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StolenSpace Gallery

October 7th - October 30th Gary Stranger X Pref
Pref, Gary Stranger
Sep, 2016 Will Barras 'Trust Your Hands'
Will Barras
Aug, 2016 Going Against The Grain
Aug, 2016 Forced Collaboration
Paul Stephenson
Jul, 2016 Inner World
Jana & JS
Jul, 2016 Echoes
Jun, 2016 'Data Somersault' by Felipe Pantone
Felipe Pantone
Jun, 2016 'Way-Out' by Alex Yanes
Alex Yanes
May, 2016 The London Police
Apr, 2016 'Misprints & Misfits' by D*FACE
Apr, 2016 Solo Exhibition
Scott Listfield
Mar, 2016 Whirlwind of Time
Kai & Sunny
Feb, 2016 Martha Cooper: LIFEWORK
Martha Cooper
Dec, 2015 The Reasons For Seasons
Evoca 1, 1010, Mysterious Al, Charlie Anderson, Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, Low Bros, James Bullough, C215, Ryan Callanan, D*Face, Arth Daniels, Shepard Fairey, Ben Frost, Sylvia Ji, Jana & JS, Curtis Kulig, Scott Listfield, Ramon Maiden, Andrew McAttee, Drew Merritt, Buff Monster, Josie Morway, Word To Mother, Lauren Napolitano, Vinnie Nylon, Felipe Pantone, pez, The London Police, Reka, RONZO, Joram Roukes, Matt Small, Beau Stanton, Paul Stephenson, Gary Stranger, Kai & Sunny, Miss Van, Von, Crystal Wagner, Alex Yanes
Oct, 2015 'Your Not My Type' by Ben Eine
Ben Eine
Sep, 2015 LAX/LHR
Jul, 2015 'The New Pollution' by Ben Frost
Ben Frost
May, 2015 ‘The Great Beyond'
Joram Roukes
Apr, 2015 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (American History X - Volume II)
Ben Turnbull
Apr, 2015 ‘Turbo Faith, Ladies Of The Night & Dandy Delinquents’
Ramon Maiden
Mar, 2015 'The Memory Of Our Life’ by Pixel Pancho
Pixel Pancho
Mar, 2015 'Wrong Turn' by David Bray
Feb, 2015 Shadow Aspect
Feb, 2015 Rise & Fall
Dec, 2014 Ghost Stories
Mila Fürstová
Nov, 2014 Spectrum
Alo, DAVID BRAY, C215, Curiot, Cyrcle, D*Face, Arth Daniels, Broken Fingaz, Ben Frost, Maya Hayuk, Hueman, Jana & JS, Andrew Macatee, Word To Mother, Max Rippon, Snik, Paul Stephenson, Kai & Sunny, Miss Van, Crystal Wagner
Oct, 2014 Too Blessed To Be Stressed
Word To Mother
Oct, 2014 Tenebras Lux
Beau Stanton
Sep, 2014 Trip The Light
James Reka
Sep, 2014 Hunted Hunter's Head
Aug, 2014 'Louder Than Words' by Luke Cornish (ELK)
Luke Cornish
Jul, 2014 ‘Saints & Sinners’ Summer Group Show
COPE 2, Mysterious Al, Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, C215, Ryan Callanan, Arth Daniels, Meryl Donoghue, Shepard Fairey, Broken Fingaz, Ben Frost, Gaia, Jim Houser, Sylvia Ji, Charles Krafft, Curtis Kulig, Ramon Maiden, Andrew McAttee, Meggs, Word To Mother, Toshikazu Nozaka, Vinnie Nylon, Pixel Pancho, Kevin Peterson, The London Police, Reka, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Roids, RONZO, Joram Roukes, Shida, Paul Smith, Snik, Beau Stanton, Kai & Sunny, Allison Hueman Torneros, TwoOne, Usugrow, Alex Yanes
Jun, 2014 'Projectum 06': Onsite Gallery Installation Project
Jun, 2014 Pentimento
Max Rippon
May, 2014 Glamorous Darkness
Miss Van
May, 2014 Let's Not Get Caught, Let's Keep Going
Apr, 2014 Frequent Moderate Violence
Charlie Anderson
Apr, 2014 Wallflower
Mar, 2014 OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign
Feb, 2014 'Vitry Ville Street Art' Book Launch & Signing
Feb, 2014 Back To Black
Dec, 2013 StolenSpace Winter Group Show
Kelly Allen, Alo, Charlie Anderson, Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, Simon WG Butler, C215, Ryan Callanan, Cope2, Cyrcle, D*Face, Arth Daniels, Eine, Shepard Fairey, Evan Hecox, Ramon Maiden, Kelly McAllum, Andrew McAttee, Meggs, Josie Morway, Vinnie Nylon, Reka, Rone, Joram Roukes, Sail, Beau Stanton, Paul Stephenson, Kai and Sunny, TwoOne, Miss Van, Wordtomother, Zio Ziegler
Nov, 2013 'Whose Land We Laid Down & Wiped Away' (Mine to Make Bury to Forget) by Gregory Euclide
Gregory Euclide
Oct, 2013 'Pain' by HAROSHI
Sep, 2013 'I thought to have been gone by now...'
Meryl Donoghue
Aug, 2013 'Warhol Surf'
Tim Bessell, Andy Warhol
Jul, 2013 VII
Group Show
Jun, 2013 New World Disorder
May, 2013 It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt
The London Police
Mar, 2013 'Les Bons Sauvages' By Joram Roukes
Feb, 2013 Write and Repeat
Mysterious Al, Charlie Anderson, Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, Cyclops, Cyrcle, D*Face, Arth Daniels, Chloe Early, Eelus, Eine, SHEPARD FAIRY, Pete Fowler, Maya Hayuk, Jim Houser, Julie Impens, Sylvia Ji, Mobstr, Josie Morway, Word To Mother, Nylon, RYCA, Kai & Sunny, Tilt, Usugrow
Dec, 2012 Deck the Walls
Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, D*Face, Word To Mother
Aug, 2012 'Eye In The Sky' By ATG
Jul, 2012 Summer Sizzlers
Ace, Charlie Anderson, Simon Butler, D*Face, Word To Mother, RONZO, Paul Stephenson, William Stevenson
Jun, 2012 'Ink Moon' A solo Show By Usugrow
Apr, 2012 Hypnagogia
Feb, 2012 LOVE & HATE
Group Show
Dec, 2011 'Wild Life' A Group Show
Nov, 2011 BOROUGH and LANE New works on paper by Evan Hecox
Evan Hecox
Oct, 2011 Essence Of Adolescence
Word To Mother
Sep, 2011 F e r a l F a m i l y (Mammalian Pastoral) By Kirsty Whiten
Kirsty Whiten
Jul, 2011 Summer Group Show 11
Jun, 2011 'The Flower Show' By Kai & Sunny
Kai & Sunny
Apr, 2011 'The Reign Of Pink' By Buff Monster
Buff Monster
Mar, 2011 'The Doomsday Papers'
Mysterious Al
Feb, 2011 'Great Disasters of the 20th Century' By David Bray
Dec, 2010 'Never Judge...?' A Group Show in Association With Penguin Books
Nov, 2010 'Crackney's Finest' By Ronzo
Oct, 2010 'Bad Reception' By Will Barras
Oct, 2010 'Blind By Stardom'
Word To Mother
Sep, 2010 'Wild Fantasies' A Decade Of Don't Panic Posters
Sep, 2010 'KYKKELIKY' By Gabriel Dubois
Gabriel Dubois
Jul, 2010 StolenSpace Summer Group Show 10
Jun, 2010 'Return To The Wild' By Kai & Sunny
Kai & Sunny
May, 2010 'Pitchfork Pals' By Charles Krafft & Mike Leavitt
Charles Krafft, Mike Leavitt
Apr, 2010 'Itsa Bitsa, Face and Bone'
Arth Daniels
Apr, 2010 ‘Hasadhu, In The Night Before A Storm’ By Usugrow
Feb, 2010 ‘Original Cultures - The Show’
DEM & Will Barras, Ericailcane
Dec, 2009 'Winter Warmers' 04th - 20th dec
StolenSpace represented artists
Nov, 2009 'Clouded Apollo' By Chloe Early
Oct, 2009 Green Day Presents: 'The Art Of Rock' Curated By Logan Hicks
Oct, 2009 'Lovestain' A Solo Show By Miss Van
Miss Van
Sep, 2009 'Nectar' A Solo Show By Sylvia Ji
Sylvia Ji
Aug, 2009 'Pygmalion'
BENE & JUN KANEKO, Mozyskey, Toshikazu Nozaka, Usugrow
Jul, 2009 Summer Group Show 09
Jul, 2009 Stolenspace Summer group show
Von / HelloVon -, Mysterious Al, Will Barras, DAVID BRAY, D*Face, Brad Downey, Chloe Early, Shepard Fairey, Pete Fowler, Doze Green, Mr Jago, Sylvia Ji, JACOB KNILL, Charles Krafft, Kris Kuksi, Mike Leavitt, Jaybo Monk, Word To Mother, Mudwig, Joshua Petker, RONZO, RUS, Kai & Sunny, PAUL ALEXANDER THORNTON, Miss Van, Kirsty Whiten, Dan Witz
Jun, 2009 Given Up The Ghost
Russell Maurice
May, 2009 'The Inland Empire'
Jeff Soto
Apr, 2009 'Once Upon A Lie...'
Meryl Donoghue
Apr, 2009 '10 years on the Circle Line'
The London Police
Mar, 2009 'Donkey Hostage'
Kirsty Whiten
Mar, 2009 'Lost For Words'
Word To Mother
Jan, 2009 An Honest Thief
Brad Downey
Jan, 2009 What a Wonderful World
Kai & Sunny
Oct, 2008 Modern Urban Expressionism
Marcus Antonius Jansen
Mar, 2008 "The Draw Show"

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