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Fabrics New Generation by Roberto Alborghetti-Mitrani Yarden

© Roberto Alborghetti-Mitrani Yarden 

The printing fabrics you see in this post don’t come or proceed from drawings, paintings or digitally made works. They come from realistic and abstract photos of torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial matters…

They are part of a special series created and developed by me, Roberto Alborghetti (I’ve collected so far more than 90.000 pictures for my “Lacer/actions” project and research) and Mitrani Yarden (fashion designer and artist for his “HotCouture” trademark) who created the graphic layout basing on the original pics.

Starting from the great achievement we reached with the “Volcano Dress” (Mitrani Yarden created an high fashion outfit with the textile design basing on a realistic photo I took around an old bus at Bartons Plc, Chilwell, Nottingham, UK) we have now developed an amazing series of printing fabrics always based on the abstract photos about decomposed matters. These works are available in exclusive and unique copy for professional use, ready to be transformed in wonderful fashion textiles for outfits and accessories.   

As the first comments publicily stated, these fabrics are “a revolutionary fashion trend, a step ahead for printing fabrics, with fantastic macro to be discovered and a world-inside never seen before”.





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From visual arts to “ACS” art magazine. From beautiful canvases to a great media company which is promoting arts, artists, cultures and creativity. Everywhere. Renée LaVerne Rose was born in Chicago(USA) and raised in the Southside neighborhood Morgan Park, where grandparents and extended family resided. As a child her parents exposed her to a multitude of arts/cultural experiences which feed curious nature. As a young adult, Renée grew to relish exploring the world and take in every exotic cultural experience presented to her. She describes herself as a “renaissance woman” from continuing to expand her knowledge of arts and culture (Ms. Rose had a successful career in Government Relations, Public Policy and Government Administration).

I knew her through the world wide web (Facebook and Linkedin) and last September she asked me to write an article about “Hopes project” that I created with Mitrani Yarden. She wanted to publish it on her“ACS” magazine. She was really interested and engaged in what we were doing, from Italy to the world. And the adventure (and my collaboration) began… Now it’s my turn to interview her and to know something more about her life, her attitudes, her dreams and her personality. Along the interview, Renèe reveals herself. She talks about art, media, creativity, artists and plans. She speaks about her dearest father (Emil Jones Jr., former Illinois Senate President) and about… the home screen on her desktop computer. And about Peter Pan too…

  • Renèe, which inspires you the most among these three books: “Alice in Wonderland”, “Peter Pan” or “The Little Prince”? And why?

First when I read this question I just burst out into laughter. Why? The question just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and laugh. Okay I’ll be honest about why I’m laughing so hard!  There is a local commercial on TV where Peter Pan is going back to his high school reunion and everyone at the high school reunion are now in their early 70s (I’m trying to stop laughing). When Peter Pan enters into the reunion party, the camera pans across the room to show three former classmates be grudgingly and glancing at Peter Pan with disdain (I’m so sorry but I’m laughing again) And then Peter Pan goes over to greet his old classmates and says to the lady in the group “you don’t look a day over 70”. The classmates groan and moan as roll their eyes to the back of their heads. The commercial ends with the Peter Pan flying in the air, singing along with the reunion party band “You make me feel so young.” LOL!

So when I saw the name Peter Pan and in this question I immediately broke out into uncontrollable laughter and thought about this crazy commercial. So your question is actually really relaxed me because, believe it or not, I’m shy and I don’t always like talking about myself.  Yes, I like to giving interviews but I‘m shy about  being interviewed Ironic! However, I love to laugh so it put me in the right frame of mind. Then I thought what ingenious way to break the ice, really get the person you’re interviewing to open up and a neat way to reveal a little piece of that person’s soul. Well I really had to think about the question to give a good answer because it’s been a long time since I read any of these fairy tales. Mmmm! So what really vividly stood out in my mind?

Well I’ve chose to talk about Peter Pan (with a straight face and no giggling Renée). Of all the three actually Peter Pan is the most inspirational for me because he rose to be a leader, fought for what he believed in and created a community (his gang) to move forward with his agenda. Ultimately thing I love about this story is through his conquest and strong inner spirit Peter Pan discovered the fountain of youth or better still immortality. Like a visual artist when you’re passionate about your work you can experience an euphoric feeling, a feeling of bliss, time escapes you and you can slip into this timeless zone where you feel immortal.


  • Being an artist and a Chief editor of an art magazine was it one of your childhood’s dream?

My childhood dream and desire was to become a doctor, specifically a neurosurgeon. I passionately followed my desire throughout high school and with excellent GPA was still considering it in undergraduate school.  However, I before completing my undergraduate degree I changed my major and I began to explore a completely different journey in life. I know that that’s what happens when you’re really living life rather than trying to control life. In 2008 in the midst of a successful career I decided to switch midstream and become a visual artist. Trusting myself this process led to this period of my life now as a publisher and editor-in-chief of my magazine. Being open to new experiences and opportunities while harnessing my wealth of experience led to this wonderful new journey. At this stage in my life I’ve learned to let the universe guide me rather than me insisting on taking one narrow path. So now I have arrived at this destination and I’m enjoying every moment of it.


  • How have you had the idea to create Art & Cultural Strategies, Inc.? Had you planned it or it happened in an unexpected way?

My entry into the art world was of a traditional path. But come to think of it nothing about my professional career has ever taking the traditional path; I always seem to be to my own drummer.

My entry was a wonderful way of expressing my inner voice yet as soon as I entered into the art world I was immediately drawn to the business side of the art world. When I told my friends I was going to become a visible artists and quit my thriving consulting business. I was met with a bit of skepticism.  As I reflect back on life I’m never really been one to listen to other people about what I should do.  I’ve always trusted my inner way to the in guide me in the right direction even when the experience unpleasant it still hasn’t been a learning experience. As I reflect back on my life I would do it all over again exactly the same to be sage person I am.

I didn’t plan on creating Art & Cultural Strategies, Inc. it was pleasantly unexpected and the process is still revealing itself. I started the original company which has now emerged into a family of companies (ACS Magazine, ACS Gallery and ACS Consulting Services). What I do know is I was very certain about wanting to combine my wealth of experience with these creative concepts that were swarming around in my head every day. I was confident I could transition my expertise into a thriving art business because as I indulged more into the art world I felt the timing for my business was right.

Like everything I’ve excelled at in the last fifteen years and all the unsuccessful outcomes I have gained wisdon from I always following my muse, continually do a reality check to be certain that I am not fixated on any particular path to propell me forward, I always remain flexible to the opportunities that are present themselves, and adapt strategy in accordance with the valuable resources available.


  • There is a person, an experience or a book that helped you in your professional training?

There are a multitude of individuals, experiences and books that combined have been extremely influential in my professional career. However, undoubtedly the most significant impact for my professional career, and personal enhancement has been my father.  My father (Emil Jones Jr) is a self-made man who was raised in a working-class family only to successful reach become a prominent elected official as the former Illinois Senate President for the State Legislators and mentor to then a younger version of President Barack Obama.

Even though women have made strides in the business world we are still a long way off to achieve true equity. So, the wealth of knowledge derived from my father’s guidance and my observations of him brokering business collaborative partnerships gave me the ingredients to armor myself with invaluable strategies in the political/business arenas. A person attended college and achieve multiple credentials yet what really matters in the business world is how you apply that knowledge. I was extremely fortunate to learn the tricks of the trade and how to apply that information to propel myself towards successful outcomes.



  • What do you ask expect from co-workers and collaborators? Creativity is always a priority?

Fostering collaborative partnerships has been the foundation of my career. Usually depending on the time in the season of my life my collaborative partners are naturally drawn into my path. It’s the law of attraction for me like-minded people will gather. For any given entrepreneur comes the I conceive when it’s time for implementation the right collaborative partners will appear. None of that particular about will I work closely with. The people have to have the right synergy for me to be working with them on a daily basis. Part of the selection process is finding partners professional expertise that cover my business weaknesses.

The name of the game isn’t too reproduced myself but create greater potential for the project. I personally want collaborative partners that think out-of-the-box, challenge me professionally, and who are committed to the partnership through the challenging creative process. Creativity for me has a multitude of meanings. Therefore, depending on the particular project goals or professional preferences determines the priority for the creation process.


  • What excites you the most while preparing a new issue of the magazine? Gives motivation to people or watch what happens out there in the world?

I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of interviewing and meeting so many interesting people with fascinating careers plus their challenges and tribulations it takes them to reach their personal goals. It’s really thrilling to establish a rapport with individuals being interview to find out what really makes them tick and to discover their creative genius. The whole interview process has given me a deeper appreciation of the artistic creative process, arts/culture in general and the utmost respect for the journalism profession.

Even though I am a visual artist, I’ve grown to have an even greater appreciation for the courage it takes for artists to share their thoughts/concepts and display they to be naked before the world. That’s awesome! Being open and completely honest takes integrity, an inner strength of knowing who you are and being comfortable with yourself despite what others think.

Being artistically inclined and having the will to expose your thoughts to the public is a noble.  The artistic process is extremely beneficial to improving the quality of life for others. There are so many creative minds with fascinating stories to share. I am honored when artists give me the opportunity to be the vehicle to present their story to the world. By the time I have finished editing an issue I start to feel the urge to get started on the next. Having the need to collaborate with other human beings in this manner is a rewarding experience.


  • Renee, what do you want communicate in your work as an artist?

I haven’t been creating artistically for a while now have started my business. However, I definitely intend to slowly get back into the artistic process. What I promise my audience grew by artistic process is I will always be true to my heart and capture on canvas what moves me. What drives me is capturing audiences’ mind and hearts.  As I am painting new works the questions that dance through my mind is “Can I seduce the audience into losing themselves into the work and being open without judgment to what is revealed. I often want my words to improve the quality of the life.


  • What counts today for an artist to be able to communicate properly and sincerely his work and art?

Having the ability to express yourself in any professional format is a valuable asset. The artist who has the ability to communicate effectively with their audience effectively conveys their interpretation of the art and controls their branding message.


  • Aesthetic or contents? Which of them is the most important for you while you are working on a new ACS Magazine issue?

Even though my digital magazine covers the arts/cultural world the aesthetics or graphic design is catchy and very pleasing to the eye; however, what is imperative is the message that is being delivered this digital media.  The ACS Magazine the practice is being the vehicle to explode those artistic, creative entrepreneurial and human stories with the general public. So publishing ACS Magazine is creating the right combination of aesthetics and content for each issue.


  • “Art” seems to be today a sort of wonderful world. But what does really deserve to be named “Art”?

I think the determination of which artistic works are considered authentic art is determined by the viewer. Arts and culture are one and the same for me. What is pleasing to the eye for person in Nairobi may be completely opposite will person rooming the Siberian tundra. That’s what makes the arts so welcoming and universally pleasing; what deserves or does not deserve to be considered art is subjective. However, I will interject there is fundamentally something misguided in the institutional structure of the art world where the 1% at the top dictate what is the latest trends in the art world. That will only change once the general public is reinvigorated ultimately becoming more engaged with the art world. The laypersons personal choice will drive the art market and that is how it should be. Not some billionaire sitting on their perch determining this is the latest trend for 2017! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


  • Considering the current way media are communicating art, what would you like to change or to renew?

My decision to publish ACS magazine was derived from having the desire to increase exposure of the globally diverse arts/culture in the world. For each issue I publish I’m changing the conversation internationally regarding the arts and culture.


  • What advice would you give to emerging artists?

It should be a given that the emerging artists must harness their intuitive artistic talents to hone their skills. Each time artists presents their work to the general public they in opportunity is presented for them to present their brand. The artist success should be determined on their personal goals not by what is latest trend in the art world. Finding your voice is everything to your success artistically. The artist needs to understand that they are a creative entrepreneur and should approach their artistic practice as such.  To excel at the business of art it’s imperative that artists acquire the necessary professional career development skills to gain a competitive edge and reach positive results. Developing an artist career or any profession career takes repetitive practice, the great nurturing, and patience.


  • Renèe, I love, in my artworks, to play and work with colors. How color is important for you? Have you a favorite color?

I love the array of hues that occur in nature. In 2008 when I initially started as a visible artist it was as if I were blind and I opened my eyes for the first time. All the colors that surrounded me in nature were much more vivid; it was like I was seeing everything in HD for the first time. This personal artistic awakening is the litmus that determined my artistic path for wanting to include vivid color in my works. I can’t say I have a favorite color because to be honest I love the whole spectrum of colors that naturally occur in nature. Nature is so brilliant because to try to reproduce those colors that occur naturally is a feat in itself.


  • My last question: what have you put in these days on the screen of your laptop? One of your paintings? A photograph? Nothing?

That’s an interesting question.  Let’s start with my desktop computer. I don’t have any special home screen on my desktop computer. On my desktop computer is one of the Microsoft screen savers that shows the Microsoft Windows logo. Real original ha! Now for IPAD, I have a screen saver that shows the stars and the top of a mountain top. Very peaceful and calm. And finally on my cell phone the lock screen is my favorite photograph of myself.





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"The Princess, the Fire and the Castle”e-book is also available on  HOPES STORE  at only 0,99 Euro. Created by Roberto Alborghetti and Mitrani Yarden, it is a modern fairy tale with 40 wonderful photos, 80 pages, an amazing graphic style offering a great show of Art, Fashion and Beauty! It’s a present for your New Year 2016. The story is set in the impressive Rocca Aldobrandesca, a XIII Century fortress in Piancastagnaio (Siena, Tuscany, Italy) with the participation of model and actressGinevra Bertolani.

The e-book is supporting “Hopes Project” (Art Making The World A Better Place). Published by Marna (bilingual version, English and Italian). Thanks for the collaboration to Piancastagnaio Municipality, Osa Onlus, Nicola Cirocco, Patrizia Sapri, Natalia Scalacci and Free Style (Makeup and Hairstyle).

Click and go to Hopes Store:   HOPES STORE!shop/t4oot





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This is the Volcano Dress, presented for the first time in Tuscany (Mount Amiata, Piancastagnaio, Siena) on October 25, during the events for the Italian premiere of “The Ghost Bus” short film produced by Roberto Alborghetti with Bartons PLC and ACT Group.

The picture is a special preview from the forthcoming Video and Booklet : “The Princess, The Fire and the Castle”.  The Volcano Dress is an HotCouture Creation by Mitrani Yarden based on the original picture by Roberto Alborghetti (Lacer/actions) taken from “The Ghost Bus” project.

Fotoshooting and Videofilming by Roberto Alborghetti with Mitrani Yarden. Soundtrack (Amore #1): Eylon Malhi. Top Model: Ginevra Bertolani,  Casting Agency, Firenze. Sculptures by Paolo Borghi. Hair Style and Makeup: Natalia Scalacci, Free Style, Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena).

The wonderful location is Rocca Aldobrandesca, Piancastagnaio, Siena, Tuscany. Many thanks for the collaboration to Piancastagnaio Municipality, to the Major Luigi Vagaggini, to Samuele Bechini, to Nicola Cirocco (Osa Onlus), Marysia Zipser (ACT Group, Beeston) and Patrizia Sapri.

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This is the videoclip I created about the spectacular wedding dress made by Mitrani Yarden, fashion designer and artist.



  Three months of work, meters of silk and stretch tulle, 5 different kinds of lace-embroidery (stitched directly on the dress), hundreds of blue an red pearls, 35 covered buttons: these are some numbers behind this wonderful creation.

Through my photos and video I tried to bring my eyes close to the wedding dress, using some macros too, with the aim to show how Yarden Mitrani hand made created this wonderful outfit. So I liked to work on details and particulars, trying to reveal through a close-up the beauty of this wedding dress. The videoclip shows only a little part of the great work by Yarden Mitrani. He really suffered on this dress which also tells the story of an emerging fashion designer who thinks that fashion world need to be renewed and re-found. For the soundtrack, Yarden suggested a great bossanova track by Joao Gilberto: “O nosso amor a felicidade”; composers: Jobim /DeMoraes. I immediately agreed with him!

Born in Tel-Aviv, Mitrani Yarden started his professional way in 2009. In 2010 he won a fashion contest at the Israeli channel 10 “The most expensive dress”. He continued in Paris at ESMOD (luxury and haut couture woman’s fashion) and then he had professional experiences in several French couture fashion houses in Paris such as Julien Fourniè, Chanel and taking parts on big names runway fashion shows for Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood.

Yarden’s life has been sealed by a dramatic experience. He tells: “I was a soldier in the special forces in paratroopers and I passed the Second Lebanon War. They say that who experienced war know how to take and to give freedom to others. Because it was up to me, I received  blessing and wisdom to use my power to deliver a message to the world through my fashion and art! The goal is simply to make people smile, giving them the courage and strength to fight for what is special about them without hiding themselves behind a ‘community’ or a ‘society’ ”.







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My upcoming solo exhibition – “Colors Of An Apocalypse 2015″ – will take place in the amazing Romanesque Baptistery on Lake Como, Italy, on July 3-4-5,  in the beautiful Lenno town.

The octagonal Baptistery and its enchanting structure will give strenght and evocative power to my exhibition which will show 25 works from my “Lacer/actions” project. Each artwork will be introduced by a phrase  from “The Apocalypse of John”. Images and words to suggest a trip through hopes and tragedies of human life and beings.

  • Opening Hours / Friday July 5: h.4-10 pm; Saturday 4 and Sunday 5: 10am-12am; 2,30 pm-10 pm. Venue: St. John Baptistery, Piazza XI Febbraio, Lenno (Comune Tremezzina), Lake Como
  • Aperture mostra: venerdi 5 Luglio 2015, ore 16-22. Nelle giornate di sabato 4 e domenica 5 luglio: 10-12, 14,30 – 22,00. Il Battistero di San Giovanni si trova in Piazza XI Febbraio.












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My upcoming solo exhibition – “Colors Of An Apocalypse 2015 / The Decomposed Publicity Posters″ – will take place in an amazing Romanesque temple, on Lake Como, Italy. The show is exceptionally scheduled for 3 days, on July 3-4-5, 2015, in the beautiful Lenno town, in the historical center –  50 meters from the lake shore! – where we admire one of the most stunning examples of Romanesque art in Northen Italy: St. John Baptistery (XI Century), a really beautiful setting for my upcoming show.

The image-symbol of the exhibition is a limited-edition silk scarf created for my “Lacer/actions” project with the collaboration of Italian textile designer Bruno Boggia. As you see in the flyer, the silk scarf looks like a dove…It’s a sign of hope, because I think Apocalypse Book in itself is a story of hope… So, follow the (silk) doves... My solo-show is approachin'...

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This is the COLORS OF AN APOCALYPSE SHOW 2015Official Flyer of my next solo exhibition – “Colors Of An Apocalypse″ – taking place in an amazing Romanesque temple, on Lake Como, Italy. The show is exceptionally scheduled for 3 days, on July 3-4-5, 2015, in the beautiful Lenno town, in the historical center –  50 meters from the lake shore – where we admire one of the most stunning examples of Romanesque art in Northen Italy: St. John Baptistery (XI Century), a really beautiful setting for my upcoming show.

The image-symbol of the exhibition is a limited-edition silk scarf created for my “Lacer/actions” project with the collaboration of Italian textile designer Bruno Boggia. As you see in the flyer, the silk scarf looks like a dove…It’s a sign of hope, because I think Apocalypse Book in itself is a story of hope… So, follow the (silk) doves... My solo-show is approachin'...   

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The exciting new “Ghost Bus” visual art project by Roberto Alborghetti – Italian journalist, writer and visual artist – is now touring the world wide web over the next two months attracting many admirers along the way.  This itinerant “modern art gallery” is culminating in a special short films premiere and social gathering on Friday 27 March at 6.30pm at Bartons Plc, Chilwell High Road, Nottingham, to which you are most cordially invited. 

Website and social media viewers are enthralled and mystified by what Roberto has created from the totally natural and realistic photo images he took last October of the 1956 “Ghost Bus” when he toured the huge Bartons garage site housing superb exhibition and special events space as well as a wonderful collection of vintage vehicles.   Can you believe that this art is from an old bus? 


See the project gallery posts on his website so far  Ghost Bus trailer with quotes  3 Ghost Bus trailers

and thereafter twice a week... so keep up to date by “liking” his Facebook, or follow on his  Twitter account (or LinkedIn and Google+) to enjoy the whole gallery experience leading up to and including the special event on Friday 27 March.

See details about Roberto’s October visit on

What captured Roberto’s imagination was the story behind the “Ghost Bus” which Simon Barton relayed to him.  The URR 865 AEC Reliance had been slumbering in an open Suffolk field for 20 years, resistant to both scrapping or restoration, before being discovered and brought back to its original fold a few years ago.   

 A vehicle-sister of the “Ghost Bus” had been documented in an incredible 1959 movie in Kodachrome colour of a group of English ladies and gentlemen who toured from Nottingham to the Italian Riviera on a Bartons Road Cruise Holiday, now posted on  

Bartons was once the largest independent bus company in Western Europe and one of the first firms in the world to operate a timetabled bus service.

As shown in the short film, some images (“Maps”) come from the Land Rover vehicle that is  parked next to the old bus.  The vehicles are both distressed in the same manner from decades outside, both the same age, British in manufacture and both have decades long association with Barton family. Both vehicles are still on site.

It was good reason for Roberto to create and build a different road trip of the artistic kind between Italy and the land of Robin Hood.   So he set to work incorporating the “Ghost Bus” for his “Lacer/actions” project concerning realistic images of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.  The project, preceded by 3 trailers and a flyer, consist of two short movies for public performances and video shows, a limited edition special poster (showing 9 images from the films),  a special card series (reproducing 16 artworks selected from the 109 that had been created) and a collection of canvases.

The “Ghost Bus” project synopsis refers:

“There’s an old bus at Bartons garage, in the ancient land of Robin Hood. After thousands of miles, between earth and sky,  it’s taking a rest tired and rusty. But if we look closely, it continues to tell us the colours of its days along the dusty roads of the world...”

The Ghost Bus project is already attracting media and TV attention in Italy and around the world, so hop on board and enjoy the ride!




For further information, please contact:


Marysia Zipser, founder ACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism) and arts/heritage tourism promoter, email:  Mob 07899 798487


Roberto Alborghetti, email:


Simon Barton, Bartons Plc:



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"The Ghost Bus" films will be premiered on March 27, 2015, at 6,30 pm, at Bartons Plc,61 High Road, Chilwell-Nottingham, UK... A project by Roberto Alborghetti, Bartons Plc and Act Group... "A visual adventure in the Land of Robin Hood".

More infos at:


The Ghost Bus : The Official Flyer

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“The Ghost Bus” is coming soon in the Land Of Robin Hood… It's a new art and visual project scheduled in Beeston-Nottingham (UK) for January-February 2015 in collaboration with Bartons Plc and its owner Simon BartonACT Group (Art-Culture-Tourism) and its founder Marysia Zipser. This story and this collaboration began last October, when I spent some hours in Bartons huge garage of vintage buses and cars.



I was really impressed by one of the oldest buses, the so called “The Ghost Bus”, a piece of history of English public transport: it’s a URR 865 vehicle AEC Reliancemade in 1956! Simon Barton told me that a vehicle-sister of the “ghost bus” was also documented in 1959 on a wonderful and unmissable film telling a beautiful journey through Italy by a group of English ladies and gentlemen. It was another great reason to establish a collaboration building a bridge between the Land of Robin Hood and Italy… So, I began to work and create on the “ghost bus” for my “Lacer/actions” project concerning realistic images of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban and industrial tokens and materials.

The project – preceded by 3 trailers and a flyer – will consist of two short moviesfor public performances and video shows, a cards series (reproducing 16 artworks selected from the 109 ones that has been created) and a collection ofcanvases.

The movies premiere will take place in February at Bartons Plc in Beeston, Nottingham. Special previews, news and pictures are yet available on the main social networks (Word Press, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+). The “Ghost Bus” project synopsis tells: “There’s an old bus at Bartons garage, in the ancient land of Robin Hood. After thousands of miles, it’s taking a rest, tired and rusty. But if we look closely, it continues to tell us the colours of its days along the dusty roads of the world ...”.


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One of the top 5 videoclips in 2014 at my YouTube channel is "Colors and Emotions: The other side of autism". The clip simply shows images from a workshop with autistic kids who reproduced some of my artworks from"Lacer/actions" Project (about torn and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks and scratches, urban signs). The 2nd edition of this wonderful activity was curated by Patrizia Sapri who carried out as well as (in Anzio-Rome) an interesting exhibition ("Scratches, Cracks and Lacer-actions / Between dream and reality”).The initiative was made possible thanks to Rotary Club of Roma Golfo di Anzio, Nettuno, which has included the experience in "Anzio for Autism" program.

My videoclip wants to tell a sort of journey through "special painterly colors and materials" and the singular experience involving children with disabilities and carriers of the Syndrome of Autism Spectrum. Patrizia Sapri led with passion and enthusiasm the group of the magnificent seven little artists who have re-composed and re-built my works from “Lacer / actions" Project. Kids re-viewed with their creativity images of decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, scratches and “urban signs”.

Patrizia Sapri, teacher and curator, says about the workshop: “ My job has the aim to start from the healthy part of the person and developing residual capacity. We search for a meaningful relationship between colors and emotions. Limits are transformed into expressive skills, communication, art… Roberto Alborghetti works have the emotional power to establish a right condition to create and to act. Yes, my special students like so much Roberto's colors, scratches and cracks. But don't ask me why...”.

Click the link and watch the clip (soundtrack:"Psalm 23" by Jennifer Goodenberger):



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Silk scarf - Lacer/actions by Roberto Alborghetti 

This is a “Season’s Greetings card” dedicated to the limited-edition of a 3 silk scarves series I created for my "Lacer/actions Art Project”. The images of dirty, torn, and worn paper of the publicity posters on outdoor billboard have become silk scarves too! After to be already transferred on canvases, lithographic prints and aluminium my "Lacer/actions" artworks were transformed in silk textiles designs thanks to collaboration of Bruno Boggia Disegni (Como, Italy) who has been working with the most famous designers and fashion brands in the world (Capucci, Lacroix, Valentino, Lancetti, Mila Schon, Chanel, Celine, Dior, Y.S.L., Etro, Escada, Donna Karan, Paul Smith, Rolando Santana...).


Bruno Boggia and his staff helped me to select artworks to be converted into 3 patterns of real exclusive “pieces of art”. The images of that dirty and ripped papers have changed in the elegance, delicacy and sheen of silk textile. The photos reproduced in this gallery are demonstrating it. Images of ripped and dirty outdoor advertisings, left to decompose on the walls or billboards, are now soft silk scarves, ready to be worn. “And they are a perfect gift!”: says Marie DeerHeart, USA (artist, photographer, teacher; she writes from a rich text based in theater, art, and design training).


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Collage by Roberto Alborghetti, Lacer/actions


This is my new work for “Lacer/actions” project. It’s a collage made on a table using 1.258 waste-paper pieces of torn and decomposed outdoor advertisings. I gathered every single paper pieces along the streets, after the old publicity posters were torn down from the billboards. I titled it : "The Symptomatology Of Instability (Waves On Waves)". It covers a wood table; sizes: cms 108 x 51. I think images speak better than words… So I created a videoclip I posted on YouTube:

Videoclip: The Symptomatology Of Instability (Waves On Waves)"


About “Lacer/Actions” project…

LaceR/Actions is a multidisciplinary project and research about the apparent chaos of ripped and decomposed publicity posters, natural cracks, scratches and urban and industrial signs (during my research around the world  I  collected so far about 50.000 images). Transferred on canvases, reproduced on lithographic prints or textiles (as pure silk), re-built on collages or scanned in videoclips, the images of torn and disfigured posters and natural cracks give new meanings and expressions to paper lacerations and matter decomposition

One of my most recent shows (“Colors of an Apocalypse: An Intrigue for the Eyes and Mind from the Decomposed Publicity Posters”) was displaced for 100 days in the enchanting Aldobrandesca Fortress (XIII Century) in Tuscany (Piancastagnaio, Siena, Italy). In the last two years I was on these projects:  “Contemplations and Lacer/actions” (album, videoclip, installations, inspired by Thomas of Bergamo Scripts, 1563-1631), “Atelier of Colors and Emotions” (a project which involved autistic kids), “Lacer/actions on Aluminium” (11 installations for Fai Private Collection, Italy). My works are part of Contemporary Art Collection (Mercatello sul Metauro, Marche, Italy) and participating to “An Exhibition, a Restoration” in Norcia (Umbria, Italy) from July 12 to September 7, 2014. Now I’m working on “The Ghost Bus” project, in collaboration with Bartons Plc and Act Group, Beeston, Nottingham, UK; all on board from January 2015...


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Guest Writer: Stephen Alberti


On July 12, 2014, the 40th edition of "An exhibition, A restoration" was inaugurated in Norcia (Perugia, Umbria, Italy) with the aim to restore and to preserve the artistic heritage of the famous Umbrian town.

This year, the initiative has the participation of 416 Italian artists who intended to support the work of protection of the altarpiece of the "Coronation of the Virgin" by Jacopo Siculo (1541), which requires a sound-absorbing curtain. The exhibition is displaced in the enchanting monumental and medieval complex of San Francesco until 7 September 2014. The event is sponsored by the "An exhibition, A restoration" Committee, with its president prof. Giuseppe Urso, and by the City Council of Norcia.

Among the works participating in this worthy initiative, there is also a unique piece of Roberto Alborghetti created as part of his project "Lacer / actions". It is a collage made of about 300 small pieces of scrap paper from torn advertising posters and decomposed, which as you know - with cracks, scratches and natural - are the subject of his visual research. The work presented in Norcia is titled "Shooting Star" and measures 53 × 35. Also it is shown in the official Catalogue published for the event which is going to attract keen interest, many art lovers and tourists in the homeland of St. Benedict, patron of Europe,.

The forty years of "An exhibition restoration" began thanks to the initiative of the Committee President, prof. Giuseppe Urso , along with a dozen families (later came to 30) and the support of more than 100 contemporary and successful artists (from Italy and abroad); among them: Manfredi, Castellani, Maccari, Caruso, Greek, Dorazio, Guttridge. Every year they donated artworks for the creation of a show whose proceeds were donated to the restoration of a masterpiece of art..

"Along the years - prof. Giuseppe Urso says - a friendship has been created between us and the artists. Thanks to them we have been restored so far about 30 works. The last one was the sixteenth-Century wooden sculpture of St. Claude and St. Roch from Serravalle di Norcia. Now the focus is on the beautiful "Coronation of the Virgin" painted by Jacopo Siculo in 1541”.



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Roberto Alborghetti - Lacer/actions

© Roberto Alborghetti - LaceR/Actions


"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you *not* to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”





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