Michael Zansky's exhibition\, aptly paired with The Art of V ideo Games\, includes paintings as well as sculptures in motion magnified b y optical lenses. The exhibition is named after the loopy theme song of com ic duo Laurel and Hardy and reflects the artist's darkly funny view of the predicaments of life.


Einstein famously proclaimed that "God does n ot play dice with the universe" but in Zansky's absurd tragic-comic world\, games of chance are constantly being played. Quantum Physics posits the ex istence of infinite yet skewed parallel universes\, so in Zansky's view\, s lapstick comedians join theoreticians of  Western Civilization and prehisto ric creatures to ponder the inscrutability of the universe. The use of opti cs\, illusion\, and movie characers is particularly fitting\, as Zansky has had a long career as a scenic artist for film and television.

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