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20130315082037-img6933_v2 In Case of Emergency, Break Glass  
Sean Kennedy at Thomas Duncan Gallery March 19th, 2013 - March 23rd, 2013
Posted 3/27/13

Installation view, Sean Kennedy: Territory: First Solo Show, courtesy of Thomas Duncan Gallery   Thomas Duncan Gallery presents three installations by Los Angeles-based artist Sean Kennedy during Week 1 of Territory, a five-week exhibition of solo shows from March 19-April 20, 2013.  I visited the gallery on the afternoon of the last day of Kennedy's show.  Upon entering the unassuming Hollywood space, I worried that I was too late: all of the walls were blank.  Soon after, I realized my observa... [more]

20121120154240-low_res_liz__i_40 Artist in Residence - Watch how great art unfolds  
Lorena Ziraldo at Hotel California December 8th, 2012 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Posted 12/8/12

This is so interesting!  The artist here has been painting for a few weeks in public and this exhibit allows people to see how figurative art (oil on canvas and board) is actually made.   I saw some of the works yesterday in the reception area.  This is an accomplished artist who is known locally in Canada.  Great use of colours!  And there is a personal touch here - art expressing emotion and experience.  Her paintings of a vulnearable teenager are evokative of a time that passed. This is how ar... [more]

116-2-www-artmatysik-org_matysik_bertram_what_crisis_-_lets_party_-_miami_homestead_may_2008_-_in_memorial_for_versace ARTMATYSIK`s YouTube CHANNEL launched : ART LIVE ON STAGE on RODEO DRIVE Beverly Hills  
Ronit Agassi, Hei B. Ahn, Barbara Aliza, Artem, Sandra Betancort, Goswami Bishwajit, Stuart Bush, Manuel CasaBranca, Ji-Sun Choi, Ione Citrin, Morgan Coleman, Bob Craig, Dinara Djabieva, Lizzy Forrester, Maciej Gado, Ritch Gaiti, giuliano giuliani, Tanya Gramatikova, Peggy Guichu, Yasen Hristov Ivanchev, Ravi. K., Jung In Kim, Sol Kjok, Michael Krasowitz, Lei Liang, Vanesa Martinelli, Christina Massey, Bertram Matysik, Ryan McCann, Evguenia Men, Erik Michel, Viktoria Nagel, Schrieber-Smith Nanci, Claudia Padilla, Erika Pochybova-Johnson, Sandira Reddy, Edina Seleskovic, Kika SELEZNEFF ALEMAN, Orie Shafe, Linda Simeonova, Magdalena Sudnik, Tania Sultana, Natalia Szostak, aleph tonetto, Giorgio Tuscani, Andrea Vandoni, Svetlana Vinokurtsev, Avril Ward, Mark Webster, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Yesoensis at X-Power Gallery April 1st, 2009 - April 24th, 2009
Posted 10/2/10

ARTMATYSIK`s YouTube CHANNEL launched : "ART LIVE ON STAGE on RODEO DRIVE Beverly Hills" > "Art Wind Rises 2009" >EnJoY> The event has gone - but the impressions stay alive ... forever !JOIN LINK & GET THE ARTS SOME DETAILS:2009 International Art Competition Exhibition at X-Power Gallery - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USACurated by: A. K. Chen, X-Power Gallery, Prof. Lee - Sun-DonatX-Power Gallery USA413 N. Rodeo DriveBeverly Hills, CA 90210 &X-Power Gallery Ta... [more]

20100821014232-img_0472 seen sehen  
Bächler MINO Stefan at Altstadthalle Unter Altstadt 14 6300 Zug October 9th, 2009 - October 11th, 2009
Posted 3/21/09

Biographie/ an artist living and working primarily in Switzerland. He was born in 1967* Luzern, and lived in this city for a number of years. He has exhibited his art work, and published writings on art, frequently since 1990. Künstler, lebt und arbeitet hauptsächlich in der Schweiz. Er wurde 1967* in Luzern (CH) geboren und hat mehrere Jahre in dieser Stadt gelebt. Seit 1990 zahlreiche Ausstellungen und verschiedene Publikationen seiner Kunst. Künstlerauswei... [more]

Dittburnerpigroast Tryharder covers Circa Show  
Jarrett Csupo, Julia Dittberner, Michael Galasso, Zack Kircher, Diana Kohne, Danny De La Matyr, Anne Walker, alisa yang at Daydream Republic August 21st, 2010 - August 28th, 2010
Posted 2/13/11 [more]

Funkfest Art Was Top Notch!  
CHATISMO, Raymond Aliviado, APHIDoIDEA, Juan Francisco Estravidez, Adam B. Hass, Chris Hernandez, Herman Herrera, eddie jelinet, Sandra Lopez Laguna, Efrain Martinez, MUEL, Notes2Strokes, Michael Pukac, Cora Ramirez-Vasquez, Rick Rodriguez, DEMON SLAYER, Ray Vasquez, Dave Warthall at DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH CA August 7th, 2010 - August 7th, 2010
Posted 8/11/10

From the creator of LBFunkfest Bobby Easton: "Efren, GREAT JOB!!! Everything with the art was top notch, and I can't thinkof anything that could have been better! I am leaving town todaythrough Friday. Can we figure out the gallery stuff when I get back?Also, Bootsy Collins himself is trying to track down the art/artistswho painted his likeness. Please give a HUGE thanks to all the artists for me. Looking forward to working with you again" [more]

Dscn0059 Artist peace over earth  
Douglas Greengard at Loma Colorado Library rio rancho nm June 3rd, 2010 - June 28th, 2010
Posted 6/1/10

A distinctive paintings burst from their canvases in unrestrained explosions of color. Energy radiates from the center of each piece, while infinite variations of melding and splattering paint create a microcosm of pattern within the larger composition. Each painting is highly unique, ensuring an unequaled viewing experience.                                                                                   *ArtQuiver 2010 [more]

Dsc00296 horsmen  
Goyak NIyaz at alone April 6th, 2010 - April 6th, 2010
Posted 5/18/10

Simbolic color Neo-Plasticism. Cubism,Modern art, geometry, color, De Stijl ,painting. impressionism painting.. De Stijl: Fine Arts, Expressionism, Geometric vertical,horizontal black lines , primary colors- white, gray, black,end  -,,Green,, Cubism,geometry, impressionism ,Fine Arts,Modern art, , color simbolic painting ,memories of the war-thoughts for the future Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1996 nemam pojma vise šta da napisem [more]

Bartart1taste_jonaeon72dpi New art exhibit recalls BART robot mime of 1978  
JONaEON at Flying Saucers Caffeine and Art Gallery March 5th, 2010 - March 31st, 2010
Posted 3/12/10

By Melissa Jordan BART Senior Web Producer The year was 1978. Star Wars fever had swept the nation a year earlier, with fantastic characters like the droid C-3P0 capturing the public imagination. In San Francisco, an artist who went by the name JONaEON took on the persona of a silver android called SL7. In a performance art piece documented in photographs, SL7 traveled on the trains of Bay Area Rapid Transit alongside everyday commuters. That series of photographs is being shown for the first ti... [more]

Valentinegirl Georgianne Fastaias Works Stand Out  
Jack Androvich-Normalfotos, John Lupo Avanti, Laura Browning, Melissa Burman, Lina Chang, Sarah Waite Chase, Naomi S. Cooper, Simone Coulars, Noah Dasho, Georgianne Fastaia, N. Ferrara, Helen Friedman, Renee Anderson Glassworks, Kathryn Le Grice, David Imlay, Kendra Renee Jewelry, Lulu Bug Jewelry, Barbe Saint John, Rivkah Kaz, Andy Kowalczyk, Carina Lomeli, Ms. MariNaomi, Biff Moshe, Junko Van Norman, Kalyle Origami, Jessica Patrick, Rebecca Peters, Winthrop Prince, Hiroko Sakai, Eve Shen, Maureen Shields, Michael-Che` Swisher, Vera Tchikovani, Kelcie Tinker, Mary Tivadar, Hilary Williams, Laurel Wright, Jen Zahigian at Artist-Xchange February 5th, 2010 - February 28th, 2010
Posted 3/4/10

San Francisco Artist Georgianne Fastaia I had the honor of showing my works with fantastic San Francisco artist Georgianne Fastaia.Her works - mostly figures and landscape or cityscape - have rich textures and great atmosphere. Her figures often boldly claim large portion of the canvases, giving them a sense of timeless monumentality, yet they are abruptly confronted by the edges of the canvases, making them somewhat vulnerable, therefore the complexity of the figures and the paintings palpable. I also... [more]

No-more-romance no more romance-into the silence  
joe palermo at 43 essex road November 19th, 2009 - November 19th, 2009
Posted 11/1/09

I am inviting to you to my two next exhibitions in London the first Erotic just one day!-The second street art for two weeks!!check the links!!! Thanks JP-Vi invito alle 2 mie prossime mostre fotografiche a londra evi faccio presente un evento sulla mafia Salvatore Borsellino.Vedte sotto!! Grazie JP“No More Romance” ......erotic art visuals exhibition 19 Nov.2009 at 7pm in London“Into the Sil... [more]

Doyle_evitepdc Sam, I Hate You  
Chris Doyle at Sam Lee Gallery @ Pacific Design Center (Blue Building) September 24th, 2009 - November 28th, 2009
Posted 10/1/09

You showed some of these gorgeous watercolors before, Sam.  I wanted one then, I want one now.  I still can't afford them, or the fantastic video that went with them.  Why do you torture me so?  I'm a good person.  I work hard.  I really do think you should give me one of these because it will make my life so much better.   [more]

Dscf0044 Homestyle Tinkerin'  
50+ regional established artists at 1516 euclid Avenue July 10th, 2009 - July 12th, 2009
Posted 8/26/09

HOMESTYLE TINKERIN'  Ingenuity gathers the family around by Michael Gill Ingenuity organizer James Levin predicted that Ian Charnas' production Boltz — a campy mix of musical theater, dance and electrical tinkering presented by Case Western Reserve University — would be the iconic event that people remembered from Ingenuity 2009. Hopefully that's not true. The production's music and dance weren't badly realized, and the sustainability message was just about right for an after-school special or a com... [more]

Cm_day_the_beach-series September Exhibit and Reception 5th 5-9  
Claudette McDermott, Antonia Wennink at POC A Colony of Artists September 1st, 2009 - September 30th, 2009
Posted 8/10/09

Meet the Artists Sept 5, 5-9 refreshments and conversation with Artists exhibiting at "The Small Canvas" show for the Month of September at the Berry Patch in Pleasanton, California. These works will be on canvas sizes of 5x5, 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12 only and prices range from $50 on up. Receptions are a rare event so be sure to catch this one and find out what Inspired these Artists to create their visions. Interested in Commissioning one of these Artists? Ask them: Claudette McDermott, Sally Hai... [more]

Ray Aliviado, Steven Amado (CHATISMO), Paulina Bouyer-Magaña, Peter Bukasa, ENRIQUE CHIU, Jesus Martinez CHUYMOSCA, Annie Dubber, Maria Guadalupe, JavierYamakawa, Joshua Lewis, Lana Lingan, Rosalie Lopez, EFREN LUNA, Jusus Magaña, Efrain Martinez, Ben Morado, Johnny O, Jesse Perez, Zully Perez, Nadia Ramirez, Eddie Rodriguez, Rick Rodriguez, Izelle Rose, TITUS, Octavio Vargas at Green Turtle Bar & Restaurant July 12th, 2009 - July 12th, 2009
Posted 7/26/09

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WAS PART OF "URBAN GRAVITATION"   A couple of weeks have passed since we had "URBAN GRAVITATION" Art & Music Show on Sunday July 12th, 2009. Our show consisted of 3 events in 3 separate spaces within one venue (THE GREEN TURTLE Whittier, CA). A gallery space, a patio with live graffiti artists, and the main bar with live bands and rappers on stage. Our theme "URBAN GRAVITATION" was inspired to bring in artworks and music that expressed some aspects of urban life. Becau... [more]

Setinmotionnew2copy This show was a tremendous success.  
Ray Aliviado, Steven Amado, Raymond Berrellez, Peter Bukasa, Daniela Campons, Miguel Cervantes, Jesus Christos, KatherineBianca Clark, Morgan Cook, Ashley Costello, Annie Dubber, Jose Espinoza, Mike Gomez, Adriana Gonzalez, Desirae Hepp, Jose Hernandez, Taylor Kawata, Jesus Eduardo Magana, Jesus Martinez, Edson Mbaki, Marissa M Mercado, Shefali Mistry, Ben Morado, Emily Neptune, Jesse Perez, Jesus Perez, Zully Perez, Sheree Reed, Michael Reid, Eddie Rodriguez, Jonathan Sanchez, Nadia Santacruz, Jason Saunders, Kevin Tong, Maria Guadelupe Torres, Octavio Vargas, Daniel Velasquez, Cynthia Villasnor at Basswerks December 6th, 2008 - December 6th, 2008
Posted 7/26/09

I am an artist also a curator. This was the first show I curated and was a tremendous success. I curated a group show with over 40 artists. The show was titled "Set-In-Motion" December 6th & 7th, 2008. It took place at Basswerks Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. This was a 2-day show. I combined a variety of media like photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, architecture, sculpture, and Music. (and many more)        I had 3 bands (Random Ninjas [more]

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