The breeze blowing, pink peach blossoms falling, drifting profusely and disorderly scattered. Butterflies and flowers, who also not clear who is flying butterfly is falling peach, pear, falling of peach, pear is fluttering butterflies. Flowers everywhere, tiny spots, like scattered in the grass of peach, apricot, pear. In the rain was inadvertently FEISA, came from the grass, slip through the water, in the clouds lived, on a flower has rested, and little birds conversation.
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Yuan Chu Chen Contemporary artists need to sublimation


Yuan Chu Chen

Contemporary artists need to sublimation


The value of the artist, is that he has created a new way of language. The final visual effect produced by this kind of language, whether for other kind of language can't do, namely, the uniqueness of the relative Visual uniqueness is not enough, the visual effect of the language way there must be a spirit of charm, or is a thinking level. Can create such a form of language, is a very outstanding artist. But the kind of language is not equal to medium. Can't say for using the device, the behavior is the avant-garde. Domestic contemporary art more or at the level of western art in the early 1970 s. You have learned to put all the means to use in a work, works in both device and performance, and video and photos, arranged in a room at the same time, it is called "the overall art" in the west, everyone learned the use of means now, even like the academy of fine art student experiment would do. But after world war ii western again use the image, the image is more a semiotics of metaphor, image and symbolic relationship between constitute a text.


Mountain dew sent after a major way of language is the concept of "text" image of semiotics, domestic haven't begun to do this way, also didn't see there are other new ways to produce at present. But now the western artists are particularly innovative, actually also does not have a few people, more is likely to be "general" art, all previously used various means to integrate, but any single way in an integrated way is have seen before, there is no a completely new way of single. Subject is not equal to mental issues, multimedia tools nor language. From creation, everyone is now just a theme of "multimedia". In contemporary art, the topic should be converted into the next mental issues. Now our artistic creation in the lack of this transformation. Art is not focus on subject matter itself, but this subject contains some issues such as philosophy, religion. Contemporary art is not whether to use the multimedia. Now often is subject to the issue, the method as a kind of language. Many critics lack an interdisciplinary field of vision. Art by training, to pioneer vanguard literature, the leading film and music does not understand. As a contemporary artist, or as a contemporary critics, must have knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of vision. A contemporary artist if you haven't seen a few pioneer movie, haven't seen a handful of vanguard literature, it can be an avant-garde artist? Certainly not. At present most of the painter, beautiful courtyard graduates to pioneer literature, film, music, the three knowledge basically don't understand, don't say don't understand students, the teacher did not understand well, especially for the image narrative theory accomplishment is not enough.


The development of the west since the 1970 s, art entered the stage of an image of the semiotic text, art actually becomes an interdisciplinary language forms. Artistic creation in the introduction of linguistics, semiotics, text narration, psychoanalysis and so on these theory field of vision, just know art history, but don't understand, text linguistics, semiotics, psychoanalysis, cannot interpret works of art today. Pop art, after a lot of works of art are reflection of a consumer society, if we're to baudrillard, guy? DE wave don't understand the consumption of social criticism theory, there is a knowledge of the structure of the transformation problem. Starts from the abstract paintings of modern art, don't use image, do not have literariness, direct is the experiment about the colour and the line itself, or the image of the structure of the experiment. But reopened after the pop art, recall the image in the works of art, the image is not an impressionist before the image of the original meaning, such as impressionism before the image is a realism meaning, impressionist after some image is super realism or the expressionism.


After world war ii on the image to use, is neither realistic nor surrealism, nor the expressionism of subjective, but the image as a symbol of metaphor, from the theory of language, is a signifier, a semantic relationship between image, the relationship and constitute a text. What is the transformation of art before and after world war ii? Stage of modernism, art is Kant in the sense of art; After world war ii, in fact, from pure form into pure theoretical issues. A work actually represents a theoretical issue. But this theory is not to debate and rendering with abstract concepts, it is used to render the image. This image is not a realistic image, nor is it a surreal image, but a semiotic or mental image analysis. In contemporary art stage, knowledge training for artists, actually some now is beyond the scope of the academy of fine arts training, it involves the training method and is, in fact, literature, philosophy of interdisciplinary approach, is a cross subject belongs to literature and philosophy concept. This part of the course may be there is difficult to teach in the west of the academy of fine arts. So, contemporary art training, the carrier has not entirely academy of fine arts can bear.


Critics mainly sure pioneering factors in the work of art; Provide some knowledge for artists. Today this day and age, the artist is certainly not as long as to master some basic drawing skills, other what all need not tube, only draw a number of works on instinct. Today's artists also need some theoretical knowledge training, or have the thought of reading training. Information so much for today, the artist himself is impossible from grope, theorists in addition to comment, is also a professional reader, he read no substitute for artists, but can inspire artists, artists, little detours. General ideas, think the things like critics say out should be accurate, is objective; In fact is not the case, criticism is his own, and even prejudice, but some own views may be a great prejudice, the bias may be hidden in the very creative content. The artist's creation is in not perfect works with groundbreaking factors; The creation of the critics is the insight of Ming in prejudice. This is the same to a certain extent.


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陈源初 一切绘画的基础是什么?


陈源初    一切绘画的基础是什么?

































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Yuan chu Chen Art criticism needs to be deepened



 Yuan chu Chen   Art criticism needs to be deepened


Criticism with an independent attitude and opinion is of critical value. Well, please criticism and all things to all men everywhere, not serious value criticism. In the modern sense, art criticism is developed from the traditional literary criticism, which is in a broad sense, which belongs to the scope of criticism, because criticism is not a general comment, which highlights its special form. That is to say, the artistic development of increasingly high demand for academic theory, which makes criticism to different expertise in different areas, must be forever in the self perfection of state, become an important part of the art theoretical system is an indispensable. Is conducive to academic thought of internal perfect like art criticism and conventional art criticism and history research, between their existing knowledge and experience on a universal, criticism but through negation, interrogation, criticism as a function model. At the same time of interpretive comments to be critical of. The main task of art criticism is to analyze and evaluate the works of art, and also to investigate and discuss various artistic phenomena, thoughts and schools. Art criticism must be guided by a certain art theory and the results provided by the research of art history. On the other hand, art criticism always through the analysis of the new works, reviews new writers, find new problems, sum up new experience, so as to continuously enrich and the development of art theory and art history research, the art theory and art history from the reality of art practice continue to acquire new data and new material, helps to continuously improve the appreciation groups in a particular social structure artistic quality and the appreciation ability, give full play to the role of art criticism in the process of art production and distribution of information feedback and positive regulatory role. The theory of art is a comprehensive exposition of the categories of art. Many categories of art, form, style and subject matter, the genre of the complex determines its diversity, and continue to introduce new. In music, art, dance, drama and opera, film and television and opera and acrobatics arts, how to on the creation, design, performance, playing numerous phenomena as overall contemplation, difference between the individuality and commonness, the common induction and build a complete system, explain the nature and characteristics of art, the occurrence and development of art, art and social function, art in the cultural orientation, and art of its own problems, make into the orbit of the humanities and Social Sciences, is the main task of artistic disciplines. This discipline is closely related to the adjacent two disciplines, such as music, art, art design, dance, film, radio and television art, drama and drama. Vivid feeling ability and keen intuition ability. The ability of rational thinking and the ability of macro control. Profound artistic accomplishment and profound humanistic spirit and vivid feeling ability and keen intuition ability and the ability of rational thinking can achieve the macro-control ability and broad artistic accomplishment and profound humanistic spirit.The most important part of the art criticism is to understand and analyze the subjective world of the expression of art works. The lack of standards for the artist's thought, no judgment, all the ideas should be equal? But it is not moral, or even anti human, that can not be equated with noble ideas. The only standard to measure whether the thought itself is not the expression of human nature, a work of art can not be independent of human existence, because it is the product of the inner world of the artist. So it must be the product of human nature. Which depict the artist's subjective world is thinking and feeling of human. Only when this thinking and feeling is beneficial to human beings, the whole process of expressing the inner world of the artist is meaningful. And see a work of art is in line with the interests of all human standard is to see whether it is in line with human nature, the human embodiment of the ultimate concern. Art critic on the basis of art appreciation, the use of philosophy, aesthetics and art theory, works of art and art of analysis and research, and makes the judgment and evaluation, providing people with a theoretical and systematic knowledge. The scientific nature of art criticism makes it necessary to draw on the views, theories and methods from various disciplines of social science and natural science, showing a trend of diversification and integration. Art criticism as a special science, and other science is different, it needs a calm mind, and the need for strong feelings, both can not be separated from the rational analysis, but also can not be separated from the feelings of art. Art criticism must to art appreciation of the specific feelings as a starting point, and outstanding critic should have a keen awareness, rich imagination and strong emotional experience, so as to understand and grasp the work success or failure.After a lot of practice of art criticism, art theorists sort out the concept of art, deepen the analysis and research, and sublimation to the theory. The theory of art can be traced back to the Greek philosophy. Glass school has begun to look for the form of mathematical relations behind, Socrates, Platon and Aristotle on the sculpture and painting are discussed. After the emergence of the theory of expression and description in the corresponding to the text to produce, early human abstract thinking ability is relatively poor. Later, since Aristotle's artistic imitation began, on the later European art theory produced extremely far-reaching influence. The Renaissance in Europe made the art theory more absorbed in nature.

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