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Oct, 2016 Provisional Conditions
Material Conjectures with Gary Woodley | Emily Motto
Jun, 2016 WINDAUGE [vindt-ow-geh, Saxon “wind-eye”]
Graham Budgett, Jane Mulfinger
Giorgio Sadotti
Oct, 2014 One eye is not enough.
Richard Hards
Jul, 2014 We Are History: John Timberlake in Conversation with Martin Myrone and Joy Sleeman
Jun, 2014 John Timberlake - We Are History
John Timberlake
Apr, 2014 Curators’ Conversation
Apr, 2014 IC-98 - Arkhipelagos
Mar, 2014 Dissolved
Station House Opera
Feb, 2014 22 Hours
Kelly Alcantara, Fred Ashton, Antonia Bamford, Lisa Barnard, Kat Beatty, Laura Bushell, Emma Bywater, Paige Clayton, Alia Coleman, Eleanor Cook-Higgins, Martha Coughlan, Gabriella Gilmore, Kassie Headon, Sean Heather, Rob Hill, Chris Kruczynski, Fiona McDonald, Edie Jo Murray, Charlotte Napier, Tien Tsin Nolan, Deborah Olakigbe, Chandni Pankhania, Jamie Sorensen, Olivia Stagg, Adam Stead, Lucian Strindberg, Tim Sunerton, Eleanor Tucker, Rebecca Underhill, Emma Wise, Katie Wood
Nov, 2013 Judith Dean - Phase 4 with The Cult of the Endorphin A special warm-up as part of SLAM Fridays
Judith Dean, Mary George
Nov, 2013 Judith Dean Phase 4 Talk
Judith Dean
Oct, 2013 Judith Dean - Phase 4
Judith Dean
Sep, 2013 A sonic visitation for Open House London
Lori Ann Napoleon
Sep, 2013 CD Launch: Diluvial. CD – 7 tracks – 73:51 Touch # TO: 87
Bruce Gilbert and BAW
Aug, 2013 This bird has flown (ii)
Bodil Furu
Jul, 2013 Idonthaveyourmarbles | I Want To Be In The Unfun Fair Too: a special event as part of SLAM LAST Fridays
Judith Dean, Simon Tyszko
Jul, 2013 This bird has flown (ii)
Bodil Furu
Jul, 2013 The Unfun Fair Too
Simon Tyszko
Jun, 2013 Bodil Furu/ Simon Tyszko special event for LAST Fridays
Bodil Furu, Simon Tyszko
Jun, 2013 This bird has flown (i)
Bodil Furu
Jun, 2013 The Unfun Fair
Simon Tyszko
May, 2013 Asymmetrical Cinema: Interval
Amanda Beech, Alan Clarke, Material Conjectures
May, 2013 Asymmetrical Cinema: Act 1 and Act 2
Amanda Beech, Alan Clarke, Material Conjectures
Apr, 2013 Rachael House responds to Monoculture
Tamsyn Challenger
Mar, 2013 Monoculture Coffee Morning
Mar, 2013 Tamsyn Challenger in conversation with Fran Cottell and Rebecca Fortnum
Mar, 2013 Interpreting Monoculture
Judith Dean, Naomi Siderfin
Feb, 2013 Tamsyn Challenger Monoculture
Jan, 2013 Begged, borrowed and stolen - random works from the digital ether
Dec, 2012 TOUCH
Nov, 2012 Experiments in Ritual
Tereza Buskova, Matthew Cowan
Nov, 2012 Act 47
Monica Ross
Oct, 2012 FALL
Angus Sanders Dunnachie, Minna Haukka, Thomas Kvam, Matthew Tickle
Sep, 2012 Atelier: artists at work on site
Tamsyn Challenger, David Crawforth, Judith Dean, Rachel Garfield, Bruce Gilbert, Naomi Siderfin, Caroline Wright
Jul, 2012 In the Company of Ghosts: the Poetics of the Motorway
Edward Chell
Jul, 2012 Bend Over Shirley
Jun, 2012 Monoculture Launch
Tamsyn Challenger
Jun, 2012 Tamsyn Challenger: Monoculture
Tamsyn Challenger
May, 2012 Rachel Garfield: Artists Talk with Socialist Magic from Ian Saville
Rachel Garfield
Apr, 2012 The Struggle, Part 1: The Straggle
Rachel Garfield
Apr, 2012 Here There Then Now
Rachel Garfield & Stephen Dwoskin
Mar, 2012 A View from the Other Side: Drawing Workshop
IC - 98
Mar, 2012 A View From The Other Side
Jan, 2012 Artists Talk: Svein Flygari Johansen’s Am I making up what really happened?
Svein Flygari Johansen
Nov, 2011 Svein Flygari Johansen: Am I making up what really happened?
Svein Flygari Johansen
Oct, 2011 Bruce Gilbert and BAW Post-Diluvial performance
Bruce Gilbert and BAW
Oct, 2011 Art & Compromise VII: Julian Stallabrass with Clive Stafford Smith
Clive Stafford Smith, Julian Stallabrass
Sep, 2011 Nooshin Farhid's Conic Trilogy: Screening with live narration
Nooshin Farhid, Ross Mullan
Sep, 2011 Nooshin Farhid: Conic Trilogy
Nooshin Farhid
Sep, 2011 Soundtrap V: Diluvial
Beaconsfield ArtWorks (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin), Bruce Gilbert
Aug, 2011 Summer Closure
Jul, 2011 Clive Stafford Smith in conversation with Shahzad Akbar on Drones
Jul, 2011 Gaming in Waziristan
Noor Behram, Butler Brothers, Nooshin Farhid
Jul, 2011 Ian Hinchliffe – the Memorial
Ian Hinchliffe
Jun, 2011 DVD Launch: Monica Ross acts of memory 2005-2010 solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Monica Ross
May, 2011 FlatScreen: Kate Allen - Nineteen thirty-six
Kate Allen
May, 2011 LAST Fridays: Fraternise – the finissage
May, 2011 Fraternise - the Curators talk
May, 2011 Fraternise - the Coffee view
May, 2011 Fraternise – for Collectors, with Nina Miall, Director Haunch of Venison
Apr, 2011 Fraternise - the Salon
Franko B, David Birkin, Ansuman Biswas, John Burgess, Matthew Burrows, Tony Carter, Tamsyn Challenger, Jules Clarke, Ben Cockett, Susan Collis, Michael Corkrey, Keith Coventry, A. David Crawforth, Mikey Cuddihy, Shane Cullen, Michael Curran, Alexa de Ferranti, Judith Dean, Mark Dean, Nicholas Deshayes, Adam Dix, Richard Elliot, Robert Ellis, Tracey Emin, Laura Emsley, Peter Fillingham, Edwina Fitzpatrick, Eloise Fornieles, rebecca fortnum, Stephen Fowler, Paul Fryer, Sarah Lucas and Olivier Garbay, Rachel Garfield, Mary George, Mathew Gibson, Bruce Gilbert, Colin Glen, Lucy Gunning, Matt Hale, Denise Hawrysio, Damien Hirst, Rachel Howard, Marc Hulson, Sarah Jones, Simon Lawson, Peter Liversidge, susan pui san lok, Maria Marshall, Ross McNicol, David Mollin, Charlotte Moth, Hayley Newman, Paul Noble, Monika Oechsler, TOM ORMOND, Lily Paine, Tom Paine, Tamsin Pender, Aura Satz, Boo Saville, Michael Shaw, Conrad Shawcross, Naomi Siderfin, Bob and Roberta Smith, Julian Stallabrass, Dafna Talmor, John Timberlake, Caroline Todd, Roman Vasseur, Carl Michael von Hausswolf, Jessica Voorsanger, Mark Wallinger, Joseph Walsh, Roxy Walsh, Newton Whitelaw, Keith Wilson, Erika Winstone
Mar, 2011 art:screen on FlatScreen
Elin Bruun-Nystedt, Evelina Gustavsson, Mattias Härenstam, Nina Lassila, Dan Lestander, Sara Lundberg, Eva Olsson, Björn Perborg, Antti Savela, Dana Sederowsky
Feb, 2011 Art & Compromise (VI) - Mark Dean
Nov, 2010 The Beginning of The End
Mark Dean
Sep, 2010 TestBed 1
Michael Curran, Anthony Gross, Lucy Gunning, Lilli Hartmann, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Dafna Talmor, Joseph Walsh
Jun, 2010 SpaceShip Earth, 2010 Dafna Talmor in residence
Dafna Talmor
Mar, 2010 TestBed 1:
Anthony Gross, Michael Curran and Lucy Gunning, Lilli Hartmann, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Dafna Talmor, Joseph Walsh
Feb, 2010 Art & Compromise V: Jon Thompson
Feb, 2010 Art & Compromise V: Jon Thompson
Jon Thompson
Nov, 2009 Bob and Roberta Smith's Factory Outlet
Bob and Roberta Smith
Sep, 2009 Soundtrap IV: John Wynne
John Wynne
Sep, 2009 Soundtrap IV: John Wynne Performance Event
John Wynne
Mar, 2009 The Way Out
15mm Films
Mar, 2009 fallen idyll — the end of a perspective
Monica Ross
Jan, 2009 Courage to Refuse
Katie Barlow, John Buckley, David Crawforth, Shane Cullen
Sep, 2008 John's House
Patricia Osses

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