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The Photographers' Gallery

April 15th - July 3rd Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2016
Laura El-Tantawy, Erik Kessels, Trevor Paglen, Tobias Zielony
April 15th - July 3rd Double Take: Drawing and Photography
Anna Barriball, Pierre Bismuth, Marcel Broodthaers, Paul Chiappe, Richard Forster, Jolana Havelkova, Nancy Hellebrand, Lisa Junghanß, Bela Kolárová, Curtis Moffat, László Moholy-Nagy, Jiří Thýn
April 14th - July 3rd Media Wall: Contours
Jesse McLean, Nicholas O’Brien
March 18th - May 8th myeyefellout
Stephen Gill
Jan, 2016 Solo Exhibition
Saul Leiter
Jan, 2016 Rio-Montevideo
Rosângela Renno
Jan, 2016 Powerpoint Polemics: Speculative Slideware on the Future of Images
Nov, 2015 Arctic Stories
Evgenia Arbugaeva
Oct, 2015 Burden of Proof: The Construction of Visual Evidence
Oct, 2015 Southern Light Stations
Noemie Goudal
Oct, 2015 Horizontal Humans
Sep, 2015 Other Americas
Sebastião Salgado
Jul, 2015 Women, Children and Loitering Men
Shirley Baker
Jul, 2015 We Want More: Image Making and Music in the 21st Century
Roger Ballen, Pep Bonet, Daniel Cohen, William Coutts, jason evans, Ryan Enn Hughes, Gareth McConnell, Ryan McGinley, James Mollison, Deirdre O'Callaghan, Ewen Spencer, Lorena Turner, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, Daniel Wilton
Jun, 2015 FreshFaced+WildEyed 2015
Jun, 2015 Dreamlands
Rob Ball
Apr, 2015 Deutsche Börse: Photography Prize 2015
Nikolai Bakharev, Zanele Muholi, Viviane Sassen, Mikhael Subotzky, Patrick Waterhouse
Apr, 2015 The Chinese Photobook
Apr, 2015 Notes For An Epilogue
Tamas Deszo
Mar, 2015 James Bridle: In Conversation with Katrina Sluis
James Bridle
Feb, 2015 Anima and The Widest Prairies
Charlotte Dumas
Feb, 2015 Human Rights Human Wrongs
Feb, 2015 Seamless Transitions
James Bridle
Feb, 2015 We Could Be Heroes
Bruce Davidson, Bert Hardy, Karen Knorr, Jaques Henri Lartigue, Roger Mayne, Chris Steele Perkins, Anders Petersen, Olivier Richon, Ed van der Elsken, Al Vandenberg, Weegee, Tom Wood
Jan, 2015 Penelope Umbrico: In Conversation with Katrina Sluis
Penelope Umbrico
Dec, 2014 Sun/Screen
Penelope Umbrico
Nov, 2014 Artist Talk: So Like You
Erica Scourti
Oct, 2014 In High Fashion, The Condé Nast Years 1923 - 1937
Edward Steichen
Oct, 2014 Analemma: Fashion Photography 1992 - 2012
Viviane Sassen
Oct, 2014 So Like You
Erica Scourti
Sep, 2014 Artists' Talk: Face to Facebook
Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico
Sep, 2014 Home Grown
Julie Blackmon
Aug, 2014 Primrose: Early Colour Photography in Russia
DMITRY BALTERMANTS, Boris Mikhailov, Vladislav Mikosha, Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Ivan Shagin
Aug, 2014 Lorenzo Vitturi: Dalston Anatomy
Lorenzo Vitturi
Aug, 2014 Face to Facebook
Paolo Cirio, Alessandro Ludovico
Jul, 2014 Didn't We Have a Lovely Time...
John Hinde, Nicholas Hughes, Mike Perry, Simon Roberts, Luke Stephenson
Jul, 2014 FreshFaced+WildEyed 2014
Jun, 2014 Artist Talk: James Russell Cant
James Russell Cant
Jun, 2014 PhotoBook Orgy
May, 2014 Regeneration
Tom Butler, Julie Cockburn, Virginia Echeverria, Holly Roberts, Gerald Slota, John Stezaker
Apr, 2014 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014
Alberto Garcia-Alix, Jochen Lempert, Richard Mosse, Lorna Simpson
Apr, 2014 Under The Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho
John Deakin
Jan, 2014 Talk: Michael Wolf
Michael Wolf
Jan, 2014 The Factory Photographs
David Lynch
Jan, 2014 Taking Shots: The Photography of William S. Burroughs
William S. Burroughs
Jan, 2014 Photographs 1976 - 1987
Andy Warhol
Jan, 2014 Happenstance Commission: Spherical Harmonics
Alan Warburton
Jan, 2014 Inventory of Ourselves and other works
Dec, 2013 Curator's Talk- In Conversation: Susan Bright and Miranda Sawyer
Dec, 2013 Artist Talk: Andrew Norman Wilson
Andrew Norman Wilson
Nov, 2013 Exhibition Tour: 'Home Truths'
Nov, 2013 RPS Lecture
Brian Griffin
Nov, 2013 In Conversation: Cuba in Revolution
Nov, 2013 'Bibi' Late Exhibition Tour
Nov, 2013 Panel Discussion: Representations of Motherhood
Janine Antoni, Ana Casas Broda, Elina Brotherus, Elinor Carucci, Fred Hüning, Leigh Ledare, Katie Murray, Hanna Putz
Oct, 2013 Artist Talk: Ana Casas Broda, Elinor Carucci and Katie Murray
Ana Casas Broda, Elinor Carucci, Katie Murray
Oct, 2013 Home Truths: Photography, Motherhood and Identity
Janine Antoni, Ana Casas Broda, Elina Brotherus, Elinor Carucci, Fred Hüning, Leigh Ledare, Katie Murray, Hanna Putz
Oct, 2013 Bibi
Jacques-Henri Lartigue
Oct, 2013 Pentti Sammallahti: Here, Far Away
Pentti Sammallahti
Sep, 2013 Artist Talk: Mark Neville
Mark Neville
Sep, 2013 Panel Discussion: Death, Aesthetics & Representation
Briony Campbell
Aug, 2013 Deeds Not Words
Mark Neville
Aug, 2013 Mass Observation: This is your photo
William Coldstream, Tom Harrisson, Julian Trevelyan
Jul, 2013 Seminar: Does Copyright Still Work?
Jul, 2013 FreshFaced+WildEyed 2013
Jun, 2013 Artist Talk: Chris Killip
Chris Killip
May, 2013 Artist Talk: Cristina De Middel
Cristina De Middel
May, 2013 In Conversation with Sarah James
Mishka Henner
May, 2013 Artist Talk: Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied
Dragan Espenschied, Olia Lialina
May, 2013 Touchstone
Apr, 2013 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2013
Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Mishka Henner, Chris Killip, Cristina De Middel
Apr, 2013 Studio Works: Retrospective of Colour Work from 50s – 70s
Claire Aho
Apr, 2013 One Terabyte Of Kilobyte Age
Dragan Espenschied, Jeremiah Johnson, Olia Lialina
Apr, 2013 The Wall: One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age
Dragan Espenschied, Olia Lialina
Apr, 2013 The Collage Party Workshop
Apr, 2013 Curator's Talk: Isobel Whitelegg on Geraldo de Barros
Mar, 2013 The Social: Writing a Statement About Your Work
Mar, 2013 Artists’ Roundtable: Perspectives on Collage
Roy Arden, Peggy Franck, Anna Parkina, C.K. Rajan, Clunie Reid, Batia Suter, Jan Svoboda, Nicole Wermers
Mar, 2013 Exhibition Tour: Letinsky and Collage
Mar, 2013 Talk: 40 Years Documenting Britain
Homer Sykes
Mar, 2013 Panel Discussion: The Synthetic Photograph
Mar, 2013 Family Workshop: Collage
Mar, 2013 Artist Talk: Jon Rafman
Jon Rafman
Mar, 2013 Teen Talk: Joseph Higgins
Mar, 2013 Artist Talk
Feb, 2013 Book Launch and Talk: Lucy Soutter - Why Art Photography?
Feb, 2013 Exhibition Tour: What Remains
Feb, 2013 The Social: Accounting for Photographers
Feb, 2013 Jon Rafman Exhibition Tour
Jan, 2013 Touchstone Talk: Mark Holborn
Jan, 2013 Ill Form and Void Full
Laura Letinsky
Jan, 2013 Perspectives on Collage
Roy Arden, Peggy Franck, Anna Parkina, C.K. Rajan, Clunie Reid, Batia Suter, Jan Svoboda, Nicole Wermers
Jan, 2013 What Remains
Geraldo de Barros
Jan, 2013 The Wall: Brand New Brand New Paint Job
Jon Rafman
Jan, 2013 Artist Talk: Laura Letinsky
Laura Letinsky
Jan, 2013 Film Screening: Geraldo de Barros/Sombras em Obras
Dec, 2012 Exhibition Tour: Shoot!
Dec, 2012 Festive Photography Quiz
Dec, 2012 Panel Discussion:All Your Cat Memes are Belong to Us
Nov, 2012 Artist Talk: Rudolf Steiner
Rudolf Steiner
Nov, 2012 Artist Talk: Steven Pippin
Steven Pippin
Nov, 2012 Exhibition Tour: Tom Wood: Men and Women
Nov, 2012 Evening Lecture: The Lens and the Gun
Julian Stallabrass
Nov, 2012 Book Launch & Signing: Ori Gersht
Ori Gersht
Oct, 2012 Film Screening: Somewhere to Disappear
Alec Soth
Oct, 2012 The Social: Photography Collectives
Wasma Mansour, André Penteado, Aaron Schuman
Oct, 2012 Shoot! Existential Photography
Sylvia Ballhause, Niki de Saint Phalle, Agnès Geoffray, Jean-François Lecourt, Christian Marclay, Steven Pippin, Émilie Pitoiset, Rudolf Steiner, Ria van Dijk, Patrick Zachmann
Oct, 2012 Men & Women
Tom Wood
Oct, 2012 For the LOL of Cats: Felines, Photography and the Web
Oct, 2012 Family Workshop: Studio Time
Sep, 2012 FreshFaced+WildEyed 2012
Sep, 2012 Vox Populi, London
Fiona Tan
Sep, 2012 Approaching Whiteness: Performance with Rinko Kawauchi
Rinko Kawauchi
Sep, 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Talk: Rinko Kawauchi in Conversation with Ivan Vartanian
Rinko Kawauchi
Sep, 2012 Key Speakers: Joel Meyerowitz - Taking My Time: Photographs 1962-2012
Joel Meyerowitz
Aug, 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Talk: Pieter Hugo - In Conversation with TJ Demos
Pieter Hugo
Aug, 2012 Workshop: Introduction to Portraits on Location
Laura Braun
Aug, 2012 Contemporary Japanese Photobooks - Exhibition Tour
Aug, 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Talk: Jeremy Millar Speaks About Christopher Williams
Jeremy Millar
Jul, 2012 Artist Talk: Susan Sloan
Susan Sloan
Jul, 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Talk: John Stezaker - In Conversation with David Campany
John Stezaker
Jul, 2012 Contemporary Japanese Photobooks
Jul, 2012 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012
Pieter Hugo, Rinko Kawauchi, John Stezaker, Christopher Williams
Jun, 2012 Symposium - Between Nature and Culture: Photography as Mediation and Method
Nicky Bird, Mark Curran, EJ Major
Jun, 2012 Oil - Exhibition Tour
Jun, 2012 Oliver James: Our Mad World; Why it May be About To Go Saner and Greener
May, 2012 Oil
Edward Burtynsky
May, 2012 An Afternoon Unregistered on the Richter Scale
Raqs Media Collective
May, 2012 Touchstone: Jeff Wall's The Giant
Jeff Wall
May, 2012 Born in 1987: The Animated Gif
Marie-Josiane Agossou, Kim Asendorf, Michele Barker, David Bate, Victoria Blitz, Nicolas Boillot, James Bridle, Laura Brothers, Susan Collins, Andrew Dewdney, Jessica Eaton, Nooshin Farhid, Paul Flannery, Emilio Gomariz, Dryden Goodwin, Sean Hillen, JocJonJosch, Roshini Kempadoo, Rollin Leonard, Dave Lewis, Olia Lialina, Eileen Little, Simone Massera, Sally McKay, Wendy McMurdo, Marcel Meyer, Lorna Mills, Anna Munster, Kennard Phillips, Colin Raff, Ryder Ripps, Martha Rosler, Paula Roush, Andreas Schmidt, Rick Silva, Yoshi Sodeoka, Phillip Stearns, Eva Stenram, Katja Stuke, Spirit Surfers, David Szakaly, Jordan Tate, Penelope Umbrico, Giulietta Verdon-Roe, Alexa Wright
Apr, 2011 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2011
Thomas Demand, Roe Ethridge, Jim Goldberg, Elad Lassry
Jun, 2010 The Family and the Land
Sally Mann
May, 2010 Annual Graduates Exhibition
Group Show
Feb, 2010 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2010
Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber, Donovan Wylie
Oct, 2009 Open See
Jim Goldberg
Oct, 2009 Movable Planes
Sara Ramo
Jul, 2009 On Reading
André Kertész
Jul, 2009 When You're a Boy
Simon Foxton
Jun, 2009 freshfacedandwildeyed09
Jonathan Baggaley, Benjamin Beker, Petros Chrisostomou, Eleanor Cleasby, Lucy Dawkins, Teresa Eng, Kathryn Faulkner, Leonora Hamill, Aileen Harvey, Hannah Hewett, Alexandra Hughes, Nae Bunthita Indhawong, Jessica Layton, Martina Lindqvist, Ellen Nolan, Tom Pope, Wendy Pye, Tomoko Sakanishi, Grace Schwindt, Nishant Shukla, Anthony Wallace, Michael Whelan, Dave Wyatt
Apr, 2009 The Photographic Object
Apr, 2009 Dark is the Night
Jordan Baseman
Feb, 2009 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2009
Dec, 2008 The Westerns
Katy Grannan
Apr, 2007 Selected Photoworks 1982–2007

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