ArtSlant - Current exhibits en-us 40 Chase Westfall - 101/EXHIBIT - February 9th, 2013 - April 6th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"><strong>101 /exhibit</strong> Miami presents<strong> Chase Westfall</strong>, a solo exhibition from Chase Westfall. This is the artist’s first showing with the gallery. The opening reception with the artist will be held on February 9, 2013 from 7 – 10pm. The exhibition will conclude on April 6.</span></p> <blockquote> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"><em> “Beauty is a trait of the surface, while the sublime begins deep inside, then forces its way to the surface. As the sub lime comes through to the surface it automatically destroys the picture th at was there.</em> — Thomas McEvilley,<em> “ Turned Upside Down and Torn Apart"</em> </span></p> </blockquote> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">This introduction to recent paintings by Chase Westfall focuses on dichotomizing socio-political, art historical, religious, and personal frameworks. By exploring polar opposites that are commonly accepted as being mutually exclusive, Westfall’s works force, by artistic contrivance, moments where harmony is imposed on the irreconcilable. Paint erly, traditional painting vs. Minimalist tendencies. Religious vs. Artistic practice. Apollonian vs. Dionysian. Secularism vs. Spiritualism. Order vs. Ecstasy.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">These anthropological concerns, both internal and external, are a sincere attempt at making sense of these struggles through modernist and anti-modernist mo des. The paintings on display, which range from 2009-2013, seem to long for a return to order by moving from transcendent abstract approaches to humanistic realist figurative respects within a single comp osition. Unlike the opposite, where the closer one visually comes to an image the more abstract it becomes, Westfall’s paintings by contrast become more revealing.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"> By peering “though” or “past” or “b eyond” the safety buffer of the lattices and familiar Minimalist devices (nods to Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, and Agnes Martin are recurring), the conflict is discovered. The peace is fleeting. Violence is unearthed, and wires wind around the ankles of the blind. Conc epts of animal sacrifice, surgery, modern medicine, war, and Judeo- Christian traditions are confronted, but only momentarily before the r eductive voids in the compositions visually disconnect the viewer yet again.</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"> To put it another way, says Westfall, “The shifting uncertainty of these positions accounts in part, I believe, for the recurring fo rm or motif of the diamond, which has the geometric regularity of a grid, but provides a more dynamic, and therefore more ambiguous, form: equally legible as (or capable of) violence and/or trans ce ndence.”</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"> This first solo exhibition by Chase Westfall with the gallery is made possible in part by the generosity of the East Tennessee State University Research Development Committee and the Department of Art and Design who financially supported the production of 2012 works via grant giving. Chase Westfall is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at ETSU. His work was recently featured in New Am erican Paintings No. 100 (2012), and he has previous solo exhibitions at ETSU’s Tipton Gallery, an d Twin Kittens Gallery of Atlanta Georgia.</span></p> <p></p> <p></p> Sun, 03 Mar 2013 12:16:50 +0000 Marco Casentini - Abba Fine Art - February 16th, 2013 - April 11th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;" size="2">Abba Fine Art is pleased to present Marco Casentini's paintings "Candyland" opening February 16 and on view through April 11, 2013. Marco Casentini is known for his lighthearted, optimistic and colorful works, which focus heavily on geometric representations of cityscapes. The strong, bright colors Marco favors are heavily influenced by scenery he experienced in his native Italy and in his frequent travels to Southern California.  Marco draws inspiration from Pop art, the Los Angeles urban scene, and the bright hues of Mexican architecture, as well as the fantastic, hyper-real worlds of Disney and other cartoons. <br /> <br /> In Marco’s acrylic and alkyd paintings, he explores the spatial dynamics of color, texture, and design. He is intrigued and inspired by urban spaces, and, through the use of colored blocks, he attempts to capture the geometry of city architecture and the large buildings that dominate city window views.<br /> <br /> Marco paints on canvas, a well as perspex, aluminum, brass, copper and wood. He is known for his grandiose wall paintings, in which he seeks to create a strong emotional impact through the use of great expanses of color. In these works, painting becomes architecture. <br />  <br /> Marco Casentini has exhibited his artwork in Italy, the U.S., French, Germany and Switzerland in more then 50 solo exhibitions since 1983. Casentini’s work appears in many private, corporate, and public collections, including the Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany; The Progressive Art Collection, Cleveland, OH; the Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA, the Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA, the Mestna Galerija, Nova Gorica, Slovenia; and in Italy, Civica Raccolta del Disegno, Salò; Fondazione Bandera per l’Arte, Busto Arsizio; Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Sesto Calende; MAPP Museo d’Arte Paolo Pini, Milan; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Calasetta; CAMeC, La Spezia, the Università degli Studi, Pavia and the Università Bocconi, Milano. Casentini was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2005 and was invited in 2011 at the 54ma Venice Biennale, at the Italian Pavillion for the Section Liguria. He was born in La Spezia, Italy. He graduated from the Liceo Artistico in Carrara in 1980 and from the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara in 1984.</span></p> Sat, 02 Mar 2013 08:05:49 +0000 Andy Warhol - Adamar Fine Arts - December 20th, 2012 - February 28th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Adamar Fine Arts proudly invites you to the exciting Andy Warhol show at Adamar Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibit showcases an array of Andy Warhol's greatest masterpieces depicting the diverse and fascinating notable women throughout history and mythology. On display is a selection of Warhol's most recognized pieces including "Ingrid Bergman with Hat", "Karen Kain", "Jane Fonda", "Marilyn Monroe", "Jackie I" (Jaqueline Kennedy) and "Blackglama" (Judy Garland), along with two of his most prominent works "Venus" and "St. George and the Dragon". <br /> <br /> The exhibited continues until end of February 2013</p> Fri, 08 Feb 2013 23:45:16 +0000 Gean Moreno, Ernesto Oroza - Alejandra Von Hartz Gallery - February 7th, 2013 - April 6th, 2013 Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:03:00 +0000 Jane Manus - Armory Art Center WPB - December 1st, 2012 - April 26th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Jane Manus shares a vision to create new and dynamic spaces with abstract, yet solid form. The exhibition at the Armory art Center will feature six of her large-scale works placed, as they are meant to be seen, in the outdoor sculpture garden. Though concrete and heavy in themselves, Manus's sculptures are artfully connected planes of line and geometric shape, joined as to invoke a complex, shifting array of transparent spaces and paradoxically unsubstantial solid forms. Her work actively engages her audience, as the shapes and spaces form and reform as the viewer moves closer to them, further away and around them. While seemingly at odds with their setting, Manus's sculptures are meant to be seen in the ever changing conditions of nature. her work forms a relationship with the play of shadow and the passage of time.</p> Sun, 17 Feb 2013 03:16:08 +0000 - Armory Art Center WPB - January 19th, 2013 - March 16th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">This exhibition will feature and celebrate Cuban artists currently working in diverse media, including painting and video. Programming will highlight the music, poetry and cuisine of this vibrant culture. Exhibition organized by the Armory Art Center. Armory exhibitions are free and open to the public.</p> Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:02:24 +0000 - Armory Art Center WPB - February 9th, 2013 - March 16th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">The National Association of Women Artists was founded in 1889. It is the oldest professional women's fine art organization in the United States.  It provides a forum for women artists to share ideas and to exhibit their work. Through its exhibitons, programs. and archives, NAWA fosters awareness of the monumental contribution of women to the history of American art. The organization is inclusive and serves professional women artists of all backgrounds and traditions. Exhibition organized by NAWA.</p> Sat, 09 Mar 2013 03:17:29 +0000 - Armory Art Center WPB - February 15th, 2013 - March 15th, 2013 <p>Artists of Palm Beach County is a coalition created and managed by artists, for artists of all disciplines.  The talented members of this group will have their works featured in this exhibition. Exhibition organized by the Artists of Palm Beach County.</p> Sat, 09 Mar 2013 03:19:42 +0000 Group Show - Art Center / South Florida - December 15th, 2012 - February 17th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong><em>smoke signals: istwa, paisajes and allegories</em></strong> is curated by ArtCenter alumnus William Cordova. The works will challenge what may be familiar perceptions of our surroundings through unconventional materials. Many of the materials these artists incorporate into their work are often sourced from traditional building materials, found objects and textiles. The exhibition proposes alternative methods of reconsidering our own presence and values.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">On view at the <strong></strong><strong>The Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139</strong></p> Thu, 08 Nov 2012 00:24:34 +0000 W. Andre Allen, Juana Meneses, John Sanchez - Art Center / South Florida - February 2nd, 2013 - February 17th, 2013 Fri, 08 Feb 2013 23:09:51 +0000 Wes Kline - Art Center / South Florida - Project 924 - January 5th, 2013 - March 17th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Artist <strong>Wes Kline</strong> will be recreating the unproduced film “Minotaur” by the mid-century avant garde filmmaker Hans Richter, using Project 924 as a collage space for re-imagining the film as a series of performative vignettes and architectural photographic archives strewn around the exhibition space. Kline produces a series of structures, video vignettes, photographs, archives, drawings, and performances that collapse the modernist figure of the “Minotaur” (a favorite of the Surrealists, Picasso, and many others) into a series of participatory moments. Instead of the fragmented figure of the Minotaur in a labyrinth, the viewer will encounter an opportunity to “repair,” “archive,” or “restructure” the Minotaur as a site of exchange and production. The title <em>MINOTAUROCRACY</em> humorously alludes to this ‘production,’ recalling the image of the Minotaur as not a fragment, but as a plurality.</p> Fri, 08 Feb 2013 23:04:54 +0000 - Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 14th, 2013 - February 18th, 2013 <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="457"> <tbody> <tr class="sttr1"> <td align="left" width="373"><span style="font-size: small; font-family: arial black,avant garde;"><strong>GENERAL ADMISSION:</strong></span></td> <td align="center" valign="bottom" width="104"></td> </tr> <tr class="sttr2"> <td align="left" width="373">Friday, February 15</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom" width="104">12pm - 9pm</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr1"> <td align="left">Saturday, February 16</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">12pm - 8pm</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr2"> <td align="left">Sunday, February 17</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">12pm - 7pm</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr1"> <td align="left">Monday, February 18</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">12pm - 6pm</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <h2>Admission</h2> <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="457"> <tbody> <tr class="sttr2"> <td align="left">One day fair pass</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">$15</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr2"> <td align="left" width="363">Multi-day fair pass</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom" width="94">$30</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr1"> <td align="left">Students 12-18 years and Seniors</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">$10</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr2"> <td align="left">Children under 12 years accompanied by adult</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">Free</td> </tr> <tr class="sttr1"> <td align="left">Groups 10 or more</td> <td align="center" valign="bottom">$10</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <h1 class="title-1">Exhibitors</h1> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">101/exhibit</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Aldo de Sousa Gallery</span> <br /> Buenos Aires</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery</span> <br /> Mexico City</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Art Nouveau Gallery</span> <br /> Miami, Maracaibo</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Arte Berri</span> <br /> Santo Domingo</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Ascaso Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Aureus Contemporary</span> <br /> Providence</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Barry Friedman Ltd.</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Beatriz Esguerra Art</span> <br /> Bogota</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Black &amp; White Gallery / Project Space</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Black Square Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">C. Grimaldis Gallery</span> <br /> Baltimore</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Catherine Edelman Gallery</span> <br /> Chicago</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Cernuda Arte</span> <br /> Coral Gables</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Claire Oliver Gallery</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Consultores de Arte S.A.</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Contessa Gallery</span> <br /> Cleveland</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Cynthia Corbett Gallery</span> <br /> London</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Cynthia-Reeves</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">David Lusk Gallery</span> <br /> Memphis</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">De Buck Gallery</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">DEAN PROJECT</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Durban Segnini Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Eli Klein Fine Art</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Fabien Castanier Gallery</span> <br /> Los Angeles</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Forum Gallery</span> <br /> New York, Beverly Hills</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Galeria Medicci</span> <br /> Caracas</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">GB-AiBo Asian Art</span> <br /> Rye</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Guy Hepner</span> <br /> West Hollywood</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Hardcore Art Contemporary Space</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Hollis Taggart Galleries</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Jerald Melberg Gallery</span> <br /> Charlotte</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Juan Ruiz Gallery</span> <br /> Miami, Maracaibo</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Kavachnina Contemporary</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">KM Fine Arts</span> <br /> Chicago, Los Angeles</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Lausberg Contemporary</span> <br /> Dusseldorf, Toronto, Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Lelia Mordoch Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Leslie Smith Gallery</span> <br /> Amsterdam</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">LICHT FELD Gallery</span> <br /> Basel</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Mark Borghi Fine Art Inc</span> <br /> New York, Palm Beach</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Mindy Solomon Gallery</span> <br /> ST. Petersburg</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Nancy Hoffman Gallery</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">N O M A D Gallery</span> <br /> Brussels</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Now Contemporary Art</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Oxenberg Fine Art</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Pan American Art Projects</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Projects Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Rosenbaum Contemporary</span> <br /> Bal Harbour, Boca Raton</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Rubbers Internacional</span> <br /> Buenos Aires</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Rudolf Budja Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Sundaram Tagore Gallery</span> <br /> New York, Hong Kong, Singapore</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">The McLoughlin Gallery</span> <br /> San Francisco</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Unix Fine Art</span> <br /> London</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Waltman Ortega Fine Art | Miami - Paris</span> <br /> Miami, Paris</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Waterhouse &amp; Dodd</span> <br /> London, New York, New York City</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC</span> <br /> New York</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Witzenhausen Gallery</span> <br /> New York, Amsterdam</div> <div class="exhibitor-link"><span class="LinkDealer">Zadok Gallery</span> <br /> Miami</div> Sat, 22 Feb 2014 16:01:11 +0000 Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Boris Lurie, Richard Avedon, Roy Schatt - Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 14th, 2013 - February 18th, 2013 <p>WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC (booth A20) is participating in this year's edition of Art Wynwood, February 14-18, featuring 70 international art galleries. The gallery will exhibit a curated selection of artworks by Andy Warhol, Man Ray, Boris Lurie, Richard Avedon, Roy Schatt.</p> Sat, 22 Feb 2014 16:01:11 +0000 Allison Kotzig - Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 14th, 2013 - February 17th, 2013 Sat, 22 Feb 2014 16:01:16 +0000 Marina Gonella - Art Wynwood International Contemporary Art Fair - February 14th, 2013 - February 18th, 2013 Sat, 22 Feb 2014 16:01:17 +0000 Enrique Chavarria - ArtSpace / Virginia Miller Galleries - February 1st, 2013 - April 7th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Now that the new year is well underway, we have a visual treat in store for you: a Mexican surrealist described as a serious scholar with a delicious sense of humor. Enrique Chavarria’s paintings defy analysis. Art historian Tatiana Flores puts it this way: “Losing oneself in the images and enjoying the journeys into unexpected worlds that they offer yield the most satisfying visual and mental experience.”<br /> <br /> Ghosts and trolls, wraiths and fortunetellers, bizarre juxtapositions flow from the wellspring of his imagination, a torrent of unimaginable tableaux guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. His skillful draftsmanship may even present a few faces that look oddly familiar.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">“<i>Chavarria</i> (1927-1998) is a Mexican surrealist in the tradition of Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, but with his own iconography,” says gallery owner and director Virginia Miller.<br /> <br /> Trained in Mexico City at the Academia de San Carlos, the reclusive artist spent most of his life painting and studying. According to Bryna Prensky, the art dealer who acquired most of his work, “He knew several languages and his reading covered a broad range, from Homer and other ancient literature ... to more contemporary authors. Much of his work was inspired by poetry, particularly that of Rimbaud, Eluard, Valery and Andre Breton.” </p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The fairy tales, myths and legends of literature and alchemy can be seen in Chavarria’s fantasies, which often feature anthropomorphized plants and objects, bizarre juxtapositions of wraiths and realistic settings, and dream-like scenes with fairy-tale princesses interacting with nightmarish creatures.<br /> <br /> Laura Seewoester, writing in ”Pegasus News” of Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas, states that “Despite the whimsical nature of surrealism, he shows painstaking attention to detail and paints with the utmost precision. Each piece is brimming with imagination and symbolism. They possess an uncanny familiarity, due in part to his inspiration from surrealist greats such as Dali, in part to his religious and literary references and also because of his renaissance-esque style.” </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><i>Chavarria</i>’s passion for snorkeling and underwater photography “explains his frequent marine scenes and inclusion of underwater creatures,” Prensky notes.<br /> <br /> Included with the dozens of oil paintings are a number of drawings and a page of the artist’s sketches of elements for future works.<br /> <br /> The artist’s biography includes solo exhibitions at the Florida International Museum, St. Petersburg; Mary Brogan Museum, Tallahassee; Latino Cultural Center, Dallas; Miami Museum of Science; Nueva Galeria de Arte; Galeria Bryna, Mexico City and Palm Beach; and Galeria Misrachi, Mexico City.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"></p> Mon, 04 Feb 2013 11:17:13 +0000