ArtSlant - Closing soon en-us 40 Bassmi, Michelle Concepción, Florian Depenthal - ArtSpace / Virginia Miller Galleries - January 4th, 2013 - February 3rd, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Three mid-career artists with distinctive visions of abstract paintings are featured in “<a href="" target="_blank"><i>Color, Form, Space</i></a>,” at a reception from 6-10 p.m. Friday, Jan. 4th, 2013 at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The background of the artists is as varied as their works: <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Bassmi</i></a>, who paints under the single name Bassmi, is from Egypt and now lives in this country; <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Michelle Concepción</i></a> is from Puerto Rico and lives in Germany; and <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Florian Depenthal</i></a> is German and divides his time between Europe and this country.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">“The unifying principles of the exhibition are that all three artists are superb colorists who work in a non-gestural manner,” said gallery owner and director Virginia Miller. “Rather than a literal view, they are concerned with the emotional effect.” In the words of Constantin Brancusi: “Abstract (art) is the most realistic, because what is real is not the exterior but the idea, the essence of things.”</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">As stated by critic <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Peter Frank</i></a>, “The hundred-year history of abstract art is a history of distilling the ineffable. Whether motivated by intellectual argument or spiritual quest, the abstractionists in our midst have chosen not to depend on the recognizable world as a subject, although it remains available to them, and us, as a visual or conceptual armature; rather, it is the world inside their heads, and ours, they choose to elaborate.”</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><a href="" target="_blank"><i>Bassmi</i></a> has held solo exhibitions in galleries in Cairo, New York, and Paris as well as the Burroughs-Chapin Museum in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; the Pensacola Museum of Art; the Ormond Beach Memorial Museum; and the Hardin Art Center in Gadsden, Alabama, among numerous other venues.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">According to art critic John Mendelsohn, Bassmi’s paintings “speak in a language that we intuitively recognize—the movement of water, the massing of clouds, the delicacy of light in mist...the luminosity of translucent color alerts us to the essentially non-physical nature of what Bassmi is pointing to... the far shore of experience, where delight is the most natural thing in the world.”</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><a href="" target="_blank"><i>Michelle Concepción</i></a> has exhibited widely in Europe, the U.S. and the Caribbean, with solo exhibitions in Frankfurt, Barcelona and at ArtSpace/Virginia Miller Galleries. In his essay for her most recent one-person show at the gallery, Peter Frank summarized her work with an observation that might apply to all the paintings in this exhibition:</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">“Michelle Concepción follows in the footsteps of Kandinsky, Malevich, Mondrian, and a host of nonobjective painters who in their various ways have explored and conveyed what was at once deep inside them and all around them, visually inchoate but profoundly immediate in experience. When this auratic force emerges and coalesces, we tend to find the mundane world in such formulations. But even as we do, those formulations act upon us and within us. Concepción’s is an art not of things, but of their ghosts.”</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Paintings of <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Florian Depenthal</i></a> have been exhibited in numerous prestigious venues in his native Germany as well as in this country and are included in such important permanent collections as those of H.P. Schwerfel-Sammlung, Paris; Stone Container Corporation, Grant Thornton Collection, and Lake Point Tower Collection in Chicago.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Critic Janet Batet found that his “dazzling canvases”... “are loaded with powerful expression. Each emphatic stroke ...evidences a trace of mood, the vivid feeling invading the canvas before being tempered by reason.” His new work softens the edges of his subject matter as well as his somewhat flamboyant palette.</p> Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:31:33 +0000 - Boca Raton Museum of Art - September 11th, 2012 - February 3rd, 2013 <p><strong>Celebrating quilting </strong>as a medium for both art and social change, <em>Politics NOT as Usual: Quilts with Something to Say</em> highlights two centuries of women who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer; women who used quilting as a venue to cast their votes, comment on the political landscape, and participate in national life.</p> <p>Drawn from the American Folk Art Museum in New York City, the collection demonstrates quilts as one of the most eloquent and consistent reflections of American life from the colonial period to the present.</p> <p>From quilts expressing Union pride following the Civil War, promoting presidential candidates, anger at being denied the right to vote, to a call for Hawaiian independence, <em>Politics NOT as Usual</em> offers visitors a unique and personal context to our country’s past.</p> <p>The exhibition also marks the first opportunity for viewers to see the 9/11 National Tribute Quilt outside of the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. The art piece incorporates quilt blocks from five hundred people in fifty states as well as Canada, Spain, Denmark, and Australia to acknowledge the loss of thousands of lives on that infamous day. The four central panels form a montage of the twin towers of the World Trade Center against the New York City skyline. In recognition of the quilt’s inclusion in the exhibition and to commemorate the day, the Museum will offer complimentary admission to the general public on September 11.</p> <p><em>Politics NOT as Usual</em> is curated by Stacy Hollander, Chief Curator at the American Folk Art Museum.</p> Sat, 02 Feb 2013 07:13:04 +0000 - The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum - January 8th, 2013 - February 3rd, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">FIU celebrates the 22nd Annual Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration with an explosion of events. To mark this celebration, the MLK committee joins hands with The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum to present a series of exhibits including: "The Dream Lives" – the 2013 thematic piece by Pedro J. Perry, "March Portraits" – to mark the 50th year anniversary of the Civil Rights March on Washington on August 28, 1963exhibit portraits of select individuals who played a major role; "Wall of Hope" – the winning thematic essays written by FIU students; "Wall of Fame" – highlights successful FIU Alumna of color; "FIU-MLK Videos" – compilation of videos created for past MLK Breakfast events at FIU; "MLK Legacy-Then and Now" – a brief look at what was then (50 years ago) and compares to now and how far we have come; and "Distrust to Disparities II" - Artworks by FIU students in collaboration with Gretchen Schargnagl depicting historical milestones in medical experiments involving children along the journey from medical distrust to current health care disparities.</p> Sat, 02 Feb 2013 07:34:00 +0000 David McConnell - Abba Fine Art - January 12th, 2013 - February 6th, 2013 Wed, 12 Dec 2012 00:20:18 +0000 Leo Yeni - Armory Art Center WPB - January 19th, 2013 - February 9th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">This exhibition of works by Italian-Jewish artist Leo Yeni will feature watercolors and pen and ink drawings created over a span of 40 years and across two continents. The artist chronicled a life interrupted. Yeni received his education at the Institute Israelites until the racial laws of 1938 discontinued his studies. He was sent to a Swiss labor camp and was a World War II survivor. He was later freed to finish his art degree at the Academy of Fine Art “Brera” in Milan. In 1946, Yeni emigrated to New York city and became an active designer and fine artist. His paintings are included in numerous private and corporate collections internationally. Some of his legacy will be presented and preserved at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.</p> Thu, 03 Jan 2013 23:37:45 +0000 Serge Strosberg - Armory Art Center WPB - January 18th, 2013 - February 9th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;">Serge Strosberg was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and graduated with honors from the Academie Julian in Paris, France. Although being mainly a painter, he took photography classes with Peter Knapp, art director for Elle and Vogue, and was always immersed in the world of fashion. For more details about the artist, visit</span></p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-size: small;"> Armory exhibitions are free and open to the public.</span></p> Thu, 10 Jan 2013 18:24:15 +0000 Jim Drain - de la Cruz Collection - December 4th, 2012 - February 9th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Pleat Construction was first exhibited for "New American Voices II" at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) in Philadelphia. It was fabricated as part of FWM's Artist-in-Residence program.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The installation "Pleat Construction" established a structural language that began with two hand-loomed knit and embellished sweaters. The knit pleat in the sweaters informed the sculptural panel works. The sculptural panels include glass and wood free-standing panels, illuminated by the light assemblages, so as to mimic the language begun with the sweaters. Drain explains, "This was a new approach for making sculpture; instead of knit being used as an integrated sculpture material, in the FWM installation, the knit of the garment became the primary focus. It was a different methodology. It is one that isolates the sculptural elements within the installation into separate, distinct parts."<br /> <br /> For the Project Room at the de la Cruz Collection, this process of assimilation will be taken a step further with the fabrication of a woven assemblage painting. In a way, this process is a telephone-game with form and material; one that utilizes the originating pleat to take sculpture and painting into new, unexpected places.<br /> <br /> Jim Drain was born in Cleveland, Ohio 1975 and lives and works in Miami, Florida. Drain creates elaborate, colorful, mind-manifesting, and anthropomorphic sculptures. Of his practice, he says, "Knitting is like painting, looking at the shelf, you never know how the colors are going to work together in pattern, in texture, after being washed or fluffed or felted." He works in several different media such as comics, music, drawing and painting, video and performance. Drain received his BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 1998.</p> Sun, 30 Dec 2012 06:17:58 +0000 Simone Leigh - Gavlak - December 29th, 2012 - February 9th, 2013 Mon, 07 Jan 2013 04:06:42 +0000 Madeliene Abling - Williams McCall Gallery - January 19th, 2013 - February 9th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">“In the studio, I surround myself with canvases of all sizes.  I put mounds of paint on my big glass palette, pick up a painting knife and create seemingly random, textured surfaces on the canvas.  The layers and layers of paint become the foundation for the painting’s background.  Next comes opaque color; under layers of paint “peek through”, suggesting something hidden and offering depth and visual interest.  The shapes inspire the subject; they always become the painting that they are supposed to become.  I paint what I love: adult beverages, the musical instruments of jazz, strong coffee.  I paint in a bold impressionistic style.   I love thick, juicy paint, loose shapes, the smell of the studio.  I paint because it fills me with a sense of wellbeing, of belonging, of total “be in the moment” consciousness.  I am never closer to myself than at those moments.”</p> Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:53:32 +0000 - American International Fine Art Fair - February 5th, 2013 - February 10th, 2013 <h1>Preview Evening</h1> <p>Collectors' Invitational<br /> 7:30-10pm <br /> Admission with Multi-Day Pass or by invitation</p> <h1>Public Hours</h1> <p>February 6-10, 2013<br /> 11:00 am - 6:00 pm</p> <h1>Admission</h1> <p>One-day pass:  $20 at the door<br /> Multi-day pass:  $25 at the door</p> <h1>Exhibitors 2013</h1> <div id="exhibitors_left"> <p>A.B. Levy Palm Beach<br />Palm Beach, FL</p> <p>A.R.T.<br />Palm Beach, FL</p> <p>Afrodit<br />Ankara, Turkey</p> <p>Alexander Gallery<br />New York, NY</p> <p>ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN<br />London, UK</p> <p>Ascaso Gallery<br />Miami, FL</p> <p>Atlanta Fine Rugs<br />Atlanta, GA</p> <p>BAYCO<br />New York, NY</p> <p>Budja, Rudolf<br />Vienna, AUSTRIA Miami, FL</p> <p>Faberge<br />Geneva, Switzerland</p> <p>FERMA<br />Barcelona, Spain</p> <p>Gallerie Schukin<br />Paris, FRANCE Moscow, Russia</p> <p>Gem Art<br />Quito, Ecuador</p> <p>Gladwell Gallery<br />London, UK</p> <p>Haynes Fine Art of Broadway<br />Broadway, UK</p> <p>Holden Luntz Gallery<br />Palm Beach, FL</p> <p>Imperial Fine Books<br />New York, NY</p> <p>Imperial Oriental Art<br />New York, NY</p> <p>JGM Art Limited<br />London, UK</p> <p>John Jaffa Antiques<br />London, UK</p> <p>John Raimondi Gallery<br />Palm Beach Gardens, FL</p> <p>Kanners<br />Bal Harbor, FL</p> </div> <div id="exhibitors_left"> <p>Long-Sharp Gallery<br />Indianapolis, IN</p> <p>Mallett<br />London, UK New York, NY</p> <p>Mark Borghi Fine Art<br />New York, NY</p> <p>Mark Helliar Italian Design<br />Los Angeles, CA</p> <p>Marlene Alvarado<br />Corpus Christie, TX</p> <p>Martin du Louvre<br />Paris, France</p> <p>Masriera<br />Barcelona, Spain</p> <p>Michael Goedhuis<br />London, UK</p> <p>Michael James Fine Art<br />London, UK</p> <p>Peter Finer<br />London, UK</p> <p>Potterton Books<br />North Yorkshire, UK</p> <p>Richard Green<br />London, UK</p> <p>Robert Lloyd Silver Antiques<br />New York, NY</p> <p>Rudolf Budja Gallery<br />Miami, FL</p> <p>Setford &amp; Bridges<br />Paris, FR + Glen Falls, NY</p> <p>Stern Pissarro Gallery<br />London, UK</p> <p>The Silver Fund<br />London, UK</p> <p>Treadway Gallery<br />Cincinnati, OH</p> <p>Valerio Antiques<br />Coral Gables, FL</p> <p>Venice Projects<br />Venice, Italy</p> <p>Waterhouse &amp; Dodd<br />London, UK</p> <p>Yvel<br />Jerusalem, ISRAEL</p> </div> Tue, 15 Jan 2013 06:15:06 +0000 - American International Fine Art Fair - February 6th, 2013 - February 10th, 2013 <h4>Wednesday, Feb 6th at 3pm</h4> <h5>The Great Faberge Collections</h5> <p></p> <p>By Geza von Hapsburg, who will examine the rich and bloody history of Faberge collecting including the ill-fated Nicholas and Alexandra.</p> <p></p> <h4>Thursday, February 7th at 3pm</h4> <h5>Robert Indiana and the Star of Hope</h5> <p></p> <p>By Michael Komanecky. This lecture examines the life and work of a living legend, Robert Indiana, the creator of the Love sculpture, and many other icons of the twentieth century, These incredible works of art have been diffused in particular through the production of multiples, and this lecture examines in particular the artist's highly important graphic works like the Hartley Elegies, 1990/1991. Komanecky has spent a great deal of time with the artist, and a fascinating feature of the lecture will be a first-hand look at the artist's life. For the last 30 years, Indiana has lived in an 1884 Oddfellows Lodge, the Star of Hope.</p> <p></p> <h4>Friday, February 8th at 3 pm</h4> <h5>Beauty + Mystery = Allure: Portraits of Women by Leonardo da Vinci</h5> <p></p> <p>By Dr. Roger Ward, former Chief Curator and Deputy Director of the Norton Museum of Art, this lecture is grabbed right from the headlines! Between 1492 and 1502, Leonardo made unforgettable portraits of three woman intimately associated with Ludovico Sforza--known as "Il Moro"--usurper of the Duchy of Milan; likewise of the duke's sister-in-law, the extraordinary Isabella d'Este, Marchesa of Mantua; and of the young Florentine matron, Lisa Gherardini. Mystery and controversy, even tragedy, have dogged these remarkable works for more than 500 years. Recent research has yielded new discoveries about their histories, the lives of the sitters, and about the artist's supreme technical achievements.</p> <p></p> <h4>Saturday, February 9th at 3pm</h4> <h5>Passions: Collecting Art &amp; Antiques</h5> <p></p> <p>By Miller Gaffney, of Miller Gaffney Art Advisory, and as seen on the PBS show, "Market Warriors." This lecture gives an overview of the current trends in the art market, as well as looking at the question of using art as an asset. It covers buying and selling, and the drivers of connoisseurship and collector demand. Ms. Gaffney will Offer market insights regarding the fundamentals of collecting art and antiques, and most importantly, getting it right!</p> <p></p> <h4>Sunday, February 10th at 2pm</h4> <h5>Regarding Warhol: Sixty artists, Fifty years</h5> <p></p> <p>By Marla Prather, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., and curator of the exhibition Regarding Warhol: Sixty artists, Fifty years.<br /><br /> This lecture, and the exhibition of the same name at the Met, examines a fascinating dialogue between works of art and artists across generations. For decades, critics have observed that Andy Warhol exerted an enormous impact on contemporary art, but no exhibition has yet explored the full nature or extent of that influence. Through approximately forty-five works by Warhol alongside one hundred works by some sixty other artists, Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years juxtaposes prime examples of Warhol's paintings, sculpture, and films with those by other artists who in key ways reinterpret, respond, or react to his groundbreaking work.</p> Tue, 15 Jan 2013 06:17:34 +0000 jorge pantoja - carol jazzar contemporary art - January 11th, 2013 - February 10th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Carol Jazzar Gallery is pleased to present <em>Endpapers</em>, a solo exhibition by Miami artist  </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Jorge Pantoja</strong>. This will be Pantoja's second exhibition at the gallery and will feature a series of large and small works on paper as well as a series of artist books.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Jorge Pantoja's work depict the human condition. Memories play a center role as content, a way to enlighten the present. These recent works come from direct experiences of paradise lost and regained. Here, nostalgia for primitivism and tribal society are a way to come back to life.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Pantoja's work has been exhibited at various institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL, The Ft Lauderdale Museum of Art, FL, Miami Art Museum, FL, and Paco Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His work is included in important private and Museum Collections.  </p> <p style="text-align: justify;"> </p> Mon, 07 Jan 2013 00:19:14 +0000 Andy Warhol - NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale - November 10th, 2012 - February 10th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">This is the first exhibition to examine Andy Warhol’s enduring fascination with automobiles as products of American consumer society.  Featuring more than forty drawings, paintings, prints, photographs and related archival material spanning the years 1946 to 1986, the exhibition traces the development of Warhol’s work with cars throughout his career.  Warhol’s images, which have become icons of American contemporary art, include an array of familiar products, like Coca-Cola and Campbell’s Soup cans.  Automobiles were another, though lesser-known focus of his artistic interests.  Organized by New Jersey’s Montclair Art Museum and drawn extensively from the collections of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the exhibition is accompanied by a fully-illustrated catalogue that is available at our own Books &amp; Books in the Museum lobby.<br /> </p> Mon, 12 Nov 2012 04:47:19 +0000 Daniel Milewski - Nina Johnson - January 8th, 2013 - February 16th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;">Gallery Diet is pleased to announce The<em> Umpire, </em>a solo exhibition by Daniel Milewski. This will be Daniel’s second solo exhibition at Gallery Diet, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions at the gallery including a three person exhibit with Marcos Valella and Bhakti Baxter, and a solo exhibition at Dimensions Variable. <em>The Umpire</em> includes photography, collage, and sculpture created in 2012. In this body of work, Daniel continues to explore themes of myth, masculinity, and social structure.</p> Fri, 21 Dec 2012 13:42:04 +0000 Group Show - Art Center / South Florida - December 15th, 2012 - February 17th, 2013 <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong><em>smoke signals: istwa, paisajes and allegories</em></strong> is curated by ArtCenter alumnus William Cordova. The works will challenge what may be familiar perceptions of our surroundings through unconventional materials. Many of the materials these artists incorporate into their work are often sourced from traditional building materials, found objects and textiles. The exhibition proposes alternative methods of reconsidering our own presence and values.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">On view at the <strong></strong><strong>The Richard Shack Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139</strong></p> Thu, 08 Nov 2012 00:24:34 +0000 W. Andre Allen, Juana Meneses, John Sanchez - Art Center / South Florida - February 2nd, 2013 - February 17th, 2013 Fri, 08 Feb 2013 23:09:51 +0000