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Feb, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Judy Linn
Feb, 2014 Solo Exhibition
David Shaw
Jan, 2014 Stairs and Ramps
Todd Chilton
Jan, 2014 Solo Exhibition
Robert Fontanelli
Nov, 2013 the flower and her inner focus
Kinke Kooi
Nov, 2013 Solo Exhibition
Ned Snider
Oct, 2013 Eat Out
David Shaw
Oct, 2013 Solo Exhibition
Jesse Bransford
Sep, 2013 Medicated, etc
Richard Kern
Jun, 2013 I want that inside me. : works on paper
GARY BATTY, Lisa Beck, Jared Buckhiester, David Deutsch, Tom of Finland, Sam Gordon, Léonie Guyer, Thrush Holmes, Vivian Kahra, Selena Kimball, Lahangi Korwa, David Moreno, Jerry Phillips, Ned Snider, Tyler Vlahovich
Jun, 2013 i want that inside me
Group Exhibition
Jun, 2013 Upfront
Evie Falci
Jun, 2013 Magic Flying Carpets of the Berber Kingdom of Morocco
Jun, 2013 Pot holders
Mary Clarke
Jun, 2013 Jhola bags by 5 Year Plan
Jun, 2013 T-shirts by Deli Grocery Specialty Products
May, 2013 Sculpture
Dike Blair
May, 2013 Exhibition
Eve Fowler, Sam Gordon
Mar, 2013 Neighbors and Strangers
David Deutsch
Mar, 2013 Legomandala
Mar, 2013 Amo Legomandala
Feb, 2013 Reading Chair for Don Quixote Reading
richard bloes
Feb, 2013 Sculpture
Jennifer Sirey
Feb, 2013 Summer Triptych I
Bobbie Oliver
Jan, 2013 Outer Air
Nathaniel Robinson
Dec, 2012 PUNT
Dec, 2012 Solo Exhibition
Jason Reppert
Dec, 2012 PUNT
An exhibition of gallery artists
Oct, 2012 Upfront
Jason Reppert
Oct, 2012 Common Scents
Alex Brown
Oct, 2012 Alex Brown, Jason Reppert
Alex Brown, Jason Reppert
Sep, 2012 paintings
Gina Magid
Sep, 2012 Paintings
Josh Podoll
Sep, 2012 Gina Magid, Josh Podoll, Judy Linn
Judy Linn, Gina Magid, Josh Podoll
Sep, 2012 Upfront
Judy Linn
Jul, 2012 A Sharing of Color and Being Part of It
Douglas Melini
Jul, 2012 Upfront
Jared Buckhiester
May, 2012 Sculpture
Alan Wiener
May, 2012 Steady
Todd Chilton
May, 2012 Solo Exhibition
Bill Komoski
May, 2012 Todd Chilton "Steady"; Alan Wiener "Sculpture"; Bill Komoski, Upfront
Todd Chilton, Bill Komoski, Alan Wiener
Apr, 2012 trompe l'oeil
Sam Gordon
Apr, 2012 To Here Knows When, 1992
Lisa Beck
Mar, 2012 Impossible Collisions
John Torreano
Mar, 2012 Secrets of the Universe
Mamie Holst
Mar, 2012 Upfront
Jennifer Sirey
Feb, 2012 See, hear, remember
Bruce Brosnan
Feb, 2012 recent work
Tyler Vlahovich
Feb, 2012 Todd Knopke
Todd Knopke
Jan, 2012 Anonymous Tantra Paintings
Jan, 2012 Connected
Ben Berlow, Mel Bernstine, Léonie Guyer, Bobbie Oliver, Sherman Sam
Jan, 2012 Rick Siggins
Rick Siggins
Nov, 2011 Three sisters, four beauties and a work-horse
Nancy Shaver
Oct, 2011 Phantom
Jerry Phillips
Oct, 2011 recent works on paper
David Moreno
Todd Chilton, Andrew Masullo, Douglas Melini, Ann Pibal, Richard Rezac, Nancy Shaver, Cary Smith
Sep, 2011 Upfront
Lisa Beck
May, 2011 Nova paintings
Isabella Kirkland
May, 2011 Upfront
Carl J. Ferrero
May, 2011 Upfront
Apr, 2011 Earth Wave paintings
Naoto Nakagawa
Mar, 2011 69-76: Photographs of Patti Smith by Judy Linn
Judy Linn
Feb, 2011 Splat
Cary Smith
Feb, 2011 drawings
Jan, 2011 Food Paintings
Tracy Miller
Jan, 2011 Upfront
Bill Jenkins
Dec, 2010 CEC (changing everything carefully)
Todd Knopke
Nov, 2010 recent paintings
Andrew Masullo
Oct, 2010 Recent Sculpture
Richard Rezac
Oct, 2010 Hang–up
David Shaw
Sep, 2010 Civil Twilight
Nathaniel Robinson
Jun, 2010 Tom of FInland and then some
Larry Clark, Tom of Finland, Robert Fontanelli, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Prince
May, 2010 recent paintings
Bill Komoski
May, 2010 Artist Talk
Jesse Bransford, Karsten Krejcarek, Michael Taussig
May, 2010 Power to the People
Taylor Davis, Carl Gunhouse, Richard Kern, Oliver Warden
May, 2010 Power to the People
Apr, 2010 The Jungle (for Norma), works on paper
Jesse Bransford
Mar, 2010 Sue Gurnee "The Fulgent Cadences" / Tantra
Mar, 2010 The Fulgent Cadences, paintings to assist the decision making process,
Sue Gurnee
Mar, 2010 Tantra : some big ideas from small paintings; anonymous, didactic abstractions
Group Show
Mar, 2010 wall painting
Bill Komoski
Jan, 2010 Ben Snead - Recent Paintings
Ben Snead
Dec, 2009 Skulture
Lisa Beck, richard bloes, Mai Braun, Bruce Brosnan, Jeanne Dunning, dustin erickson, Bill Jenkins, Judy Linn, josh criscione nusbaum, michael ottersen, jiyeon park, Jerry Phillips, Josh Podoll, Richard Rezac, Nathaniel Robinson, Nancy Shaver, David Shaw, Tyler Vlahovich, Alan Wiener, B. Wurtz, Tamara Zahaykevich
Dec, 2009 Skulture
Dustin Ericksen
Jun, 2009 Lisa Beck: To Everything
Lisa Beck
Jun, 2009 To Everything
Lisa Beck
Apr, 2009 inuverse
David Shaw
Mar, 2009 Let Me Comfort You
Kinke Kooi
Mar, 2009 Kinke Kooi - Drawings
Kinke Kooi
Feb, 2009 Populate This Form
Lisa Beck, Dike Blair, Bruce Brosnan, Daniel Hesidence, Mamie Holst, Bill Komoski, Gina Magid, Andrew Masullo, Tracy Miller, David Moreno, Josh Podoll, Richard Rezac, Nancy Shaver, Cary Smith, Ben Snead, John Torreano, Tyler Vlahovich
Jan, 2009 fodderland
Alex Brown
Jan, 2009 Healing
Daniel Feinberg, Sue Gurnee, David Moreno
Apr, 2008 SHIT: group exhibition- found stuff used
Mai Braun, Alex Brown, Vincent Fecteau, Sam Gordon, Tracy Miller, Travis Molkenbur, David Moreno, Jeff Ono, Jerry Phillips, David Robbins, Nancy Shaver, David Shaw, Tyler Vlahovich, Alan Wiener, B. Wurtz, Tamara Zhayakevich
Mar, 2008 1 7 7 9 / PEDESTRIANS
Daniel Hesidence
Jan, 2008 1777 / Pedestrians: Paintings
Daniel Hesidence
Sep, 2007 North Gallery- Shiva Linga
Shiva Linga
Sep, 2007 South Gallery- The Gentle Wind Project
Group Show
Jul, 2007 North Gallery- "Scapes" Painting and Sculpture
Jul, 2007 South Gallery- Packedsockdrawer
Group Show
Jul, 2007 Mezzanine- Tollan
Steve Keister
May, 2007 North Gallery- III = 260 (Mercurius)
Jesse Bransford
May, 2007 South Gallery- Dike Blair
Dike Blair
May, 2007 Huston Ripley
Huston Ripley
Apr, 2007 North Gallery- Nancy Shaver
Nancy Shaver
Apr, 2007 South Gallery- Cary Smith
Cary Smith
Apr, 2007 Mezzanine- Thoughts
Jason Fox, Pamela Golden, Jonathan Hartshorn, Kevin Larmon, Andrew Masullo, Tracy Miller, Travis Molkenbur, David Moreno, Oren Slor, The Unnameable (Jason Gringler & Martin Kuchar), Tyler Vlahovich
Feb, 2007 Three Ways: painting, drawing, video
Sam Gordon
Feb, 2007 Judy Linn: Photography
Judy Linn
Feb, 2007 Dike Blair: Sculpture
Dike Blair
Jan, 2007 Bruce Brosnan
Bruce Brosnan
Jan, 2007 Drawings
Jan, 2007 Paintings and Drawings
Tracy Miller
Jan, 2007 Sketchbooks
Sam Gordon

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