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The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

October 22nd - January 15th, 2017 Drawing Line into Form: Works on Paper by Sculptors from the Collection of BNY Mellon
Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Maya Lin, Kiki Smith
October 22nd - February 12th, 2017 Pierce, Mark, Morph
Lauren Kalman, Carlos Martiel, Hiromi Moneyhun, Tatiana Parcero, Cecilia Paredes
October 9th - January 8th, 2017 Solo Exhibition
Narciso Rodriguez
August 24th - December 4th Comfort Hair
Yuni Kim Lang
May, 2016 Suddenly Last Summer
Leah Brown, Donna Haynes, Michelle Weinberg
May, 2016 In the Beginning was the Word
Corita Kent
Feb, 2016 Predators and Prey: A Roman Mosaic from Lod, Israel
Feb, 2016 First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare
Jan, 2016 The Art of Video Games
Jan, 2016 Memories of the Southern Civil Rights Movement
Danny Lyon
Dec, 2015 Master's in Art Education Exhibition 2015
Nov, 2015 Blurred Borders
Carola Bravo
Nov, 2015 The Temptation
Ramón Espantaleón
Oct, 2015 Walls of Color: The Murals of Hans Hofmann
Hans Hofmann
Oct, 2015 Weird, Wild and Wonderful
Sep, 2015 Celestial Traveler
Carlos Estévez
Sep, 2015 There Are No Other Everglades in the World
Jim Couper
Sep, 2015 Cartographies of Water (Cartografias del Agua)
Rufina Santana
Jun, 2015 Creole World: Photographs of New Orleans and the Latin Caribbean Sphere
Jun, 2015 Green Machine: The Art of Carlos Luna
Carlos Luna
May, 2015 Museum Studies Exhibition: Exploring Identities: Recent Acquisitions of the Frost Collection
May, 2015 Contemporary Families in Miami: A Photo Album
Lorna Otero
Apr, 2015 Spring 2015 BFA Exhibition
Apr, 2015 Aesthetics and Values: The Honors College
Julie Davidow, Christian Duran, Edouard Duval-Carrié, Aramis Gutierrez, Ruben Torres Llorca, Pepe Mar, Yolanda Sanchez, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, Robert Thiele
Mar, 2015 Spring 2015 MFA Exhibition
Feb, 2015 Writing Between Heaven and Earth
Xu Bing
Feb, 2015 Exercices de Style / Exercises in Style
Mónica Bengoa
Nov, 2014 ADinfinitum
Wang Qingsong
Oct, 2014 25 Sq. inches The Faces of the Permanent Collection
Oct, 2014 Remember+ing Tokyo
Koizumi Kishio
Oct, 2014 Papua New Guinea: Gogodala Art and Identity, Transition and Revival
Sep, 2014 Kept at Bay: Art on Guantánamo
Sep, 2014 Still
Marisa Tellería
Sep, 2014 Stadtluft Macht Frei (Urban Air Makes You Free)
Orlando Garcia, Jacek Kolasinski, Roberto Rovira
Jul, 2014 Leonel Matheu: Crossroads of the Dystopia
Leonel Matheu
Jul, 2014 Heart Water Ink
Simon Ma
Jun, 2014 The School of Night
Arturo Rodríguez
Jun, 2014 25 sq. inches
Apr, 2014 Sustenazo (Lament II)
Monika Weiss
Apr, 2014 Everything's Coming up Adrienne Roses: A Solo MFA Exhibition
Adrienne Roses
Apr, 2014 Spring 2014 BFA Show
Katty Aoun, Angie Arbelaez, Natalia Burgos, Amanda Covach, Christopher Fagundo, Kat Fernandez, Phillip Karp, Barbara Lamothe, Mily Llanos, Marilyn Loddi, Alex Maldonado, Angel Marin, Michelle Martinez, Lisa Montalbano, Michelle Polissaint, Daniel Taveras, Esmeylin Tejeda
Apr, 2014 Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art
Feb, 2014 Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
Jan, 2014 Architectures of Light
Karina Chechik
Jan, 2014 LAT 65.31N LONG 114.13W
Miler Lagos
Jan, 2014 Modern Beauty?: The Aesthetics of Perceptual Simultaneity
Dec, 2013 2013 Master of Art Education Exhibition
Dec, 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts Students' Exhibition
Nov, 2013 Things That Cannot Be Seen Any Other Way: The Art of Manuel Mendive
Manuel Mendive Hoyo
Oct, 2013 Teacher Workshop with Humberto Castro
Oct, 2013 Eternal Cuba: The Darlene M. and Jorge M. Pérez Collection at FIU
Oct, 2013 From Africa to the Americas
Oct, 2013 Tracing Antilles
Humberto Castro
Sep, 2013 Re-enactments
Pip Brant
Sep, 2013 Baby Pictures and the People's Lullaby Collective
Michael Namkung
Sep, 2013 Crisis and Commerce: World's Fairs of the 1930s
Sep, 2013 Naturalism/Artificiality: Expeditions, and Research of the Herbarium of Artificial Plants
Alberto Baraya
Jun, 2013 Six Degrees of Separate Nations
Peterson Kamwathi, Ebony G. Patterson
Jun, 2013 Borders of Paradise
Jun, 2013 Off center
Per Arnoldi, Waldo Balart, Ilya Bolotowsky, Nassos Daphnis, Allan D’Arcangelo, William Stanley Hayter, Patrick Hughes, Perez Melero, Robert Motherwell, Joel Perlman, Sebastian Trovato
Jun, 2013 Six Degrees of Separate Nations
Peterson Kamwathi, Ebony G. Patterson
May, 2013 ARTWORKS
May, 2013 Director's Lecture Series with Dr. Carol Damian: Spanish Colonial Art: The Beauty of Two Traditions
Apr, 2013 Spanish Colonial Art
Apr, 2013 Five Elements: Asian Art at the Frost Art Museum
Apr, 2013 Spanish Colonial Art: The Beauty of Two Traditions
Apr, 2013 Bang!
Robert Einbeck
Apr, 2013 The Drawing Project
John Adams, Kevin Arrow, Jenny Brillhart, Jean Cocteau, Andrea Kantrowitz, Shirin Neshat, Robert Rauschenberg
Mar, 2013 Identity Miami
Adler Guerrier, Catalina Jaramillo, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Feb, 2013 Deep Blue
Javier Velasco
Feb, 2013 The Seminole Paintings
Eugene Savage
Feb, 2013 Concealed Spaces
José Manuel Ballester
Feb, 2013 The Healing Spirits of Water
Feb, 2013 Aesthetics & Values 2013
Luisa Basnuevo, Viking Funeral, Adler Guerrier, Catalina Jaramillo, Maria Martinez-Canas, Glexis Novoa, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Asser Saint-Val, George Sanchez-Calderon, Pioneer Winter
Feb, 2013 Symposium- Florida and the Caribbean: The Contemporary Landscape
Jan, 2013 Race and Visual Culture under National Socialism
Jan, 2013 Form's Transgressions: The Drawings of Agustín Fernández
Agustín Fernández
Jan, 2013 Portraits and Identity: Seminole Portraits
Jan, 2013 SYMPOSIUM: Portraits and Identity: Seminole Portraits
Jan, 2013 The Time is Always Right
Dec, 2012 all & sundry: everybody, collectively and individually:
Dec, 2012 Master of Art Education 2012 exhibition
Nov, 2012 Reflections Across Time: Seminole Portraits
Nov, 2012 Fluorescent Light Sculptures
Ivan Navarro
Oct, 2012 Material and Meaning: Earthenware, Stoneware, and Porcelain from The Wolfsonian
Oct, 2012 To beauty: A Tribute to Mike Kelley
Mike Kelley
Oct, 2012 Mark Messersmith: Fragile Nature - The Florida Artist Series
Mark Messersmith
Oct, 2012 American Sculpture in the Tropics
Verina Baxter, Chakaia Booker, John Henry, Dennis Oppenheim, Albert Paley
Tori Arpad-Cotta, R. F. Buckley
Sep, 2012 Out of the Ordinary Geometry
Lydia Azout
Jul, 2012 This and That: Unconventional Selections from the Permanent Collection
Enrico Baj, Sandra Bermudez, Guerra de la Paz, Ana Albertina Delgado, Graham Hudson, SIBEL KOCABASI, Kate Kretz, Pepe Mar, Leonel Matheu, Jillian Mayer, Freddy Reitz, Bert Rodriguez, Alex Trimino
Jul, 2012 Shared Threads: Maria Lino’s Portrait of a Shipibo Healer
Maria Lino
Jul, 2012 The Color of the Art A lecture by Waldo Balart
Waldo Balart
May, 2012 scapes: lynne golob gelfman
Lynne Golob Gelfman
May, 2012 Creative Visions
Apr, 2012 DOXA
Apr, 2012 Museum Studies Spring 2012 Exhibition: Jamaican Art
Apr, 2012 Green Critics' Lecture Series with Ursula von Rydingsvard
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Apr, 2012 Michael Genovese: P.S. / P.P.S.
Michael Genovese
Apr, 2012 Meet & Mingle with Guido Montanari
Guido Montanari
Peter Hammar, Pepe Mar, Alex Trimino
Mar, 2012 How to Look at Art! with Arthur Blumenthal
Arthur Blumenthal
Mar, 2012 The War We Have Not Seen
Juan Manuel Echavarría
Mar, 2012 Green Critics' Lecture
Juan Manuel Echavarría
Mar, 2012 Aesthetics & Values 2012
Robert Chambers, Luis García-Nerey, Jiae Hwang, Ed Levine, Kuhl & Leyton, Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquadt, Jillian Mayer, Gean Moreno, Gavin Perry, David Rohn.
Mar, 2012 Aesthetics & Values
Robert Chambers, Jiae Hwang (South Korea) - drawing Jiae Hwang (South Korea) - drawing, Luis García-Nerey, Ed Levine, Kuhl & Leyton, Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquadt, Jillian Mayer, Gean Moreno, Gavin Perry, David Rohn
Feb, 2012 ArtWorks!
Feb, 2012 A Symposium Celebrating Geometric Abstraction
Ilya Bolotowsky, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alexander Liberman, Joel Stein
Feb, 2012 Crossing the Boundaries: Art & Music with Orlando Garcia
Orlando Garcia
Jan, 2012 Meet & Mingle with Qin Feng
Qin Feng
Jan, 2012 Meet & Mingle with Qin Feng
Qin Feng
Jan, 2012 Qin Feng: West Wind East Water
Qin Feng
Jan, 2012 Maria Thereza Negreiros: Offerings
Maria Thereza Negreiros
Jan, 2012 Annette Turrillo: A Thought for the Planet / Un Pensamiento por el Planeta
Annette Turrillo
Jan, 2012 A Symposium Celebrating Contemporary French Art and Two Unique Live Artist Performances
Martine Buissart, Carol Damian, Jacques Halbert, Joël Hubaut, William Jeffett, Dominique Labauvie, Bertrand Lavier, Elizabeth Lymann, Marvin A. Sackner
Jan, 2012 Metropole/Colony: Africa and Italy
Dec, 2011 Fall 2011 Bachelor of Fine Art Students' Exhibition
Diego Spindola Arrieta, Jennifer Rodriquez Baez, Carolina Candelaria, Benjamin Castro, Wen Ju Chien, Jacqueline Conos, Deseree Gonzalez, Eric Gonzalez, Guadalupe Figueroa Parraga, Oliver Perez, Diego Rodriguez, Lauren Webb-Harris, Victoria Yunta
Dec, 2011 Breakfast in the Park with Joel Perlman
Joel Perlman
Nov, 2011 The Steven & Dorothea Green Critics' Lecture Series
Nov, 2011 Tour de France/Florida: Contemporary Artists from France in Florida's Private Collections
Christian Boltanski, Sophie Calle, Annette Messager, Bernar Venet
Nov, 2011 color on color
Ilya Bolotowsky, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alexander Liberman, Joel Stein
Oct, 2011 Modern Meals: Remaking American Foods from Farm to Kitchen
Oct, 2011 Magdalena Fernández: 2iPM009
Magdalena Fernández
Oct, 2011 Humberto Calzada: The Fire Next Time
Humberto Calzada
Oct, 2011 The Florida Artist Series: Humberto Calzada: The Fire Next Time
Humberto Calzada
Sep, 2011 Tipping Points
William Burke, Mette Tommerup
Jun, 2011 Rise of an Empire: Scenes of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95
Jun, 2011 Tribute to Japanese Splendor: The Art of the Temari
May, 2011 South Florida Cultural Consortium Exhibition
COOPER, FriendsWithYou, Michael Genovese, Francie Bishop Good, Nolan Haan, SIBEL KOCABASI, Beatriz Monteavaro, Glexis Novoa, Jonathan Rockford, Bert Rodriguez, TM Sisters, Tonietta Walters
May, 2011 EAST/WEST: Visually Speaking
Ma Baozhong, Zhong Biao, The Luo Brothers, Zhang Hongtu, Shen Jingdong, Cai Lei, Shi Liang, Sun Ping, Cang Xin, Tang Zhigang
May, 2011 Who's Counting and Temporal State Of Being
David Hodge and Hi-Jin Hodge
May, 2011 Creative Visions
May, 2011 Bellinis & Books: An informal discussion about "Somewhere-Anywhere" with Artist Sheila Elias and Director Carol Damian
Sheila Elias
Apr, 2011 Museum Studies Spring 2011 Exhibition: Folk Art Selections from The Frost Art Museum's Permanent Collection
Apr, 2011 Spring 2011 Bachelor of Fine Art Students' Exhibition: The Finish Trick
Mar, 2011 Aesthetics & Values 2011
Daniel Arsham, José Bedia, Ivan Toth Depeña, Jacin Giordano, Fabian Peña, Karen Rifas, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, John Sanchez, Jen Stark, Antonia Wright
Jan, 2011 Gran Torino: Italian Contemporary Art
SALVATORE ASTORE, Alighiero Boetti, Botto&Bruno, Marco Gastini, Piero Gilardi, Giorgio Griffa, Paolo Leonardo, Luigi Mainolfi, Simone Martinetto, Mario Merz, Giulio Paolini, Giuseppe Penone, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Pierluigi Pusole, Valentina Ruospo, Filippo di Sambuy, Diego Scroppo, Francesco Sena, Luigi Stoisa and Fabio Viale, Gilberto Zorio
Jan, 2011 My Eyes Have Seen
Robert Farber
Jan, 2011 The Tale of the Unknown Island
Esther Villalobos and Mar Solís
Jan, 2011 As of 24-03-07
María Brito
Jan, 2011 Women in Motion: Fitness, Sport, and the Female Figure
Dec, 2010 Breakfast in the Park
Enrique Martinez Celaya
Oct, 2010 Embracing Modernity: Venezuelan Geometric Abstraction
Carlos Gonzalez Bogen, Omar Carreño, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Narciso Debourg, Gertrude Goldschmidt (Gego), Elsa Gramcko, Gert Leufert, Mateo Manaure, Alfredo Maraver, Nedo, Ruben Nuñez, Alejandro Otero, Mercedes Pardo, Jesus Rafael Soto, Victor Valera
Oct, 2010 Florida Artists Series: Selections from Anomie 1492-2006
Arnold Mesches
Oct, 2010 Sequentia
Xavier Cortada
Oct, 2010 La Habana Moderna in The Wolfsonian Teaching Gallery at The Frost Art Museum
Oct, 2010 From Old to New
Ferdinand Bol, Carlos Estévez, Jacob Jordaens, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Peter Paul Rubens, Lydia Rubio, Frances Trombly
Feb, 2010 Taiwan Discovered: In Place and Time
Jan, 2010 The Fantastic World of José Gurvich
José Gurvich
Jan, 2010 In Body and Soul: The Performance Art of María Teresa Hincapié
María Teresa Hincapié
Oct, 2009 The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama
Marina Abramovic, Laurie Anderson, Chuck Close, Michele Oka Doner, Jenny Holzer, Anish Kapoor, Bill Viola
May, 2009 What Comes After
Nancy Friedemann Sanches
May, 2009 2009 Cintas Finalist Fellowship Exhibition
Group Show
Apr, 2009 Because I Say So
Group Show
Apr, 2009 Genetic Portraits
Nela Ochoa
Nov, 2008 The Figure Past and Present: Selections from the Permanent Collection
Group Show
Nov, 2008 Full Circle
Andrew Reach
Nov, 2008 Full Circle

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