ArtCenter/South Florid a’s “Pin Up Pop Up Poetry” Culminates April 24
wi th a Group Reading by Diverse Collection of Miami Poets

ArtCenter/South Florida invites the community for a group poetry rea ding on April 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Richard Shack Gallery\, 800 Lincoln Road. The event features 14 local poets and culminates ArtCenter’s month-lo ng “Pin Up Pop Up Poetry\,” part of the O\, Miami poetry festival.


Poets invited to read at the event are from d iverse backgrounds with literary styles ranging from spoken word to the pro fessorial\, from the published to the non-published\, and even a guitar pla ying scribe. They share a strong passion for the written word and a need to be heard.

Poets at the April 24 reading event include:

Atlas\, Aza\, Mary Kate Az cuy\, Marcus Blake\, Jeffrey Bustos\, Gianni Cohen\, William Curtis\, George Durham\, Maha Adachi Earth\, Diego Flores\, Pierre Max Freesney\, Dana Rodriguez\, Beatricia Sagar and Chloe Fi retto-Toomey.


The event is p art of ArtCenter/South Florida’s ongoing\, innovative arts community partne rship campaign\, joining efforts with some the area’s leading arts organiza tions.

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The art of Spain reached the A mericas on board the ships of the explorers\, on the banners of the Conquis tadors\, in illustrated Bibles\, and in the form of small devotional images and portraits. Colonial Art of the sixteenth through the eighteenth centur ies represents a synthesis of imagery from Spain with that of the Americas\ , especially in areas with rich indigenous traditions and popular art forms \, and embodies the blending of native traditions with those of Europe.


Wednesday\, May 8th\, 2013 at The Frost Art Museum

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In 1994\, underground cartooni st\, filmmaker\, amateur publisher and First Amendment champion Mike Diana became the first artist ever to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity for artwork in the United States.

When Mike Diana was 9 years -old\, his family moved from Geneva\, New York to Largo\, Florida. He began to draw constantly\, becoming a fan of underground comics as a teen. Soon after graduating high school\, he began printing his own comics\, including the series\, Boiled Angel\, which grew to 300 subscribers mostly in cities outside of of Florida. This is a true feat\, considering that this was a t ime before online social media. In 1991\, a copy ended up in the hands of a California law enforcement officer who falsely linked Diana with the then unsolved Gainesville student murders. The FBI was alerted\, Diana was inves tigated but Diana was ultimately cleared of all involvement. However\, the hysterics continued.

Diana’s zines cover taboo subjects and a re raw as his black line drawings are thick. Graphic depictions of sex\, vi olence and caricature of church scandals are on every page. It is a gory an d ruthless read. Diana was taken to trial by the state of Florida in 1994 a nd found guilty of obscenity on all counts of publishing\, distributing\, a nd advertising his artwork. As a result he was jailed for four days\, was m andated to serve more than 1\,200 hours of community service and was ordere d to ‘stay away from minors.’ Additionally\, Diana was forced by the court not to draw\, even for personal use\, as part of a stern set of his three-y ear probation conditions. It was a grotesque and crushing conviction.

The trial judge found the work "patently offensive" and stated\, "T he evident goal of the appellant's publication is to portray shocking and g raphic pictures of sexual conduct so it will be noticed. If the message is about victimization and that horrible things are happening in our society\, as the appellant alleges\, the appellant SHOULD HAVE created a vehicle to send his message that was not obscene." His final attempt at appeal was den ied when the ACLU and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund petitioned the Supr eme Court. The court would not read the case. Diana continued his probation after his move to New York in 1996\, where he has lived ever since.

\n< p style="text-align: justify\;">Diana's work has been influential throughou t the underground comix community. His use of hardcore imagery serves to ma gnify and pinpoint the hypocrisies infused in contemporary life as well as the institutions that feed into it. His form of confrontational satire call s upon the viewer to read between the lines\, to become acquainted with Dia na's distinctive iconography and to find within it both humor and very poin ted commentary. As much as one can read Diana’s art work as purient and fou l none can deny its artistic merit.

Diana's first exhibition Mike Diana: Miami or Bust at #BogusFloridaIncident will include drawings an d paintings as well as works by other artists inspired by his output. This exhibition\, coincides with Miami Art Museum’s NWM2013/the end event\, “Con victed for Comics: A Talk with Underground Cartoonist Mike Diana.”

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